diggin the new season

I’m not totally into the new fall season of tv – at least the scheduling.  I’m actually *liking* some shows, but must they ALL be on Thursday??  Check out my schedule – and all the conflicts:

tv sched

i make charts

My DVR can only record two things at a time, so I had to rearrange some things.

Some of these shows might piss me off, though, in which case I’ll quit watching and some time spots may open up.

Right now, I like my staple sitcoms and dramas, but I’m auditioning some new ABC shows and a couple CW shows.

I watched Eastwick last night and was pretty disappointed.  I didn’t see the movie all the way through – I saw it in pieces, but *did* see the end.  And I basically hated Jack Nicholson’s character/role.  I was hoping for a show that was going to either follow up on life after the end of the movie, or move in a different direction with the ladies coming into their powers as friends… If the dude stays on the show and the show just ends up remaking the movie – I’m done.



I watched FlashForward tonight, and enjoyed the concept but was still deeply disappointed.  John Cho is love.  So he should totally be THE guy.  Not some random dude with a forgettable face who was in a movie with Gwyneth back in the 90s.  And with him not having a ‘future dream’ – it means he’s probably dead in the future.  What?  Why would he be dead??  Why kill John Cho???

I watched Heroes this week, and was impressed with how loyal the writers were to the STOOPID that runs in the Benetrelli family.  As Wanda Sykes says, “stick wit’ your lie”.  They are sticking.  Glee is really letting me down and I hate that, after the 90s R&B sensation of last week.  I’m glad the Asian girl got to sing, but we still haven’t heard many actual lines from her.  And a pregnant cheerleader?  Shouldn’t we just save that for Secret life of…? Bones is starting slow, but I like that slow burn that Boreanaz and Deschanel have going on.  I could watch the chemistry between them for a long time.  I just hope his awkwardness after the coma eases up.  I don’t want the show to jump the shark just yet.  I’m pretty sure Grey’s has already jumped the shark, with all the I-see-dead-people business last year, but I’ll watch it anyway…later.  Right now – I’ve gotta go to bed.

Here’s hoping I dream of John Cho!

don’t stop the music!

gleeI love music.  I love singing – I love dancing.  And I love watching singing and dancing.  Musicals have been a part of my life since the first moments I can remember.  My favorite movies have singing and dancing [from the Muppets, to Barbra Streisand, to random Disney fare].  So – I will watch movies, plays, and tv shows that might not have the best actors or plots as long as they have some cool musical performances.  This includes reality shows.

SYTYCD, Fame, Drumline, You Got Served, ABDC, American Idol, not to mention the musical/theatrical/dance episodes of shows like Head of the Class and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

With all that said, it should be no surprise that I love Glee.  I do.  Comments have been made about inappropriate musical choices and cheesy, awful stereotypes – and I get that.  I understand.  But I hardly even feel guilty about enjoying this show, because it’s too much yummy-goodness in the form of 90’s R&B music!

Tonight we had This is How We Do It (Montell Jordan), Poison (BBD) – with the rap!,  Mercy (Duffy), Bust Your Windows (Jazmine Sullivan), and I Wanna Sex U Up (Color Me Badd-d-d-d-d LOL!).  Three out of five songs were from the 90s!  And I still know the words!  So yeah – even though the songs weren’t performed all that well – except for Bust Your Windows – I loved it!

Even with a guest spot from Josh Groban [who I personally cannot stand], and a name drop of Run DMC, who I like, I think I’m mostly loving this show because of the big numbers and the reminiscing factor.

So keep it coming Glee, you’re like McDonald’s to me: I’m lovin’ it.

When else can I “to the ah-tick tock, ya don’t stop”?

vaca wrap-up: HH ’09

Being back home is a wonderful thing, but I had a fabulous time at the beach last week.  I was there with family and of course we all had our moments…days, even…but still – great trip.  I kinda wish I’d taken the Mustang – everybody looks better getting out of a Mustang than a Corolla.  But it’s two doors, and didn’t need the extra mileage anyway, so it’s all good.

The place we stayed this year [a trilevel 2BR/2 bath w/deck and view of trees and a stream] was a bazillion times better than last year [a studio/closet in a hugely built-up area (ie. view of parking lot)].  Privacy and space make getting along with family SO much easier.  Especially if they snore.  Loudly.

My dad was there to relax.  My sister and I were there to shop and hang out at the beach.  We all accomplished our goals.

We shopped, snacked, and watched the Hannah Montana movie.  Which is not that bad.  I mean, if you settle in for the cheese of it, it’s actually really fun.  Because I like to let my inner dork free sometimes, I suggested we learn the dance from the movie – it’s quite involved, but totally fun to try.

We mastered everything up to the first zig zag part, then we decided we’d sweated enough and hit the showers.  But we laughed a lot.  And if you can’t be corny with your sister – well shoot, I feel sorry for ya.

Went to the beach at midday and got burnt up on the sand. [And by the sun, I found out later.]  But had fun actually swimming in the ocean.  There were hardly any waves and the water was shallow for hundreds of feet, so it woulda been cool for kids, but I coulda used a few more waves.  Every day we got a few more waves tan the day before, so that was nice.

So besides shopping and hanging at the beach, I got some reading done:

bitch fall 09wedding girl

super in the city Loved it all!

After passing a hog on the side of the road on the drive down, seeing an alligator in the stream behind our place, and the bunch of pelicans that kept divebombing the waves a hundred yards or so from where we swam, I felt like my nature communion quotient had been satisfied.

Then I had the lovely privilege of getting to play vball on Saturday night -which was just as fab as it sounds [if you love vball like I do].  I jammed a finger, but otherwise enjoyed myself immensely.

And finally I made it home last night – just in time to watch some crazy people on the VMAs.  Another successful vacation over, another day at work looms.

just in time for the awards

VMAsI’m back from Hilton Head and made it home just in time to unpack and catch the VMAs.   Tonight begins with an MJ tribute kicked off by Madonna, which actually brought me to tears by the end.  Next came dance numbers from Thriller, Bad, Smooth Criminal, and Scream (apparently, me and Bey love this song!).  I’m not sure how the lean works in Smooth Criminal, but apparently one of the dancers couldn’t get his trick to work and just bent at the waist…


I can't imagine how strong you have to be to perform in honor of a sibling...

But now Janet’s on stage and I’m so glad that they had the chance to record this song together.

Tribute over, now we get to see Katy Perry singing Queen (w/Joe Perry on guitar), to bring Russell Brand onstage.  She does a good job, considering that I’m not actually into her.  And since I’ve now seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, I know a bit more about Russell Brand.  Don’t all the way hate him.  But I still am not a fan.  He’s still really doing really rude humor, and I’m not impressed.

And I think it’s gonna be one of those nights where whenever one of his jokes falls flat he’s gonna reference love and MJ.

crazy appetizer - more to come!

crazy appetizer - more to come!

The camera pans to Lady GaGa several times and I admit, here and now, I don’t get her.  It just seems like she’s trying too hard.

Best female video (presented by Shakira, and the teen wolf from Twilight):  Taylor Swift wins for You Belong With Me – I thought it should be for Romeo and Juliet.  But maybe that was last year.

"what can I say? it's all about Bey! [not me!]"

"what can I say? it's all about Bey! (not me!)


So then Kanye pulls a Kanye and jumps up on stage, grabs Taylor’s mic and says Beyonce made one of the best videos of all time.    Bey had a kinda thanks-that’s-really-sweet-but-I-didn’t-ask-for-that-and-I-love-my-fans-ok? look on her face.  Taylor looks around, not really knowing what to do.  So they cue up a video intro for the Best New Artist voting.  That way the booing calmed down.  But how is Asher Roth in the running for BNA?

And there we are – Russell Brand’s first ref to love and MJ when he makes a crappy dirty joke.

Leighton Meester and Jack Black present Best Rock video.  Sometimes I wonder how Coldplay qualifies as rock.  I don’t have to worry, though.  Green Day wins!

Miranda Cosgrove [AKA iCarly, a friend of Jack Black’s] and some kid I’ve never seen or heard of [perhaps because I’m a bit of an oldhead] introduce Taylor Swift singing in the subway on the way to Radio City.  Once again – You Belong with Me – cute the first 80 times I heard it.  Now…just ok.

perhaps a little over-the-top

perhaps a little over-the-top

Lady Gaga actually has a really good voice.  So maybe she’s just Prince-eccentric.  I don’t really get the wheelchair and brace in the dance number.  And then the poorly mic’d piano bit that segues into her having been mortally wounded and hanging center stage?  That was really disturbing.  And this Wale person functioning as house band vocalist has (I guess) been assigned to distract everyone from all the weirdness.  So the audience doesn’t really get the chance to let what’s actually happening sink in.

The clips with Em and Tracy are a lil bit cute.  I think I’d prefer Em as a comedic actor.

Russell Brand makes a joke that no one laughs at – maybe because it seems to reference taking advantage of a mentally ill person by drugging and raping her.

Nelly Furtado and Kristin C. present Best Pop video and I think we all are hoping Bey wins.  But she doesn’t.  Brit-Brit wins for Womanizer.  But at least she’s on tour, so no one can come take her mic away.

Then we get Adam Brody [looking a tiny-bit more grown up] and Megan Fox [wearing an ugly dress, IMO] to introduce Green Day’s performance.   Billie Joe is way hype.  Tre Cool’s only signs of life are the fact that he continues to beat the drums.  Then BJA decides to get a bunch of fans up on stage – starting with a girl that looks like someone took her pants.  Then it’s mayhem for a lil while until we see him again body surfing.  I’m sure that was a security nightmare.



But then we get a nice nugget from the announcer-lady pre-commercial, Bey got a VMA for best choreo.  Yay!

***Twi-hard moment***  Unplug your brains, peeps.  Yay for Dakota Fanning getting a cool role.  Boo for the cute boy losing the girl to Mr. Cellophane.

NeYo and Nate from GG intro Ms. Bey.  Sasha Fierce is in the building, y’all!  And hopefully this many dancers will finally cement the fact that it’s the left hand that gets the ring into people’s minds.  Wheee!  That is why I watch, MTV!

i got my hands up! oh, oh, oh

i got my hands up! oh, oh, oh

Jamie Lynn Siegler and Diddy intro Best Male vid.  When Diddy says Kanye’s name there’s a bunch of booing, cuz folks can’t move on.  I love TI and NeYo, but I got love for Jay too, so basically I’m cool with anybody but Em winning this.  TI wins!  ATL, baby!  WOOOOO!!!

Muse, an apparently British band that inspires Stephanie Meyer, plays in a separate theater.  I’m guessing this is the potty break/nap time for viewers, audience members in the main theater, and prep time for presenters.  I’m ffwd-ing. [oh DVR, how I love thee]

A glitter covered man singing Gives You Hell finishes up and then J Lo is onstage to present Best Hip-Hop vid.  I don’t think Em should even be nominated for this – that song is not hip-hop.  Kanye’s isn’t really, either.  I feel like this should go straight to Jay.  But instead it doesn’t.  This doofball Em gets it.  And if he says something about MC I will flip.  Thankfully his mouth stays shut.

Then there’s a tiny moment dedicated to DJ AM.

come on now.  really?

come on now. really?

Russell Brand is back on.  Miraculously he doesn’t insult anyone and actually calls Tracy Morgan a comedy legend.  Wow.  Em and Tracy present BNA to Lady GaGa…who can’t really see because of her bizarre outfit.  She clains her moonman for her fans, God, and the gays.  Ok.

Serena’s onstage now to introduce Pink.  She references that little line thing and then all eyes are on Pink.  She’s on the ground for a few moments and then she’s in the air the rest of the time she performs Sober. With no wardrobe malfunctions.  Maybe that’s how the superbowl forever ago was actually supposed to work.  Nonetheless, her work in the air was awesome!

Video of the Year is presented by SNL folks: Jimmy Fallon [yawn], and Andy Samberg [grin].  They reference BIIM and Motownphilly and I love it – LOVE.  Moonman goes to Bey!  Whee!  She is happy.  And Jay is still on the way.  But Bey gives this moment to Taylor – also wearing a red dress.  Looking SO seventeen.  Sounding so seventeen.  But really – all’s well that ends well, right?

How has the hype around Jay gotten this big?  Come on.  He’s not that big.  But this’ll be cool.  Alicia Keys and Jay.  And I know he’s loving it but feels like a fool being as old as he is having to sag his pants.  A tribute to the city.  I like it.  And I love how Bey is all the way into supporting her man.  All the way.  Edited to add: Ok.  I saw Lil Mama hop up o stage and try to get in the mix.  This song is hype, but come on Mama, really?  Aren’t you just a little embarrassed?

And now the close: This Is It, the documentary.  With “never-before-seen” footage.  You know, now, every time I hear those few beginning notes of Man in the Mirror, I get tears in my eyes.

Were the last words of the VMAs just Hare Krishna?  Could we please stop having Russell Brand as the host, please???

Let’s let Mike’s legacy be how we end this evening:

shy moments: a musical phase

Music has been a huge part of my life since before I can even remember.  I was singing for church with my family when I was little more than 2yrs old, and I really don’t even remember that.  But I’m sure that I loved it, because I always have, and still do.  I was raised fairly conservatively Christian, though it’s all relative.  Mostly my parents policed the media that my sister and I consumed, but of course this was all before we had any hint of awareness about it.

So my favorite songs when I was 5 yrs old were from The Sound of Music, or by Michael Jackson, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, and Helen Reddy.  You and Me Against the World got played a LOT in our house.  Most of the music we listened to though was Christian – and it was great, too.  Lots of Sandi Patty, Larnelle Harris, and Steve Green, with some Heritage Singers and The Brothers of Washington, DC (a little known group of guys that my dad went to school with) thrown in.

I didn't actually see the cartoon until much later

I didn't actually see the cartoon until much later

Both of my parents loved classical music as well, so we had records of Peter and the Wolf (the Disney version), and The Nutcracker and Swan Lake, plus a couple Chopin records.   When I was little, Peter and the Wolf was one of my favorites, and I would pull out my Tinker Toys and pretend that I was Peter, making some kind of weapon to fight the wolf.  When I was a little older (about 9), my sister and I would jump around – lightly of course, to keep the record from jumping – and pretend we were ballerinas when listening to Tchaikovsky.  So we were big music appreciators.

My dad was the one who brought new music into the house when I was a kid.  That’s how We are the World, That’s What Friends are For, and Whitney Houston’s debut album all made it into the house.  (My sis and I had also worked out a routine for How Will I Know by the end of 1987).  Every once in a while I learned a song from a friend at school – Always by Atlantic Starr, for example, or the theme from Beverly Hills Cop [which I saw years later].

Since that was the way that we heard new music, my musical world was still pretty small then.  My parents weren’t all that thrilled with MTV and it took us a while to wear them down enough for that to be approved programming.  I finally got a radio in my room when I was 9.  It was old [it was a radio, record player, and an 8-track player all together].  So I tuned it to our local college station that broadcasted NPR and that was what I listened to to go to sleep for the next 2 years.

I was homeschooled in 5th grade, so, basically out of the loop, in terms of pop culture.

In 6th grade, I went to private school again, and we didn’t do a whole lot of talking about music.  I was one of two black people in our class, and the nerdier one by far.  So when I was talking to one of the boys in my class and he said “word up”, I just said, “huh?”  Another guy was right there and was super surprised that I didn’t know what he was talking about  – “you don’t know what ‘word up’ is?”, “you know, like the song?”  And honestly, could you have expected a kid to know what it was without having heard the song or some other slang referral to it?  I didn’t know what they were talking about, and told them that I only listened to classical music.

I was a dork.  But I’m ok with that.

i have always found these girls to be unattractive...guess RP liked 'em

i have always found these girls to be unattractive...guess RP liked 'em

I was still keeping up with Whitney’s music, and by 7th grade I had seen a few more Robert Palmer videos.  So I was behind.  And nerdy by any standards.  But getting better.

Eighth grade brought a complete immersion in Casey’s Top 40, and total abandon in terms of pop music.  It also brought the beginning of the 90s, the musical era in which I was fully aware.  Kicked off with a bang by Mariah and Boyz II Men, the 90s were my time to fully explore whatever I wanted to hear.  I wasn’t all that adventurous really, but I devoured just about every piece of R&B created within that decade, as well as going back and discovering much of what I’d missed in the 80s.  I knew Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, but totally missed Prince.  I knew MJ and Lionel Richie, missed Van Halen – except for that last song Jump.

I’d always had a soundtrack to my life, music that defined and spotlighted moments, but now I was finally current.  I began to shed a bit of my dorkitude.  Never lost it all, though.

And of course, I kinda like Cameo. W-O-R-D  UP.