sunny days, sandy moments

I’m enjoying a short few days off, and just wanted to take a moment while I’m waiting for the shower to document my first time really enjoying the beach since the 90s.


the essentials

Here’s hoping I don’t get sunburned!

spreading the news works

Y’all, within a few days, all us folks on the innanets got the word out and put our $$ where our mouths were.

Bitch has been saved! In three days, y’all!

Don’t tell me folks don’t get together.  Folks don’t care.  They do.

We do.

Stay awesome, folks – I’m so sleepy.  G’night.

quick shout-out

b-word is my total FAVE magazine and they’re in trouble.

I don’t wanna tell folks how to spend their money – ‘specially when we’re in such dire financial straits as a country – but folks, this publication is worth your help.  We all need a hand every once in a while, and these gals are in the non-profit, tryin-not-to-be-beholden-to-the-man, business.  It’s a tough business.  Lehman Brothers couldn’t hack it without help, why would you think a small, independent, feminist magazine could?

That’s right – if you have a dime you can send their way – please do so.  If not – send happy thoughts, and tell your rich friends to send some money for you (and them too).

Also, don’t forget that you can give the totally painless way:  Click on the link to GoodSearch and click in the box that says ‘enter your charity here…’. 

Type in bitch and click the ‘Verify’ button.  Search away to your heart’s content, and each search gives a

penny to the magazine.  Make GoodSearch your default search engine for your browser and use it every time you’re looking for something – every little penny adds up!