middle names

I watch The Daily Show and The Colbert Report the next day. I’m not really supposed to stay up that late when I have to go to work in the morning and – although I usually do anyway – most of the time I don’t end up getting to watch the shows until dinner the next day.

So I’m watching, this evening, and on the Report there’s this montage clip of Fox ‘n’ Friends [Episode: #04091] saying Barack Hussein Obama every moment they got the opportunity to do so. [emphasis on the Hussein]

It got me thinking.

What’s John McCain’s middle name?

I have no idea.

is it ’09 yet?

I am tired. I was tired last fall, but I’m really tired now. By now we all know that the media is not neutral, they pick their champions. But right now, I can’t figure out whose side they’re on.

The NYT decided to blow a whistle on John McCain for having a lady lobbyist. Not the proverbial whistle. But a whistle nonetheless. It seems that maybe this was a preemptive whistle, though, and might’ve worked better with more research prior to actually blowing it.

CNN’s Headline News played a video montage of Hillary and Barack as Tom and Jerry with an Alicia Keys soundtrack (Fallin’) on that loop that they have [which seems to work out to about once every 20min.] I can’t find a link to the vid – but trust me, it is not a life-enriching piece of cinema. It was a slow news day, apparently. [They also reported on the fact that there was NOT a storm in Chicago today – mmhmm]

SNL and Tina Fey dug in for Hillary this weekend:

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But Tina’s parting words created a ripple of backlash across the ‘tubes as bloggers of color and Obama supporters challenged her comment that “b*tch is the new black”. We all know that can be taken two ways, so – when she was on such a good roll for Hill – why’d she have to take it there? For some, her last comment takes away any validity her preceding statements might have had. And it seems like this is Hillary’s problem within her campaign, as well. So much good stuff, but then folks associated with her campaign, or her husband, or she herself, will say/do something that dances across the racist line when talking about Obama.

Then, this evening, I got an email from my dad (he loves to forward stuff, and though he doesn’t do this with any other form of media, he tends to believe everything that he gets in email form) ~ Continue reading