planes & roller coasters

Weirdly, my post about how I was gonna be gone for a minute didn’t seem to register – so it’s out there now…but it wasn’t then [3.3.08 – when I actually wrote it].  (So I postpre-dated it.)  Anyway, I’m back.  Not all the way [I’m not at my house], but I’m back in EST…(just in time to ‘spring forward’).

I flew from Podunk to ATL to NOLA and back this week, and the flights to and from Podunk were crappy and crappier.  Last night was the first time I ever felt like I might throw up on a plane.  I’ve never even felt that way on a roller coaster [and I love roller coasters — as long as they don’t bang my head back and forth like this one ride at 6 Flags (I can’t remember the name of it)].   The turbulence was the worst I’ve ever experienced, though the oxygen masks didn’t fall, so I wasn’t actually worried – just nauseous.

This being my first foray in New Orleans, I was excited to go, and I have to say that I had a good time.  People were friendly, the town has some beautiful areas, and all-in-all I’d like to go back.  I barely had time to really do any site-seeing [should that be sight-seeing?], but what I saw was cool.

I’ve got a lot rolling around in my head, and I’ll be back to posting more regularly after my birthday. [woo. 2 days!]

Ciao, bella

I happen to love Ciao Bella passion fruit sorbetto – a lot, a lot. But I have refrained recently cuz it’s just too cold to be having ice cream/sorbet.

I’m in the mind of having some, as I’m in the midst of the whirlwind of planning/co-planning a long overdue trip to Rome. My sister and I were actually supposed to go last year, and we could just never get our schedules to mesh. She’s in school and has much more freedom than the ball-and-chain that my 5-day/week grind has turned out to be. [This 5day a week crap with 2 weeks of vaca a year – it bites.] Anyway – we’re still a tad bit undecided between March and May cuz the prices in May are astoundingly outrageous in comparison to those in March.

Initially, my sister had concerns about the temperature in March, but the longer I think about it – the more I realize that my best clothes are long-sleeved anyway. [That is so feminist of me, right? eh.  I wanna look good.] Continue reading

mixed bag

  • Hillary’s emotion was not a big deal. [Brit-style: LEAVE HILLARY ALONE!!!]
  • Angelina Jolie: not black. she’s getting an NAACP award for what?!?!?
  • Tiger’s totally cool with the racist commentator-girl … I’m guessing, some days [like me, I guess], you’re just not into getting upset. Especially when you know how freakin awesome you are. And how awesome your life is. And how you could buy and sell any lil person who makes racist comments about you any day of the week. [ maybe I shouldn’t use imagery like buying and selling people in this conversation]
    • [and – um – no…that’s not really like me. i tr to be all mature and crap, but that’s just me holding it in and griping about it to my family instead of on the news.]

in other news,
I’m going to New Orleans for training, right before my bday this year – so that’ll be fun, I suppose. At the very least, I get to chalk one more place off my list [been through LA, but not to NO]. I’m not really the type to commit to some project like visiting all 50 states in my lifetime. I think I could do 25. [Lemme think for a min: AL, AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, GA, HI, IL, IN, KY, LA, MD, MN, MS, NE, NJ, NM, NY, NC, PA, SC, TN, TX, VA, WV – woo! I’ve already made it! Job well done.]

my eyes are drooping and i gotta get the soup off the stove – laters.

woops – PS: i’m in love with ‘gossip girl’ on the CW. Even with the heinous Haragossip Girls, who have yet to say more than 5 words, I freaking love that show. It’s the reason my DVR still records.