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i’m a mixed [black daddy, white mom] girl who really prefers to type in all lower-case letters.  i’ve made an effort to actually write correctly, here, but I can’t promise how long that’ll last.  when i was a kid, i was always extremely aware of my race and my parents’, but affectionately referred to them as ice-cream flavors [chocolate, vanilla, and i believe i was mint-chocolate chip cuz that was my favorite…even though i wasn’t green.  but then – i was a kid, so it doesn’t really have to make sense].

my parents wanted me to be a good lil feminist, and by the time i was five, i could hold my own with the lil sexist boy in my kindergarten class who told me that girls couldn’t be doctors, cuz only men were doctors. [girls had to be nurses]  i replied that not only was that untrue because my dad was a nurse, but that i could be anything i wanted to be – up to and including president of the United States.

***formerly TMI, since redacted***

now i’m a chemist, living in podunk, America, cuz that’s where the job is.  the ‘tubes are my connection to sentient, non-everything-phobic life.   there’s a buncha stuff i skipped – like how i’m addicted to music and have been singing since 2 and love it more than anything else; how i’m a vegetarian but not for the animal rights reasons, and that the only pet i’d consider is fish [if someone else cleaned the tank] – cuz i’m pretty much terrified of animals; and so on and so forth.

welcome to the bit of me that i let you see.