don’t stop the music!

gleeI love music.  I love singing – I love dancing.  And I love watching singing and dancing.  Musicals have been a part of my life since the first moments I can remember.  My favorite movies have singing and dancing [from the Muppets, to Barbra Streisand, to random Disney fare].  So – I will watch movies, plays, and tv shows that might not have the best actors or plots as long as they have some cool musical performances.  This includes reality shows.

SYTYCD, Fame, Drumline, You Got Served, ABDC, American Idol, not to mention the musical/theatrical/dance episodes of shows like Head of the Class and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

With all that said, it should be no surprise that I love Glee.  I do.  Comments have been made about inappropriate musical choices and cheesy, awful stereotypes – and I get that.  I understand.  But I hardly even feel guilty about enjoying this show, because it’s too much yummy-goodness in the form of 90’s R&B music!

Tonight we had This is How We Do It (Montell Jordan), Poison (BBD) – with the rap!,  Mercy (Duffy), Bust Your Windows (Jazmine Sullivan), and I Wanna Sex U Up (Color Me Badd-d-d-d-d LOL!).  Three out of five songs were from the 90s!  And I still know the words!  So yeah – even though the songs weren’t performed all that well – except for Bust Your Windows – I loved it!

Even with a guest spot from Josh Groban [who I personally cannot stand], and a name drop of Run DMC, who I like, I think I’m mostly loving this show because of the big numbers and the reminiscing factor.

So keep it coming Glee, you’re like McDonald’s to me: I’m lovin’ it.

When else can I “to the ah-tick tock, ya don’t stop”?


sweeney todd

So one day, Tim Burton walks up to Johnny Depp and says, “Hey – wanna do a movie together?” and Johnny Depp is like – “Um.  Yeah.”

And another collabo was born.

Enjoying this movie depends on how you watch it and what you like.  Here’s how I enjoyed it – and i did enjoy it.  I mostly just watched it..more like an actual Broadway show, than a movie..but at the moments of severe bloodletting, I only listened [since there was really great music happening during some of the … barbering.]

Steven Sondheim is awesome, and I would love the soundtrack to this movie.  I love the music.  The story is also pretty good.  Maybe even very good.  Watching it all play out though…not so nice.  If you’re into the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp/Helena Bonham Carter macabre thing, you’ll have a field day.  If you’re like me, and aren’t particularly into throatslitting visuals, do something else while you watch this.

I was quite taken by the young actor playing Anthony.  His voice was quite clear and beautiful.  He looks very feminine to me, but he’s cute nonetheless.

Alan RIckman and Timothy Spall will give you Harry Potter flashbacks, but they play their parts well – as does Sacha Baron Cohen.  I had no idea Cohen was in this movie, but he did well.  Certainly quite different from what I’ve seen him do before.  [aside – I saw Borat.  hated it.  Not my style at all.  But I liked Talladega Nights.]

All in all, if you’re into musicals – you should at least check out the soundtrack.