sytycd notes: season 6 gets down to bidness

My work life has been hell lately, and so, I’m thankfully home – instead of at work, like I was last night [until 11:50].  But I am catching up on SYTYCD and ooh, wee!  It’s the good, the bad, and the U-G-L-Y.



the good
With three tappers this season, I’m happy, but apprehensive – I don’t think the show is really equipped to showcase tap.  They haven’t really proved themselves, yet.

I’ve been loving this krumper, Russell since his very first audition.  He somewhat reminds me of Joshua – just in his untrained ability to wow me with his take on every style.  And I want him to win, win, win!

Seeing Dave Scott back on the show is loverly, and I’m hoping for more from him this season.

Mary Murphy is as crazy as ever and, while she’s still weirding me out, all I can say is – Yabba Dabba Doo!  Is she on pills?

Travis Wall’s choreo has me all twitterpated.  I was never a real fan, cuz I got this hint of attitude during his season, and I’ve always been a Benji fan…but my, oh, my. Bianca and Victor really turned it out IMO.  I”m not sure why Bianca didn’t get as much love from the judges but I thought the piece they did was incredible, romantic, and beautiful – and her part was lovely, all the way around.

the bad
Well, Mollee and Nathan’s disco was cute, but not nearly deserving of such rave reviews when the transitions were as herky-jerky as they were.  I really like them as a couple – but let’s be real, please.  Doriana Sanchez’s choreo is always 90mph, but they still looked like they were counting steps!

NappyTab are still on the show.  Period.

Injuries/Illness.  What’s up, y’all?  Everybody’s getting hurt this season.  And apparently, it’s not the kind of thing you can dance through [a la Donyelle and everyone else who soldiered on in past seasons].  Noelle needs an MRI, Billy left due to illness [whenever I hear this, my first thought is always mono] – what is up?!

the U-G-L-Y
The fact that ANYone, ANYwhere thought it might be a good idea to use the Glee version of Push It, for a ChaCha number.  I got the dry heaves.

The fact that Russell was in the bottom 4 dancers.  Um…what?  These judges are crazy.  I still don’t get that, cuz Nigel was right when he said that Fred Astaire would NOT be krumping up there on that stage.

So – I’ll be watching this season.  And I can’t wait to see Paula Abdul choreograph a piece on this show.

And here’s a reminder of what 80s ladies rap was all about:

it’s not chipped, we’re not cracked: a letter to Heroes

Oh we’re shattered. [MC – Memoirs]

Dear Heroes, heroes goodbye

I’ve been a little busy lately, and it seems that you thought I was just letting it all slide.  I wasn’t.  I was just getting around to this letter, as it’s been a long time coming.

This may not mean much to you since I’m not a die-hard-fan kinda girl, but you’ve let me down.  To tease me with prospects of awesomeness and then slowly kill off almost every person of color on the show?  Even major characters?  That is NOT the way to my heart.

I loved you so much I volunteered to review your best and worst moments.  Those were good times, even when they weren’t such good times.

But as time went by, echoes of DL, Monica, and even that vortex guy only grew louder in my head.  I don’t have the time or inclination to follow web-posted storylines, just so I can keep up with characters that somehow don’t deserve to make the cut on the small screen.  Year after year, the man who came to be known as the Haitian, continued to be known as the Haitian.  Even after visiting Haiti!  Because having one magical negro wasn’t enough, Usutu got to be a plot device for a while, getting name checked on the show only after he was decapitated!  Two cute Asian guys (one a little bit hot) get to play the buffoon occasionally, while propping up what we finally found out was the MAIN storyline last year.

And I’m losing interest.

Watching the few women of color that appear, disappear – sometimes without any explanation – while the blondes almost always have their freaky coercive and inappropriate sexual assaults?  Not my idea of a good time.  There was the slight incest scare with Claire and Peter, the Puppetmaster scenes, the Sylar/Claire puppetmaster scene, various power plays with every Ali Larter character…and then of course, our good friend from the current season, carnie-tatt-girl.

You really value me so little?

Almost every woman I know who ever watched no longer does.  Why should we?  If we want to see skeevy dudes planning & executing various forms of domination over women, we can just watch the news.

When things were new and fresh, I thought this was the start of a cool show.  And it was.  And this is the end.

Men and women of color on your show continue to be use as props with little more than one-dimensional backstories.  Seriously.  Where is freaking Mohinder?

Becky and the new Usutu are not enough.  The cop and the doctor are not enough.  Angela is not enough.  Portraying your first lesbian while simultaneously painting her as an SWF stalker?  Not even close.

My head hurts when I watch, I think of better storylines when I’m half-awake, and I’m just tired.  I feel like Syfy could’ve done a much better job with the show.  Or maybe Animal Planet.  QVC even.

Good night and good luck, Heroes.  And so I say, with a yawn,

When I break – I break. (MC –  Up Out my Face)

small town life: community theatre

lion witch wardrobeLast week I went to the opening of a play here in Podunk.  The kids of Podunk were putting on a limited engagement of The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, ending today.  A coworker of mine had a child in the production, and described rehearsals to us at work.  Since they sounded cute, I wanted to go.

So I walk in to the theater and take my seat and do my normal look-see.  You know, after a few moments, I look around and check out the demographics.  Podunk did not disappoint.  Grey-haired ladies, soccer moms with some kids that didn’t make the show, a thirtysomething couple on a date, probably about 120 people (~2xs the kids in the cast) – which is good.  Not a lot of brown people, which is normal.  There was an Indian family, and two other brown people besides me.  So I notice.

Other people notice, right?

There were some star performers in the roles of Mr. Tumnus, the Witch, and Lucy.  Mr. Tumnus also had the best costume – he really looked like a faun.  But he was comical and cute.  The Witch was excellent – screaming at the exactly right points.  And Lucy – from start to finish – had impeccable timing, incredible delivery, complete believability.  Yeah – I liked Lucy.

There was also a cutie-patootie in the role of one of the woodland creatures.  In one scene, some unfortunate woodland creatures [and Mr. Tumnus] were frozen in various positions in the courtyard of the Queen/Witch’s palace.  All the kids were supposed to be stationary as Edmund walked through.  But there was one little girl (probably about 6) who had struck a pose with her arms up in the air, and the scene got a little long for her.  So first one arm dropped – then the other.  And so she stood there, slouching a little, until the Queen/Witch came on stage.  [Snow starts to fall whenever the Miss Winter comes onstage, to remind us all of her coldness.]  So as the snow fell, little miss cutiepants starts raising her arms again – this time to try and catch some of the fake snow that’s falling.  Which she did.  The entire scene was hilarious, and I didn’t hear a word of the dialogue, because I was focused on this adorable child – surrounded by other woodland creatures of various ages who had all managed to be still.

Then Aslan appears and he’s one of the three cast members of color.  It’s all good until the time comes for Aslan to sacrifice himself.  The Witch and all her followers descend upon Aslan in a kind of mob scene.  He’s shaved, beaten, and tied to the Stone Table.  The tie-down and the killing part was behind a screen – for the kids in the audience, I guess.

But that scene was really awful for me to watch.  It scared me and brought tears to my eyes.  Because I wasn’t just watching Aslan being selfless – I was watching a group of white kids and teens simulate beating and killing a black teenage boy.  I knew the story – I knew he was coming back – but I still could barely bare to watch that.

And when he did reappear, everyone was hugging him and it was all lovely, and of course good triumphs in the end.

In fact, the loudest roar of applause at the end was for Aslan.  I didn’t think he was that great of an actor, but I think a lot of people just really like his character.

The play was good, overall, and I enjoyed it.  But I do wonder if it that scene affected anyone else the way it affected me.  Sometimes I wonder if I’m being too sensitive.  Should that kind of imagery have been avoided?  How?

friday wrap-up: crappy news week

I’ve been battling strep this week, and I’m winning now – so that’s good.  I actually had no idea because the last time I had it [when i was a kid] I was miserable with a fever and all.  This week was just gargling salt water and drinking tea – no fever, etc.  But what a week of disaster and craziness!

Don’t talk about the weather.  It might hear you.  Not to mention the fact that CA and GA are still dealing with fallout from last week’s fires, floods, and mudslides.

We’re all totally over Kanye now – which is good – but it seems Hollywood/the Entertainment industry decided to give Spanky and the gang their own DiscoveryChannel style ‘women-hating’ week. [trigger warning]

There was leftover Mackenzie-furor from last week, as people are still trying to process what she called a “consensual relationship”.  [I don’t get it either. With a clear pattern of abuse/steady supply of drugs, how is there *ever* a “consensual relationship between one who has power and one who does not. ]

Then there was the Roman Polanski mess – which still has me pissed.  More because of all the misplaced support from people I used to have a lot more respect for like Whoopi.  How is drugging and raping a child made better cuz it happened ‘a long time ago’? Especially when the perp has said this?!?!

Then I happened upon this article about Elizabeth Smart’s ordeal, and I was almost in tears at her description of endless rape she endured.

All this awfulness and we can’t even get a public option on the table…bad guys won in the news this week.

Please don’t be depressed though.  The people in Rio de Janeiro are having a party – rejoice with them for the first Olympics in South America.