VMA moments: old-timer’s edition

Dude Gaga

After a lazy/productive day (yeah – it’s an oxymoron, but it fits), I’m watching the VMAs on ffwd.  These are my notes:

  • Lady Gaga opened and was awesome (!) as a dude.
  • Bieber’s wearing Malcolm X glasses. For real.
  • Watch the Throne!! (apparently Mtv still has security issues)
  • SuperBass over All of the Lights? What?! (And is she wearing a junkyard???)
  • Extraterrestrial was actually a good video.
  • NeYo still looks great as long as he keeps the hat on.
  • Katy Perry looks supercute in her presenting-dress.
  • Is Adele seriously that young? She is the business.  But her performance is a little flat.
  • Bieber still had a video eligible for an award?
  • Chris Brown can dance.  But he’s not singing.  And I am not a fan.
  • Lady Gaga tributes Britney. Congrats Brit! No one makes us dance like you!
  • Bey’s dressed like a Temptation.  And this song is apparently the anti-hype.  Oh. So she’s pregnant.  (Yay for them!) She shouldn’t have to wear the sparkly jacket and dress like a dude, though.
  • BNA: Who is Tyler the Creator? I’m just glad Kreayshawn didn’t win.
  • Young the Giant = blah.  I predict they are the Filter of the year.
  • Cloris Leachman should not be with the girls of Jersey Shore. And the girls of the Jersey Shore should not be on tv.
  • Born This Way wins. Lady Gaga is sticking to the character.  Katy Perry has had 3 wardrobe changes.
  • RIP Amy Winehouse.  It’s weird that Russell Brand is saying things that make sense since he was so awful 5 yrs ago.  And Tony Bennett is awesome.  Tony and Amy sound amazing together!
  • The 60s are back.  Bruno Mars’ pompadour, Adele’s style, Beyonce’s moment…There really is nothing new under the sun.  (ex. Footloose remake)
  • VOTY: Firework.  Katy Perry is a literal blockhead. At least that thing is on a headband…
  • I love Drake. I can’t explain it. I love him.  Weezy? Eh. He’s kinda terrible.  Anyone else could’ve done How To Love.  I need to hear it by someone else, non-autotuned. He looks so stupid with his @ss literally hanging out.  And you can’t understand his rap because more words are bleeped out than what you hear.  So.  I’m old.

And that’s what I got from the awards. I’m old.  Now get off my lawn!