SYTYCD: wack(y) judges

top 16

Dave Scott choreographed some real hip-hop for Karla and Jonathan, which was kinda hit or miss.  By which I mean, Karla was a hit and Jonathan was a miss.  I spent most of my time watching her, so I didn’t notice as much that they weren’t together.  But we get the joy of watching Nigel and Mary drop their pseudo hip-hop knowledge [hip-hop dance is about fear? what?!] and Toni Basil [I hope not to talk much about her, but she’s still saying street all the time].

Thrash-rocker-jazz from Mandy Moore looks like it’d be a tad more awesome with other dancers.  I’m holding my breath.  Oh I don’t like this.  Low energy until the end, didn’t hit on the beats…I guess it was danced well…but it was boring to me.  I can’t really tell if it was the choreo or the dancers, but I”m definitely NOT getting the thrill from these contestants that I got last year.

Ade and Melissa get to do rumba with Tony Meredith.  This ballroom stuff is hard, so I feel for them.  But this routine is beautiful, even if it’s not really heavy on the footwork.  Wow.  That was a bad pun. [What a difference Ade makes?  Ew.]  I did love this routine, though.  It was hot, and it was danced wonderfully.  Vote for this couple cuz they’re freakin’ awesome.

Janette and Brandon are dancing hip-hop: fingers crossed.  Rock meets hip-hop.  I have high hopes.  And they lived up to them!  They were awesome to me!  They hit everything and it was lovely, but I’m not seeing any choreography that is really knocking me out this week.  Brandon and Janette are doing awesomely, though, and I’m loving everything they do.

Jean Marc Genereux does a Viennese waltz with Kupono and Kayla, and good luck to them.  To my untrained eye, it was beautiful.  I have no idea if it was done correctly, but it was nice.  Still not bowled over by any choreo…

Evan and Randi, yay!  I love this couple – their personalities are so sweet.  Mia Michaels choreography is apparently focused on Randi’s booty.  This could be good.  Fun piece!  Isn’t there a little piece of at least a few of us who’d kinda like a dude [that we’re already into] to be fixated on our gluteus for a few moments?  Loved this.  Toni’s Mia-praise was a little gushy for me, but otherwise, good stuff.

Caitlin and Jason screwed the pooch in the form of Shane’s routine last week.  I’m hoping the Paso Doble is much better for them.  Even though it’s awfully hard.  Wow, Jason looks really strong on this.  And even though I got the emotion in nthis piece, it ended up being kinda hot.  Really.

Philip the inventor?  Ok.  Jeanine the actor?  uhh. ok.  Their tango last week was straight up stank, but Broadway is gonna be just as hard with TyceD.  And my nerves on this couch jump.   What a fun routine!  Poor thing ripped his pants [probably on that jump].  I loved this.  Know what I’d love?  For Toni Basil to go home.  Yesterday.  Please keep Philip and Jeanine [who, it turns out, can definitely act and dance].

Send Asuka and Vitolio to the house.

500 times more interesting

That’s how much better Heroes is when it’s about Sylar instead of the Benetrellis.  But I’ll save the rest of what I have to say for the Roundtable.

My vacation was awesome – relaxing – which I’d never have thought before, being in NYC.  But since I’ve been there so much, it really was just about family.  Oh and food.  Really good food.

Cafe Habana is probably my favorite place, but we had some great falafel, fried green tomatoes [seriously! in the City? for real – Brother Jimmy’s does them well.]  Hit up Negril and had some Cafe Spice leftovers, and it was happy days.

And we saw Guys and Dolls and Perfect Murder (again – and it was better the 2nd time).  I’ve always loved Oliver Platt [ever since he was Porthos in the Three Musketeers], and he’s playing Nathan Detroit.  But the real gem in this show is Nicely Nicely.  Tituss Burgess was a shining star when it came to Sit Down (You’re Rocking the Boat).   Best number of the night.


*pffft* – bwaHAHAHAHA

Apparently, Clay Aiken [same age as me], though he is now playing the perfect role for him in “Spamalot” [Brave Sir Robin], thought Monty Python was actually a person up until a few months ago.

I needed that.

[full disclosure: I fell in love with The Holy Grail when I was about 15, and toward 18 or so, I had probably half the script memorized. I believe that part of my brain has been co-opted by song lyrics since then, but I still remember a few lines. I’m also just a tad bit partial to the Ministry of Silly Walks.

Suppose my fascination with all things British started with my Agatha Christie obsession back when I was about 11. Funny the roads your life takes you down.]