idol’s 2nd 12 – eliminations

The second twelve has got Norman Gentle, who is mildly humorous, but everyone else is deathly serious – and awful.

Every year the judges talk about song choice and how important it is.  Every year, people choose crappy songs.  I’m sensing a pattern.  Take, for example, the choice of one of the girls, to sing Maroon 5’s This Love.  (I don’t remember her name – but she’s not gonna be in the top 12, so no worries.)  This Love is a band song.  Unless you change the arrangement – a LOT – this is karaoke material at BEST.  I know this, and I don’t even always agree with the judges.

Wow.  Now we get to hear Brooke White again?  The mediocrity abounds.

Next 3 – Allison [Heart], Kris [MJ], Adam [Rolling Stones]

So.  Seeing as how they’re choosing the top 12, and taking the top 3 from 3 weeks of 12 gives you 9…I’m guessing the judges will have 3 wildcard picks.  Weird.  Since there are 4 judges now.  And I hate them all.  (Figuratively.  I don’t actually have strong feelings about anyone on the show.  But the judges irritate me.  So I fast forward – YAY DVR!)

But you what I’m gonna say, right?  I want one of them to bring back Jamar.  He could do Maroon 5.  I wanna hear him do Secret, or Sunday Morning.  But, yeah, Idol suckiness continues.  Whee!

*Survivor Note: Jalapao Rocks.  Cuz Taj is the bomb-diggity.  Yeah.  I said it.

best survivor EVER

The Eliza flipout – “That is not the idol.  It’s a f***ing stick!”

too funny.

ooh – and the fact that Erik suggested the new name for the tribe – “Dabu”.  He said it meant ‘good’ in Micronesian.  Except he just made it up.

Oh yeah – then there was Eliza actually playing the f***ing stick!

I dunno who I want to go next – Alexis or Jason.  We’ll see.