cancel Idol already. (life=what happens when you forget to blog)

Lee - unofficial winner

Um.  I haven’t really been watching this season, cuz it’s been so bad.  But um…did Lee just come out there with 8 backup singers?  It’s like they already had a coronation for him tonight.  Wev.  Not that he didn’t do a good job on the song (Hallelujah), but come ON!  It’s Idol.

I know I haven’t been around.  I’m mulling over life issues.

Still thinking about jobs.  But my best friend back home will be moving soon, and otherwise, I know I can’t go home again – the way things are now is not the way things will be.

The car is paid off – so I’m happy about that.  Not so thrilling?  The theft of all my CDs this past wknd.  Almost my entire collection.  Three CD books, containing close to 350 CDs.  Collected since my first CDs I got in 1992.  If I didn’t have the music backed up on my computer I’d be so beside myself I don’t know what I’d do.  I wouldn’t be able to work.

But I’m gonna look at this as a blessing.  The big book was huge, heavy, and bulky.  Three together were taking up too much space in the backseat.  And I never would have gotten rid of them – ever.  Every Mariah, LL, Kanye, Janet, Brian McKnight CD – every cranberries, DMB CD – the Rent, Avenue Q, and Cinderella soundtracks.  And a ton of Christian accompaniment CDs that I can’t help hoping the thief ends up choking on in some small way.  (Mighty Jesus-y of me, isn’t it?  Maybe I’m not all the way over it.)

Anyway, I’ll get enough insurance to get an iPod [a new one, that can hold more than the Mini I have right now].  So I’ll be one of these people who only has electronic music.  It’s still sinking in.

good news/bad news

Life’s been a pendulum swinging from one extreme to the other in the last couple weeks.  Last week I had a great time playing volleyball with friends – which I haven’t done in years.  Then I played Clue late into the night with some new friends [apparently that game has changed.  a lot.].  Then, yesterday, I had to go to the dentist to get a filling replaced/fixed and it took 5 shots to numb me up enough to where I could live with the dental work.  The first four really had very little effect, and they actually wore off in less than 5 minutes…

Well..until the work was over, and the dentist finally sat me back upright.  All the anesthetic came rushing up to my jaw. [and I can just picture each injection jostling for position: “Shot # 4 reporting for duty!  -No, no, I was here first!  Shot #1 ready for action! -Hey wait!  Shot #3 here when you need us!  -Aww, man, way to be there, guys, Shot #2 bringing up the rear.  -Heh, don’t worry fellas, Shot #5 has it all taken care of.” (scuffle) “I was here first!” “Outta my way” “Stop shoving, you’ll get your turn!”  (chaos ensues)]  …

Pardon me.  I’m not quite sure why, but I’ve been particularly imaginative lately.

Anyway, the right side of my mouth was numb from about 9:45am until about 4pm yesterday.  I didn’t have breakfast, and I tried to eat something around 10, but even with just a tiny bite, I could barely swallow anything.  I was actually afraid I’d choke while driving.  By lunchtime, I could swallow, but I still couldn’t feel anything on the right side of my mouth.  It’s really strange to take a drink of water, and not feel part of your tongue being wet.  Much worse to try to eat a delicious peach, and discover you can only taste with half of your tongue.  Eating is not nearly so enjoyable if half of your tongue isn’t even into it.

But all’s well that ends well on that front.  I’m back to tasting with my whole tongue and things are delicious again.

Ron2 [HP]Last night then, I decided to go see Harry Potter.  Kind of a last minute thing, but I saw all the previews anyway.  [I’m quite on the fence about Sherlock Holmes.]  I enjoyed the movie.  It wasn’t super-fantastic, but it was good.  More humorous than usual, I thought.  And I was generally impressed with Rupert Grint’s comedic presence.  Two thumbs up, fine holiday fun.

Then I had a dream last night that has stayed with me all day.  Probably influenced by Harry is a few ways, actually.  My dreams are almost always action-adventure — I’m always being chased/searching for something/trying to escape or something like that.

And so I’m being chased and someone is with me…not sure who…but they’re depending on me to lead.  We’re looking for something and trying to stay under-the-radar as we do.  And so, I find this reddish-brown speckled powder.  It’s some kind of spice blend (!)  that’s tasty but extremely hot, and apparently explosive (!).  [cue Twilight Zone music]

I find this stuff and then stumble on a brutally hot guy that I must know pretty well because we start making out and licking the spice blend off of each other’s fingers. [I think part of it may have actually exploded.]  We were in a safe place, and it was a hot scene.  And then I woke up.

No thanks to my alarm clock.

What I hate is that I can’t remember his face at all.

Anyway – today didn’t suck, but tonight I had to spend two frickin hours at a church board mtg, and then ended up getting a speeding ticket on the way home.  First one in the Mustang.  Craptacular.

Now I’m going to bed.  HotSweet dreams!

Adam, the intrepid

Tonight’s the 2nd to the last night of Idol, and I’m super-happy.  I don’t really care who wins.  Blah.  And the judges are acting so stupid.  I miss Allison.

also, he's a little bit cute

also, he's a little bit cute

Season finales are all over the place right now, and I loved the one for Dollhouse.  I’m corssing my fingers that it doesn’t get canceled, but I kinda already think that ship has sailed.  The 2 show cameo from Alan Tudyk has been lovely [as I think he’s the bee’s knees (he nearly made me pee my pants in Death at a Funeral], and the twist of making him Alpha was freakin’ genius.  The show just took a couple episodes to warm up…

Oh – Idol coverage – ummmm…

Judge picks:

  • Paula for Danny: blah.  D’arby, but didn’t know the song – not memorable.
  • Randy/Kara for Kris:  Apologize.  coulda been good. Wasn’t.  Complete copycat.  Except it was out of his range.
  • Simon for Adam: One.  Not the best choice, IMO.  Adam took great liberties, and ended well, but started weak, and I still didn’t like it.  I find that he’s highly talented, but still not going in the direction that is best for his voice.

Contestant picks:

  • Danny: Genius. You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker.  Excellent arrangement.  Excellent vocals.  Excellent performance.
  • Kris: Scary. Heartless by Kanye West.  Brave choice.  Just gave me a flashback to Dreamgirls, when the white dude steals Jimmy’s “Cadillac” song.  I won’t lie, I’m not into Kris.  And I just looked up The Fray’s version, and contrary to Randy, I like their’s better [though it’s still kinda yucky].
  • Adam:  Almost.  Cryin‘ by Aerosmith.  The timbre of his voice isn’t anywhere near Stephen Tyler’s and Tyler’s voice is perfect for the song.  Adam’s over-the-top ending sucked, but the delivery of the song didn’t suck.

Ummm…no telling who’ll win, but I’m hoping it’s down to Danny and Adam.  IMO, they’re the most deserving.

we lab girls are awesome, by the way

we lab girls are awesome, by the way

And now for the new X-Files Fringe finale.  Astrid’s role is growing, but not fast enough.  Maybe she’ll get promoted next season.  More Astrid, please!

In personal news – the Mustang is mine.  An ’09, V6, in a color called vapor.  Very sweet ride.

celebrating life


happy bday to me

My birthday week ended wonderfully, this wknd.  In a Mustang.

Folks who know me remember the one that I ordered and had to turn down.  When they first came out, they didn’t stay on the lot long enough for me to even test drive one.  So this wknd was it.  The drive to, from and around Atlanta was awesome, and I didn’t want to get back in my Corolla. [reality bites, sometimes]

Oh, and I had brownies with strawberries and butter pecan ice cream on top.  So.  Lovely!

To celebrate more, I think we should all vote for Anoop tonight.  His Always on My Mind was awesome.  And his cuteness seems to be increasing.  Vote Anoop -09!

electronically alluring

how is it possible to find electronics sexy?

the smooth, sexy look of the chocolate enticed me into getting the mint version for myself.

the current commercials for the macbook air are practically drool-inducing.

not to mention the fact that the whole reason I was convinced to order a brand-new ’05 Mustang [that I later had to turn down because I was laid off – and ended up crying over the loss (of the car) for an entire day] was that the curves, the smoothness, the colors. They are just plain sexy. Not to mention NBC’s use of the car for the new Kitt in (the new) Knight Rider.

How can an inanimate object have such sway over…my libido? I don’t know. But the phone/laptop/car – they’re all HOT.