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heroes: a veronica mars reunion

I’m so pissed.

It’s not like Heroes is such a friend to POC, anyway, but now, my lovely Francis Capra’s moment is over – just that quick.

First, we only ever saw his reflection, cuz future-Peter Petrelli stuck current-Peter Petrelli in his body so he could change the past [and thus, the future].  Yeah, brown people are just houses for white people to use when they need ’em.

And then, once Peter was finally free of the POC body, the character Jesse Murphy gets maybe 30 seconds to be himself before Sylar decides to eat his brain…or tweak it, or whatever he does.

It’s insulting.

Don’t even get me started on the idiot-fake-scientist, Mohinder.  Hate him.  Seriously?  You discover something, and test it on yourself immediately?  And 15 minutes of super-strength constitute conclusive testing??  Idiot.  That’s why you’re gonna be peeling pieces of your skin off next week.  Ew.  Idiot.  Aaack.

On a different note, maybe we should start some kind of protest against irresponsible depictions of science and scientists.

One thought on “heroes: a veronica mars reunion

  1. Ironic how both Veronica Mars characters died the same deaths; except Kristen Bell’s having romantic relations with Sylar and Francis’ not.

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