cancel Idol already. (life=what happens when you forget to blog)

Lee - unofficial winner

Um.  I haven’t really been watching this season, cuz it’s been so bad.  But um…did Lee just come out there with 8 backup singers?  It’s like they already had a coronation for him tonight.  Wev.  Not that he didn’t do a good job on the song (Hallelujah), but come ON!  It’s Idol.

I know I haven’t been around.  I’m mulling over life issues.

Still thinking about jobs.  But my best friend back home will be moving soon, and otherwise, I know I can’t go home again – the way things are now is not the way things will be.

The car is paid off – so I’m happy about that.  Not so thrilling?  The theft of all my CDs this past wknd.  Almost my entire collection.  Three CD books, containing close to 350 CDs.  Collected since my first CDs I got in 1992.  If I didn’t have the music backed up on my computer I’d be so beside myself I don’t know what I’d do.  I wouldn’t be able to work.

But I’m gonna look at this as a blessing.  The big book was huge, heavy, and bulky.  Three together were taking up too much space in the backseat.  And I never would have gotten rid of them – ever.  Every Mariah, LL, Kanye, Janet, Brian McKnight CD – every cranberries, DMB CD – the Rent, Avenue Q, and Cinderella soundtracks.  And a ton of Christian accompaniment CDs that I can’t help hoping the thief ends up choking on in some small way.  (Mighty Jesus-y of me, isn’t it?  Maybe I’m not all the way over it.)

Anyway, I’ll get enough insurance to get an iPod [a new one, that can hold more than the Mini I have right now].  So I’ll be one of these people who only has electronic music.  It’s still sinking in.

boom boom pow

I still can’t believe they got the bikini girl to come back on the stage.  And then let her murder Vision of Love. And Kara, too.  I almost did some harm to myself during the performance.  Thanfully my DVR is back working, and I could fast forward.  Then, of course, I was visually assaulted with Kara’s dare.  Yikes.  At least it was for a good cause.

bepFor the season finale of a singing show, there sure was a lot of BAD singing tonight.  The top 13 together sounds kinda bad, but not nearly as bad as just the girls together singing Glamorous.   BEP were still great with Boom Boom Boom, effectively rocking the entire audience.  I love that song.  It sounds freakin’ awesome in a Mustang.

Kris and Keith Urban were quite lovely together, tho.  And it just occurred to me that Keith has no need to wear a cowboy hat – as so many of the country dudes do.  Ever seen Tim McGraw [or any of the others] without the hat?  Not so nice.  But Keith is actually attractive.  And Kris did a good job with him.

Then Allison and Cyndi Lauper did Time After Time, which was nice.  Perhaps we’re hitting a streak of the yummy goodness…

And yes, Hello, that’s exactly what it is – yummy goodness, with Danny Gokey.  I’m partial to the song, and then Lionel Richie comes out?  It’s all good.  I’m not really into this new song but, this is right up Danny’s alley.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  My fave song?!  Yes!  Let the music play on!  I used to dance around to this song when I was 5 years old.  Even Ruben is getting down to this.

But next up is Adam…wearing wings?  Huge metal shoulder pads?  Introducing KISS.  This is another one of those good performances that I’m just not that into.  But this is the theatricality that = Adam.

Matt skeeves me out so, I can’t handle Black Magic Woman.  But the dudes on Smooth, weren’t bad.  Kris stole that show, with Jorge coming in second.  Megan and Michael with Steve Martin was weird again – I think Megan’s performances have been especially weak tonight .  The song sounds like it needs to be performed on A Prairie Home Companion – not necessarily a bad thing…

Oh, the show’s taken a nasty turn with the boys and Rod Stewart.  But Tatiana saved the show – Saving All My Love.  She really can sing.  While running.  That’s hard.

really? ok.

The finalists sing QUEEN!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!  And Queen is THERE!!!  WTF?  Did Bernie Madoff take all these old stars’ money?  How many 70s/80s stars have been on this show tonight?  We Are the Champions indeed.

So who is the champion?  Kris Allen.  wow.  color me surprised.  But then I kinda figured that there’d at least be a segment of Americans banding together against a maybe-gay, theatrical rocker like Adam.  I thought he deserved it more, but Kris did do better last night.  Well.  There ya go.

who are YOU voting for?

I don’t care who wins anymore.

Adam did ok with song 1 [Mad something-or-other], pretty great with song 2 [Change Gon’ Come], and abysmal with song 3 [the Kara-cowritten-sucktacular].

Kris did really great with song 2 [Ain’t No Sunshine], pretty good with song 2 [What’s Going On], and better than Adam with song 3 – even though the song is still a huge suckfest.

So – I’m leaving it to the masses – who is your American Idol?

(what’s up with the judges playing down Kris’s besting of Adam on that last song?  Simon’s more fair about this finale competition than any of the other judges.)

Basically I’m just waiting for SYTYCD.  That’s the show I love.

[looking for an interesting way to show your POC-love for scifi? h/t racialicious]

Adam, the intrepid

Tonight’s the 2nd to the last night of Idol, and I’m super-happy.  I don’t really care who wins.  Blah.  And the judges are acting so stupid.  I miss Allison.

also, he's a little bit cute

also, he's a little bit cute

Season finales are all over the place right now, and I loved the one for Dollhouse.  I’m corssing my fingers that it doesn’t get canceled, but I kinda already think that ship has sailed.  The 2 show cameo from Alan Tudyk has been lovely [as I think he’s the bee’s knees (he nearly made me pee my pants in Death at a Funeral], and the twist of making him Alpha was freakin’ genius.  The show just took a couple episodes to warm up…

Oh – Idol coverage – ummmm…

Judge picks:

  • Paula for Danny: blah.  D’arby, but didn’t know the song – not memorable.
  • Randy/Kara for Kris:  Apologize.  coulda been good. Wasn’t.  Complete copycat.  Except it was out of his range.
  • Simon for Adam: One.  Not the best choice, IMO.  Adam took great liberties, and ended well, but started weak, and I still didn’t like it.  I find that he’s highly talented, but still not going in the direction that is best for his voice.

Contestant picks:

  • Danny: Genius. You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker.  Excellent arrangement.  Excellent vocals.  Excellent performance.
  • Kris: Scary. Heartless by Kanye West.  Brave choice.  Just gave me a flashback to Dreamgirls, when the white dude steals Jimmy’s “Cadillac” song.  I won’t lie, I’m not into Kris.  And I just looked up The Fray’s version, and contrary to Randy, I like their’s better [though it’s still kinda yucky].
  • Adam:  Almost.  Cryin‘ by Aerosmith.  The timbre of his voice isn’t anywhere near Stephen Tyler’s and Tyler’s voice is perfect for the song.  Adam’s over-the-top ending sucked, but the delivery of the song didn’t suck.

Ummm…no telling who’ll win, but I’m hoping it’s down to Danny and Adam.  IMO, they’re the most deserving.

we lab girls are awesome, by the way

we lab girls are awesome, by the way

And now for the new X-Files Fringe finale.  Astrid’s role is growing, but not fast enough.  Maybe she’ll get promoted next season.  More Astrid, please!

In personal news – the Mustang is mine.  An ’09, V6, in a color called vapor.  Very sweet ride.

the rockin’ top 4

that's how my hair'd look if I just let it poof [and then wore a hat]

that's how my hair'd look if I just let it poof (and then wore a top hat)

I gotta start off saying I’m biased cuz rock week doesn’t much appeal to me.  So – you’ve been warned.

Slash is the mentor this week – and I love him – but I think it’s kinda weird from someone who doesn’t really sing.  But then there was Tarantino week – that was weird too – but at least Slash is a musician.

Adam opens the show with an over-the-top performance of a song I don’t know.  He did well for himself.

Allison did Cry Baby, and she did well.  Her voice was great and the song was quite enjoyable.  But when Simon said he would’ve chosen the Queen song [she coulda picked Somebody to Love] she argued, saying it wasn’t Queen.  Ah, youth.

Tonight there’s something new – duets.  The first: Chris and Danny doing Styx’s Renegade.  I think this is more suited for Danny’s voice than Chris’s.  The harmonies were awesome.  And Simon spoke the truth.  Danny was better.

Chris does Come Together, and it’s not dirty enough for me.  I guess I just really like Joe Cocker’s version.  I don’t think he really did anything with the song.  It just came across as trying…but not hard enough.

Danny – seriously?  Dream On?  That’s no Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing.  That song actually needs more of Adam’s theatricality.  And now I’ve muted the screaming.  And started laughing.  But I stopped myself cuz I don’t want to see him go, yet.  But, wow.  Slash wasn’t kidding when he said it could go the wrong direction.  I just shivered.  Woo.  That was bad.

Now we get Foghat’s Slow Ride by Allison and Adam.  Their voices are good, but this song sucks to me.  There’ve got to be better songs they could’ve chosen.  They play off of each other well.  And their voices mesh together much better.

I’m hoping for Allison to stay and Chris to go.  But I could handle any of the guys going right now.  I wanted Danny to win, but wtf was tonight?

all about the band

More and more, the AI band is the best part of the show.  Certainly, they’ve shown their talent in weeks [and years] past, but tonight they were killing it.  [So there were a lot more pieces this evening, but you know, still great.]  But here’s my fave Natalie Cole:

[i can understand the feelings, but can’t get down with the somewhat anti-feminist vibe.  but i still love this song like crazy.]

Taylor Hicks back on Idol.  Huh.  I liked him better than that other girl…Kim?  Kerri?  Karen?  But she really would’ve made a better Idol.  He does do good Southern-down-homey music.  But I gotta fast forward.

I love Jamie.  Y’all know this.  Blame it on the…shoot…I don’t drink.  The song is hot, but I kinda hate that there’s so much autotune – he doesn’t need it.  And I guess this isn’t really the right song for the Idol crowd – they’re mostly preteens, and they don’t drink either. [or at least they shouldn’t be]  Maybe this song is going out to Paula.  She’s standing up.   I think I’m gonna have to call him on song choice though.

So it’s down to Matt and Adam – who’s gone?  MATT!  YAY!!!!!!  Matt should’ve gone two weeks ago.  But at least he’s gone now.  Peace.  Oh…and happy 100 days.  woo.