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annie, are you ok?

Michael Jackson is an incredible artist – and one of my favorite songs is ‘Smooth Criminal’. For most of my life I have believed that the lines that sound like “Annie, are you ok? say, Annie are you ok? Are you ok, Annie?” were actually saying that. I’ve been told, though, that he was actually saying “Any that you won’t get – any that you won’t get – and you won’t get any.” Seriously? Either way – I’m not sure either makes all that much sense with the rest of the song.

And there’s the infamous ‘mama-say, mama-sa, mama-cou-sa’ [who in the world knows how to spell that?] – which I’ve recently been told is actually ‘I’ma say what I’ma say, and I’m not gon’ stop’. Once again – which way actually makes more sense?

…on the theme of Across the Universe, don’t you think they could totally make a movie with Michael Jackson songs? Maybe there’d be less songs…I dunno…but I’d watch it.

7 thoughts on “annie, are you ok?

  1. The song does say “Annie, are you ok? Are you ok, Annie”
    I used to have the MJ cd “Bad” with the lyrics inside and that’s what the lyric sheet said.
    Whoever told you otherwise was mistaken.

    • The words are “Annie, are you ok, so Annie, are you ok?”
      It is very interesting…..When someone takes a CPR class, the manakin that you practice CPR on is usually named “Annie.” You are instructed to initially come up and say “Annie, are you ok, are you ok?” while gently trying to arouse the manakin.” If you look up the lyrics, there are two references to CPR. I find it quite interesting.

      • I’ve actually thought about that too – I didn’t get the other reference to CPR, but I’ve thought about the “Annie, Annie, are you ok?” line from CPR class. I guess that’s just how a smooth criminal works – leaves them breathless.

  2. R.I.P

    You will always be the King of Pop, etched in ours and future generations’ souls forever

    Michael, you have touched the hearts and will be missed by billions

  3. Just saw your post about Annie are you Ok while I’m sittin’ here listening to it and wondering the same thing! I did find out what the whole mama say mama sa mama ma coo sa is. Apparently there is a Cameroonian musician by the name of Manu Dibango who was really famous way back when. The Mama say line is a derivative of a line that Manu Dibango made famous.

    MJ’s death is still so profoundly sad. He will be missed!

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