merry, merry

Life has been crazy for a while so…here’s a photo montage  to catch things up.

I went to NYC for Thanksgiving and did some things I couldn’t do here in Podunk, SC:

1) saw Precious.  and cried and cried. Precious

2) saw Hair, and was just a bit taken aback right before intermission.

3) saw Good Hair.  and laughed and laughed.

I also got to take a tour of the Financial District and get my picture taken with the Bull, and George Washington.  Then we schlepped all the way up to the West Village (!) to see the house from the Cosby Show.  It still looks the same.  🙂

I came back home to a little less crazy than I’ve been dealing with, but the same fluctuations that have become standard for work these days.

Helped do a Christmas play with the children at church and made an enemy because I insisted on referring to the Magi as wise ‘people’.  We don’t have a lot of boys at our church, and the wise people were all girls – so I referred to them as people or women instead of men.  Simple Simonette wasn’t pleased.  I’m over it, but apparently she’s not.  C’est la vie.

I was blessed to find a $50 off mystery coupon from Bloomingdales in my email, just in time to get the Wellies my sister’s been wanting, and I got to go see the 4-day-old cutie-patootie little boy that one of my friends had last week.

who doesn't love baby hands?

In the meantime, I got to go to a lil Christmas party, meet some new people, and sing some carols with a harp.  I avidly watched and rewatched all the episodes of The Sing-Off because I could listen to a capella music forever and a day.  Being a self-proclaimed harmony junkie, it was as though NBC had waltzed into my brain and said, “hmm – I think we could make a show out of this”.  (IMO – the top 3 groups were exactly as they should have been, and I think the best idea would be to put them all out on tour together.  I’d definitely go.)

Then came today – sleep has been fleeting but the day was comfortable, comforting, delicious, and delightful.  We snacked, opened gifts, watched White Christmas, and enjoyed a lovely dinner.

a handmade scarf, cute flipflops, the card case I've always wanted, and more

This  is a nice way to close out the year.  Here’s hoping 2010 is exponentially better than 09.  Merry, merry!

babies: the new lame

I’ve had an ebb and flow of popularity in my life.  Certain ages/places/times I was hot-like-fire, and other times not so much.  It’s interested to me how the excuses from my lamer friends have changed over the years.  These days – it’s babies.

Babies are little bundles of joy that come into one’s life bringing beauty, love, and a completely different perspective. [Not to mention all that other stuff that you’re probably thinking about – the scariest possibility to me being the episiotomy.]  But you know what happens when your friends have babies, right?

First, they go underground for a couple months.  This is cuz they’re not sleeping, and sometimes they don’t know if it’s day or night – so they just don’t bother going out unless they need food or diapers.  The only way to see them during this time is to visit.

After the first couple months, the parents will take the baby different places, but it’s a huge chore because babies have a lot of accessories.  They’re sleeping a bit more, but they’re still tired all the time.  By now they’re comfortable having those disjointed parental conversations where they talk to you about their kid but interrupt themselves by talking to their kid and ensuring that the baby’s not wet/hungry/thirsty/ill/gassy or otherwise distressed.  This interruptalk is permanent and may never really fade.

Reaching closer to the one year mark is cool, because there’s this window when the child is a tad bit more autonomous, but not entirely fluent.  From about 10months to around two, parents feel like they can still periodically go out and be cool as long as they have  a trustworthy babysitter.  Sometimes even up to 3yrs old.

After the 3rd bday, tho, parents are fully entrenched – and if they haven’t already had their 2nd, they’re thinking/talking about it.  During this time they may let you in on the info – they’re “trying” again.

That’s probably not something you wanted to know, because now, if you’re single, you’ve probably got at least a shadowy picture of this couple having sex in your head.  The more they talk about ‘trying’, the more detailed that picture gets.  And the more you wonder if you can exorcise these images enough to remain friends without feeling weird around them.  [I don’t know what pictures – if any – you get if you’re married.]

Anyway, now events are planned to consider whether childcare is available, whether children are allowed, or whether the entertainment is age-appropriate.  Other considerations include bathroom facilities, white furniture, and the proximity of other children or toys.

So, if you live in a less metropolitan area, where people get married and have babies fairly early [as opposed to say, after 30], you may be familiar with the boat I’m in.  Namely, that which has christened nearly every one of my friends and acquaintances as established families, new parents, or expecting.

Thankfully, I really like kids – so it works out.  I just didn’t expect them to change my life so much prior to me having any of my own.

the king (the rev. dr.)

I watched the movie ‘Talk to Me‘ with my dad a couple weeks ago. I thought he’d like it, since it chronicles events taking place in DC during the 60s – when he was there. He found it interesting…didn’t agree with some of it – I guess cuz he was actually there.

We got to talking about the days after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. He told me about the riots, and what the city was like. How the fires burned so long. The curfew. He was in nursing school at the time, and involved in some outreach program with fellow students on the wknds. He told me about going down to the area they were supposed to visit to let the people know that the group wasn’t coming because it was so dangerous.

Then he told me about attending a rally or a gathering or something of the kind, with some of his friends. Stokely Carmichael was talking about taking things back. About retribution. And the moment I know my dad will never forget [because he’s told me about it several times] – when Stokely Carmichael said everybody needed to have their guns, promptly pulled his own out of his jacket, and said, “I’ve got mine, right here!”

Dad doesn’t tell me a lot about how things were. If I ask, there are usually just a few stories that I get. Some movies he will never see, because he says that they make him angry. And he’s told me before about how my uncle – his younger brother, actually hated white people for a long time. I can’t imagine the life my father had growing up.

But when he wants me to listen to the ‘Drum Major’ record, I listen.

It’s weird sometimes, considering the fact that I pretty much grew up white. When I think about myself when I was ten – or even 14 – I see so much that I was unaware of. So much that I had the privilege to have never dealt with. Because of my dad. And in part, because of Dr. King.

I’m not gonna get too much deeper…let’s just take a moment. It never hurts to stop for a second and take stock of the privilege that we have today because of the work of people who’ve gone before.

Much love, folk. peace.

Class and Privilege – Arguments, Qualifiers, Ownership

Via My Private Casbah. Though I originally swiped it from a friend and former classmate on LJ.Those that were true when I was in college [now a full ten years ago ::shudder::] are bold. Some things are kind of hard to answer because I never went to high school. Things that seem like they might be true if you equate college to high school, are italicized. But of course, there are still qualifiers, as this list couldn’t possibly cover every individual’s family situation.

The original intent of the exercise was to note privilege through the physical act of taking a step forward for each true item on the list. Actual differences in location demonstrated clear differences between classmates. Discussion of the exercise and its emotional impact, in addition to all others, followed the exercise.

I will discuss my own qualifiers, arguments and ownership after the list. Continue reading