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don’t stop the music!

gleeI love music.  I love singing – I love dancing.  And I love watching singing and dancing.  Musicals have been a part of my life since the first moments I can remember.  My favorite movies have singing and dancing [from the Muppets, to Barbra Streisand, to random Disney fare].  So – I will watch movies, plays, and tv shows that might not have the best actors or plots as long as they have some cool musical performances.  This includes reality shows.

SYTYCD, Fame, Drumline, You Got Served, ABDC, American Idol, not to mention the musical/theatrical/dance episodes of shows like Head of the Class and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

With all that said, it should be no surprise that I love Glee.  I do.  Comments have been made about inappropriate musical choices and cheesy, awful stereotypes – and I get that.  I understand.  But I hardly even feel guilty about enjoying this show, because it’s too much yummy-goodness in the form of 90’s R&B music!

Tonight we had This is How We Do It (Montell Jordan), Poison (BBD) – with the rap!,  Mercy (Duffy), Bust Your Windows (Jazmine Sullivan), and I Wanna Sex U Up (Color Me Badd-d-d-d-d LOL!).  Three out of five songs were from the 90s!  And I still know the words!  So yeah – even though the songs weren’t performed all that well – except for Bust Your Windows – I loved it!

Even with a guest spot from Josh Groban [who I personally cannot stand], and a name drop of Run DMC, who I like, I think I’m mostly loving this show because of the big numbers and the reminiscing factor.

So keep it coming Glee, you’re like McDonald’s to me: I’m lovin’ it.

When else can I “to the ah-tick tock, ya don’t stop”?


6 thoughts on “don’t stop the music!

  1. After the Acafellas second performance I’d figured out that they were only doing 90s RnB so I couldn’t wait to here what there last song would be. I was not disappointed.

  2. Sorry but this comment isn’t about ‘Glee’ since I don’t watch that show it’s about the subject and what you said about Barack Obama’s supposed ‘brush-off’ of ex-president Jimmy Carter and I think black people are being complete A&&HOLES to Mr. Obama! First off I’m black too so I’m not being racist but what the HELL did people expect he was going to swoop in like Superman and eradicate all racists and bigots from the face of the Earth?! I sure as s$$t don’t recall black people demanding the SAME thing of Bill Clinton despite calling him ‘the first black president’ a concept so STUPID is laughable at best and proves white people right at worst. In fact when he signed bills in 95 and 98 that did more harm than good mainly to blacks I didn’t hear a peep nor was Hillary REALLY takken to task for her ‘hard working WHITE Americans’ crack. Plus HE made sure all the white people got out of Rwanda and left the ‘darkies’ to fend for themselves and refused to apologize for the men affected by the ‘syphllis’ experiment and refused to send troops to Darfur,the Sudan,South Africa,and Rwanda. Where was all the hooting and hollering from black folks then?! It is not anymore of Barack Obama’s job to look for black people’s interest anymore than it is a white male’s esepcially when black people slobber all over white males and demand NOTHING in return.

  3. umm…what?

    I’m so blindsided by this bizarre comment I’ve nothing to say. I believe I’ll leave it up.

    for now.

  4. Sorry again but I wanted to respond to what you said on Racialicious and they won’t let me post comments or something is wrong with my computer but my comments don’t get posted. And I felt you and some other posters needed to be called out for your comments and my point is I don’t get that black people can give undeserving and unwavering loyalty and support to white male politicians and ask for nothing in return yet when it’s a Barack Obama or Jesse Jackson or Maxine Waters or even Condoleeza Rice you all get very demanding. I was wondering why you all don’t get EQUALLY as demanding with white people?!

  5. wow.

    Ok. #1. you should talk to the folks over at Racialicious about your comments and find out what the deal is. Perhaps it’s your attitude.

    #2. You should reread my comment (#7): http://www.racialicious.com/2009/09/23/open-thread-i-was-black-before-the-election/

    #3. take a moment to chill. You don’t know me, so you have no idea how demanding I am with anyone – white, black, or otherwise. I stand by my comment – I think he chose his words poorly. Most likely, by mistake. People do it all the time. There just tend to be more consequences for misspeaking when you’re the president. [e.g. the last 8 years]

    #4. maybe don’t shoot off incomprehensible flamecomments to people’s personal blogs in response to a completely unrelated conversation that’s actually going on somewhere else – you’re seriously lucky I didn’t just put you in spam. [ps- starting your comment with the word ‘sorry’, doesn’t actually make it into an apology]

    #5. take a looksee at my comment and moderation policy prior to any further response.

  6. The I retract my ‘sorry’ and how the hell am I ‘lucky’ is there some internet jail for comments on blogs that the owner doesn’t approve of?! And I know it’s unrelated I said that in the first place as for my attitude maybe you should check your own.

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