500 times more interesting

That’s how much better Heroes is when it’s about Sylar instead of the Benetrellis.  But I’ll save the rest of what I have to say for the Roundtable.

My vacation was awesome – relaxing – which I’d never have thought before, being in NYC.  But since I’ve been there so much, it really was just about family.  Oh and food.  Really good food.

Cafe Habana is probably my favorite place, but we had some great falafel, fried green tomatoes [seriously! in the City? for real – Brother Jimmy’s does them well.]  Hit up Negril and had some Cafe Spice leftovers, and it was happy days.

And we saw Guys and Dolls and Perfect Murder (again – and it was better the 2nd time).  I’ve always loved Oliver Platt [ever since he was Porthos in the Three Musketeers], and he’s playing Nathan Detroit.  But the real gem in this show is Nicely Nicely.  Tituss Burgess was a shining star when it came to Sit Down (You’re Rocking the Boat).   Best number of the night.


my new crush

I am understandably enamoured of the British accent, and quite happy with foodie shows. So, I’m subsequently in love with Jamie Oliver from Jamie at Home. I could watch him make a whole meat smörgåsbord, even though I’m a vegetarian. Doesn’t hurt that he’s just a tiny tad bit of a hottie.

I’m particularly interested in the way he cooks things straight from the garden, and just does things so simply with his hands at the outside grill.

I don’t tend to meet a lot of fellows like him, though. More’s the pity.