losing my work spouse

Have I mentioned that I work for Darth Lady?  Once or twice, I suppose.  And in the last 2 1/2 yrs, whenever she’s been on my case, I’ve had someone to commiserate with.  Someone to vent with, laugh with, and generally get along with.  My work-spouse.  [I’d say work-husband, but apparently – due to overt sexism – that language implies actual attraction, whereas work-wife only implies the type of person I just described.  And I’d call him my work-wife, cuz I like the sound of that better, but I don’t want to imply anything gendered, so I’m sticking with work-spouse.]

We have similar senses of humor and similar political ideals, though he leans further right than I do.  He introduced me to Moxy Fruvous.  I introduced him to The Princess Bride.  (! – I know, right?)  He’s the only white non-black person that I can actually talk about any -ism with at work, racism, sexism, whatever.  He’s been looking for a new job for the past few months, and I was the only one he talked with about it at work, though others suspected (in the last couple weeks).

And now he’s leaving.

And my boss took it well.  Initially.

But the realization of what will happen when he leaves is setting in, and the harpy is coming back out.

So, I’m looking too.