don’t stop the music!

gleeI love music.  I love singing – I love dancing.  And I love watching singing and dancing.  Musicals have been a part of my life since the first moments I can remember.  My favorite movies have singing and dancing [from the Muppets, to Barbra Streisand, to random Disney fare].  So – I will watch movies, plays, and tv shows that might not have the best actors or plots as long as they have some cool musical performances.  This includes reality shows.

SYTYCD, Fame, Drumline, You Got Served, ABDC, American Idol, not to mention the musical/theatrical/dance episodes of shows like Head of the Class and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

With all that said, it should be no surprise that I love Glee.  I do.  Comments have been made about inappropriate musical choices and cheesy, awful stereotypes – and I get that.  I understand.  But I hardly even feel guilty about enjoying this show, because it’s too much yummy-goodness in the form of 90’s R&B music!

Tonight we had This is How We Do It (Montell Jordan), Poison (BBD) – with the rap!,  Mercy (Duffy), Bust Your Windows (Jazmine Sullivan), and I Wanna Sex U Up (Color Me Badd-d-d-d-d LOL!).  Three out of five songs were from the 90s!  And I still know the words!  So yeah – even though the songs weren’t performed all that well – except for Bust Your Windows – I loved it!

Even with a guest spot from Josh Groban [who I personally cannot stand], and a name drop of Run DMC, who I like, I think I’m mostly loving this show because of the big numbers and the reminiscing factor.

So keep it coming Glee, you’re like McDonald’s to me: I’m lovin’ it.

When else can I “to the ah-tick tock, ya don’t stop”?

the big let-down

I’ve already stated my dislike for the Carly Smithson girl.  I’ll just move on to Syesha Mercado.  Singing “Me and [Mr.] Jones”, her performance was lackluster.  The last note was great.  Her video was nice though…except for that weird baby cry thing.  [That was slightly scary.]  I don’t think she’s in danger (crossing fingers), cuz she’s one of the best girls.

And then there was Brooke White.  Overall, I’m surprised that it seems as though the singers aren’t allowed to transpose the songs to fit their ranges a little better.  [I actually noticed this last night as well].  But she did ok.  For some reason, her ‘Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm’ vibe is waxing old with me.  -I guess you think this song is about you, don’t you?- The judges liked it better than me, but I believe there is much worse to come in this show.

Ramiele Malubay underwhelmed with a song I’ve heard before but I can’t name…I love her, and I’m ready for her to break out next week – if the trend holds, it’ll be 80s week.  Kristy Lee Cook performed a solidly – solid performance of ‘You’re No Good’.  Excellent song choice for her.  It didn’t require too much in the way of styling or range, so it fit.  I agree with Simon, that country might be her place to fit in.  I think she could do really well with more vocal practice – her tone is good, and once she increases her range [and further recovers from the flu] she’s got a chance.

But here comes the girl I love to hate – Amanda Overmyer.  She looks really good with that bandana on her head, and while I’m glad that she likes to read…I think that’s the most disturbing ‘reading is fundamental’ commercial I’ve heard.  Then she walks out with that hair.  The hair.  Oh, the hair.  AH!  The performance was something.  Not great.  Or necessarily good.  The song was out of her range – ‘Carry on, My Wayward Son’?  No.  I’m not sure what she should’ve gone for this week [perhaps Janis] but what she chose didn’t work.  I’m actually kind of disappointed.  When she goes home, I want it to be because she has the least amount of talent of those left.  Not because her hair looked like crap-on-a-stick and she picked a bad song.  [Although when she does leave, it may be partly due to poor song choice.  Picking the right one can be tough.]

Actually, I think that if I were giving anyone advice on doing well on Idol, I’d suggest practicing songs from different genres, and becoming familiar with a style that works for you.  Along those lines, I’d encourage someone to familiarize themselves with two or three songs from the major themes [60s, 70s, 80s, British, rock, etc.] that have been done on the show.  Songs should be recognizable, fit your range in the original key,  and upbeat or meaningful.  The song shouldn’t be too popular, though.  The more popular it is, the more tempting it is to do either an exact copy or do some wild and crazy arrangement that alienates the audience.  Finding a tangentially famous song can give people a feeling of nostalgia while leaving room for more creativity – just the thing to endear you to the fans and the judges.

Alaina Whitaker – Hopelessly Devoted, from Grease.  Almost a carbon copy of the original.  Some bad notes in there.  And the dress?  It actually is heinous.  The whole skirt of it was just dreadful.

My girl Alexandrea sang ‘If You Leave Me Now’ – and I really like her.  A lot.  She tackled the modulation well, and overall, I thought it was good.  Of course, I’m not all that familiar with the original.  Simon said she was in and out of tune, but Randy and Paula didn’t say anything about it…since I didn’t hear it [although that could be cuz I don’t know the song], I’m inclined to believe that Simon was incorrect on that.  But I’ve not ever seen both Randy and Paula miss a chance to say the non-word ‘pitchy’.

I’ve noticed that there have been several issues tonight with volume – the band is getting better sound amplification than the singers.  It’s not entirely hurting Kady Malloy, since I think she’s been off-key a lot. A LOT.  Sometimes, Randy and Paula lie.  Cuz that thing was terrible.

Asia’h was a cheerleader!  Ready? OK!  -Oh no…She started off so poorly, I’m almost afraid to play the rest of it.  Voice shaking, she forgot the words.  Can she dig herself out of this hole?  ::crossing fingers again:: I hope so!  Well, she definitely finished well.  I was holding my breath for a minute, but she made it through.  I think Asia’h needs to keep working on her personal style.  [I was so not into her skirt.]

So tonight was an escapade in poor song choice.  I thought for sure that someone would sing Donna Summer tonight.  And I thought it would’ve been excellent if one of the better singers had tried ‘Do You Know Where You’re Going To?’  A night replete with disappointment.  Oh well, we’ll see what tomorrow brings…