diggin the new season

I’m not totally into the new fall season of tv – at least the scheduling.  I’m actually *liking* some shows, but must they ALL be on Thursday??  Check out my schedule – and all the conflicts:

tv sched

i make charts

My DVR can only record two things at a time, so I had to rearrange some things.

Some of these shows might piss me off, though, in which case I’ll quit watching and some time spots may open up.

Right now, I like my staple sitcoms and dramas, but I’m auditioning some new ABC shows and a couple CW shows.

I watched Eastwick last night and was pretty disappointed.  I didn’t see the movie all the way through – I saw it in pieces, but *did* see the end.  And I basically hated Jack Nicholson’s character/role.  I was hoping for a show that was going to either follow up on life after the end of the movie, or move in a different direction with the ladies coming into their powers as friends… If the dude stays on the show and the show just ends up remaking the movie – I’m done.



I watched FlashForward tonight, and enjoyed the concept but was still deeply disappointed.  John Cho is love.  So he should totally be THE guy.  Not some random dude with a forgettable face who was in a movie with Gwyneth back in the 90s.  And with him not having a ‘future dream’ – it means he’s probably dead in the future.  What?  Why would he be dead??  Why kill John Cho???

I watched Heroes this week, and was impressed with how loyal the writers were to the STOOPID that runs in the Benetrelli family.  As Wanda Sykes says, “stick wit’ your lie”.  They are sticking.  Glee is really letting me down and I hate that, after the 90s R&B sensation of last week.  I’m glad the Asian girl got to sing, but we still haven’t heard many actual lines from her.  And a pregnant cheerleader?  Shouldn’t we just save that for Secret life of…? Bones is starting slow, but I like that slow burn that Boreanaz and Deschanel have going on.  I could watch the chemistry between them for a long time.  I just hope his awkwardness after the coma eases up.  I don’t want the show to jump the shark just yet.  I’m pretty sure Grey’s has already jumped the shark, with all the I-see-dead-people business last year, but I’ll watch it anyway…later.  Right now – I’ve gotta go to bed.

Here’s hoping I dream of John Cho!

SYTYCD: where has the time gone?



Top 6 already?  Did I fall asleep this season?  Guess not – though there have been some snore-worthy moments.  Nigel is definitely right that there haven’t been any breakout stars this season, and so people are voting for choreography.  In fact, I think they’ve been doing it all season.  This is why I definitely agree with Myles, that

…there comes a point in the competition where such starkly emotional pieces may be too unbalanced for the competition to handle. There’s no piece that could possibly compare to what Melissa and Ade did in terms of emotional value, and I don’t necessarily think that it’s fair at this point in the competition, when the decision is entirely in America’s hands, for them to give a team essentially a free pass from any sort of legitimate critique.

Last week’s results show/100th ep celebration wasn’t all that great for me.  Katie Holmes was all hype, no substance.   (Can you really call it singing and dancing when you stroll around on stage, kick a couple times, and lip-synch the entire performance?)  And Janette went home.  So, no.  Not great.

Now, as I look at the top 6, and see Evan – but no Jason?  I’m stymied.  Is America on coke?  Evan’s fun, yeah…but can he do much outside his genre?  It’s mostly hit/miss with him.  Sometimes he’s great, but there isn’t a lot of strength or consistency except for in his solos.

Ade, Brandon, and Evan get to work with Sonya, and she gave them an interesting piece.  I was impressed that Evan could mostly keep up, but overall this wasn’t a favorite of mine.  Also, 5minutes into the show, I’ve already heard enough from Lil C.  He’s starting to remind me of Damon Wayans’ jailbird character Oswald Bates.  [No, he’s not that bad, but he’s turned into kind of a caricature, don’tcha think?]

Jeanine and Ade are partnering tonight and first up is the samba with Louis van Amstel.  It’s supposed to be h-o-t and it’s …almost.  The style wasn’t great for them, but they did hit a lot of the footwork together.  So, I’m not hating on them, cuz I can’t judge ballroom.  At all.

Kayla does her solo and I remember that she’s the other girl, besides Melissa and Jeanine.  Somebody besides Janette should’ve gone home last week.  Truly, any one of them.  The solo is leaping, lines, and twirling – surprise!  Yeah – she does well, but, uh…is there anything else there?

Tyce is choreographing Evan and Melissa in Get Me to the Church on Time from My Fair Lady.  Finally, Evan gets to do his style.  And while I thought this was super-cute, I didn’t like Melissa in this.  Lil C is talking crap about Evan not stepping up in this – and then he says he doesn’t quite know what was missing.  It was easy to see the clunkyness between the two of them [due in part to their height differences, but also to Melissa’s dearth of personality].

Ade’s solo is nice.  More of the same lines and leaping.  And I’m beginning to understand why these solos aren’t speaking to me.

  • First, cuz I need story/personality.  If you don’t get to tell me the premise of what you’re going for, then do something that coincides with the ideas in the music.  Since the solos are short, they’ve got to be more than just a bunch of jumping around.
  • Second, cuz there are no hip-hop dancers this season.  No one with any really different moves or styles.  Who wants to watch 5 contemporary solos and a ballerina?  Really?  No hip-hop?  I’m still mad about that.

Brandon and Kayla work with Stacey Tookey on a contemporary story of the mistress and the married man.  All I can think of is our illustrious governor.  Please don’t let this thing be set in Argentina!  Ooooooh, wee!  Now that was H-O-T!  Hot and delicious.  This is why I like *story*.  It brings you in.  And I was all in on this one – all in.

Melissa’s solo was a little bit interesting because she chose Nina Simone’s I Put a Spell on You for her music.  The dancing was pretty boring [to me], but I give her mad kudos for not doing any obnoxious bouncing when the SYTYCD music came back on to end the solo – I hate that crap.  So yay Melissa for self-respect!

Jeanine and Ade are doing  a hip-hop eviction by NappyTab.  There were moments.  But the last few seconds when they put their feet in the boxes, the moves looked straight up stupid.  And then ending with frowny face boxes on their heads?  WACK!  Mary pays penance for her comments about the samba, and joins Lil C in high praise.  For me, the beginning of this routine was the best.  You could see more of the personality of the dancers then.  The middle and end

Brandon’s solo was straight up craziness!  Is he just one big muscle?  That crawl across the stage was pure strength. PURE.  Wow.  Anyone who can end a solo by just standing there is definitely strong.  But even he couldn’t resist twitching when the SYTYCD music came back on.

Oh, boy.  Quickstep for Melissa and Evan.  They’re clothes look nice…And they made it through the dance without falling down.  But this dance does not speak to me.  At all.  Oh, and Melissa looked taller than Evan the whole time.  We saw much better quicksteps in season 2, definitely.  It’s sad to see folks pull this dance when the voting is so crucial.

Jeanine’s solo is ok.  Better than some she’s done this season, but not nearly as good as last week’s solo.

Evan’s solo is cute, but you can tell his energy has been impacted by that quickstep menace he just finished.  Still love his personality, but I’m not sure he should still be there.

Doriana Sanchez is doing a disco circus for Brandon and Kayla and it worked.  All the way.  Lil C took us down this winding road, but we finally found out that he approves.  I do agree that Kayla and Brandon are very evenly matched.  Whoa.  Someone help Mary.  She just had a connipition.  Her pitch went to a new octave.  And so we see that Brandon and Kayla are favorites for the finale.  I have to agree, because they’ve had

Now the girls get to work with Sonya and be superheroes.  That sounds fun.  Kayla is Storm?  Jeanine is Wonder Woman.  Melissa is Buttercup.  [from PowerPuff Girls?  I dunno.]  The closing pose was nice, but mostly I didn’t like that.  I thought there was so much more that could’ve been done with the cartoon hero idea.  And there was no standout for this piece.  I agree with Lil C that the girls could’ve gone a little harder at each other, but wasn’t pleased with Nigel’s comment about not being able to “tie down talent” in reference to Jeanine’s curves.  Tacky and uncalled for.

My choices to go home?  Jeanine and Evan.  But I wouldn’t hate it if Ade went home either.

SYTYCD: the top ten! (or great lines, and lots of leaping)

top 10

*written last night when I was still sans internet*

Debbie Allen is tonight’s guest judge [my fave guest judge] and I’m hoping for something better amongst this competition.  I really haven’t been thrilled with this season, but great things may still be in store.  All the partners are changing up this week, so we’ll see how that goes.  Additionally, the girls and guys will have more group numbers, so that should be fun – I tend to enjoy the group numbers for this season more than a lot of the partner pieces.

The girls are up first, with a Bollywood number by Nakul Dev Mahajan.  Every time they do Bollywood on the show I get a little apprehensive, but I super loved this choreography.  It was really fun, and crazy high energy.  Poor Janette’s veil kept flipping on her face, but she kept going with incredible panache.  I loved them all, and it was just a great piece.

Kayla and Evan get to be partners this week, and we’ll see how the Viennese Waltz works with their height difference.  But Tony and Melanie chose an excellent song and an excellent choreography for them.  I thought they really worked well together, although I don’t really know anything about the technical bits.

So now we start on the individual solos, with Brandon.  He just looks like a big kid to me.  And his solo wasn’t that compelling for me, either.

Now we’ve got the opposite height pairing, with Janette [shortest girl] and Ade [tallest guy].  Unfortunately, they’ve pulled Nap and Tab.  Blah.  Cross your fingers.  Not bad!  Janette is definitely a bendy girl.  Wow.  And now Nigel and Mary are putting on their own little show.  And Debbie is right, what is up with Ade mesmerizing her with a pick?

Randi’s solo was ok.  But I don’t think anyone’s solos have impressed me in a while.


i love Benji more, but Travis's choreo is hotttt

Travis is doing choreography now?  Cool.  I’m interested to see what he does.  I was never that into him, but he was good.  (Not as good as Benji, but that’s why Benji won, so, it’s all good.)

Kupono’s solo is the first of the night that was really fun for me – but it’s still…ok.

Jason and Jeanine are together as a couple – they both lost partners last week, so they’d’ve had new partners this week anyway…And now – working with Travis – it looks like it’s gonna be cool.  But it wasn’t.  It was freaking smoldering hot.  HOT hot.  The fire is smoking.  Burning like the sun.  What a perfect storm of choreography, concept, music, and dance.  Mary’s crying – calling them stars – but Debbie has the best commentary: calling the show a conversation of dance amongst the worldwide community.  Further – she says the show evangeliz[es] dance, and she is just glad to be a witness.  And yes – it got a lil bit spiritual while still being almost profane.  The new hotness: Travis the choreographer.

Melissa’s solo – continuing to demonstrate how solos aren’t as fun to watch as duos/groups.

Evan’s solo is probably the most fun to watch.  Broadway really lends itself to solo, apparently.

And we’re back to somewhat blah solos with Kayla.  Not that it was bad.  Just…the same as all the other girls leaping, doing splits, and having great lines.

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