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So, h/t to the Spectrum for the link to the Typealyzer.  This is randomly amusing, and apropos of nothing.  And, not to mention, quite different than my own results.  Generally, I’m an ISTJ or an INTJ.  I tend to switch between the two.  One time I took the Meyers-Brigg and ended up ISTP.  But apparently, my blog is completely touchy-feely.  Makes sense, I guess.  I don’t tend to get technical here.  Anyhoo, my results:

not me.  just my blog.

not me. just my blog.

The gentle and compassionate type. They are especially attuned their inner values and what other people need. They are not friends of many words and tend to take the worries of the world on their shoulders. They tend to follow the path of least resistance and have to look out not to be taken advantage of.

They often prefer working quietly, behind the scene as a part of a team. They tend to value their friends and family above what they do for a living.

I definitely DO value my friends and family over my job, though.  I only work because that’s the only thing I can get people to pay me for.  I don’t hate it, but I can think of other things I’d rather do.

But I am not a worrier.  Not for the world, not for my self.  Guess, I just write like one.  Oh well, interesting, anyway.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

the destruction of heroes

don't look directly at this

don't look directly at this

For a moment, I was given hope that Claire might die.  Instead, I’m watching really crappy father-daughter bonding.  I love Sendhil but Mohinder is officially THE character to hate.

And – folks – you can’t look directly at an eclipse, ok?!!

Best line?  “Why are you turning your head sideways?  What’s your problem, son?”

I had to watch tonight because of the eclipse.  But it’s killing me.

Hiro’s still a child, and Parkman’s useless.  The Petrelli brothers are in freaking Haiti and still calling the guy they’re looking for “the Haitian”.  Every-single-body is freaking STOOPID.

Oooooooh, Seth Green!  Yay!

I know Seth Green has been in all kinds of foolishness, but I love him.  LUV him.  Sucks it’s only a cameo.

Anyhoo, it’d be so great if the show could totally change and Vortex man came back to suck HRG, the cheerleader, and all the Petrellis into a vortex.  It’s only fair.  He should get to come back because it’s opposite day.

Sucks that this epi is just part one.  This Tim Kring fellow seems determined to run this series into the ground.  But I totally can’t wait for the Racialicious recap.

AMAs – just say NoKOTB

amasChristina opened with a medley that was awesome – shout out to Genie in the Bottle!  Then I saw Jimmy Kimmel was hosting.  Oh.  Eh.  He cracks a joke about Mariah to cement his being on my bad side and brings my bf onstage to award Best Female Artist.  That’s right – Jamie Foxx is my boyf.  I know y’all thought me and Twitch were gonna get married, but it turns out – I need somebody who can sing to me.

Best Female R&B Artist – Rihanna

Then the Old Kids on the Block performed and gave me the chills.  The skeevy chills.  The mix of old and new songs was o.k…Jordan’s falsetto was a lil bit scary, but apparently authentic.  The dance moves though – these guys move like old guys.  They need to sit down.

Best Male R&B Artist – Chris Brown (awww – what a great night for the couple)

Was Scott Weiland high?  Introducing Pink seemed quite difficult – maybe the teleprompter was acting wonky or something.

Pink’s performance was awesome and totally heartfelt – but Taylor Swift’s performance seems particularly poignant since that Jonas boy that broke up with her (on a text?) is sitting in the audience.  She sitting there singing about being dumped.  Pretty professional for a 17-yr-old.  She got a lil bit grimy at the end – GO TAYLOR!  [I hate the Jonas Brothers]

Best Country Group: Rascal Flatts [cuz they actually are the best]

Ne-Yo, the Gentleman.  Turn the lights off in this place.  This boy can write songs.  And sing.  And dance.  But in a way, he’s kinda like Tim McGraw.  In that I prefer for him to keep his hat on.  [I watched SNL last night and realized I’d never seen Tim McGraw without his hat on.  You know, he always looked so cute with Faith Hill…but…he always has a hat on.  Dude without the hat?  Uh uh.

Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album: Kanyeezy wants to be Elvis.

Jesse McCartney cowrote Bleeding Love – who knew?  Leona Lewis looks totally larger than life whenever I see her.  Better in Time isn’t my fave, though.  The performance is kinda anti-climactic for an awards show.

Billy Ray Cyrus introduces Miley’s performance.  This is the performance that convinces me that I am old.  Her voice is interesting.  Pretty amazing that she gets to perform at the AMAs for her 16th bday.  I didn’t like that song, though.

Best Male Country Artist: Brad Paisley

But cute – Taylor Swift and Jordin Sparks are there with Miley as she blows out her candles.  Great human interest.

I’m slowly becoming a Coldplay fan.  Everything they do is pretty pleasant.  I guess I just associate a lot of the obnoxious better-than-everyone-else vibe I get from Gwyneth, with Chris Martin – since he married her.  Guess the AMAs didn’t go green this year.  What with the detritus of a thousand trees flying through the air and landing on the stage.

Best Pop/Rock Album: Alicia Keys – great dress.  Great, great, great dress.  Awesome.  Good shape, great color.  And I am happy cuz I don’t listen to whoever else was nominated.

Terrence Howard is presenting Mariah with a record-breaker award.   And Mc sings – I Stay in Love.  The top of the dress is awesome – the bottom is a hot mess.  The slit in the back isn’t enough – the dress is so long she can barely walk.  Miley was also having earpiece issues, so maybe it’s an MC thing?  This performance still seems a little low-key, but when she stretched her arm out at the end – her arm looked so muscle-y.  She could totally punch you out.

Huh.  That girl from Scrubs was Ted’s gf on HIMYM (I hated her).  And now Scrubs is gonna be on ABC?  Eh – Never liked it.

Best Country Female: Taylor Swift.  In your face Jonas Boys.

Best Pop/Rock Female: Rihanna.  She’s got that paper detritus stuck in the back of her dress.  Good for her.

Kate Walsh cut her hair.  And introduced the Fray.  The lead singer always sounds like he’s about to go to sleep.

Jordin Sparks’ dress is SO freakin cute!!  Yellow and adorable.  [What’s up with Jordin and Enrique having already won – but we have no idea what?]

Best Rap/Hip-Hop Male: Kanyeezy – who abdicates for Weezy – who shoulda really won.  But then it is fan driven.  Eh – whatever – I agree with K, tho.

Ashley Tisdale’s presenting Breakthrough Artist of the Year – freaking Jonas Brothers.  These lil children.

The Dream introduces Bey – singing the song he wrote: Single Ladies. I’d love to see Justin come out and dance here.  The audience shots in this performance are hilarious.  That’s the kind of high-energy performance is supposed to come to an awards show.  Bey’s a great performer.

Best Soul/R&B Album: Alicia Keys.  Interesting…she’s got the song Superwoman out, and Christina has a song called Supergirl. Maybe that’s only interesting to me.  oh well.

AAaaack!  JoBros attack.  And it seems the song won’t end!  Thankfully the Pussycat Dolls are on next.  [Has anyone ever said that?]  It’s a little bit funny to me how Nicole S. does all the singing.

Justin!  He’s there!  And he didn’t pop out for Bey’s performance – what a waste.  I’m sad he’s not performing.  He’s giving the Award of Merit to Annie Lennox.  [BTW – how do you be an activist in silent ways for stuff people haven’t heard of?]  Anyway, she’s still a lil bit awesome.  And she’s performing.  Nice personalized award, too.

Natasha Bedingfield has a really nice voice – and her songs are so fun.  Yay, Natasha!  The dress is kind of disastrous, but who really cares?  How do you not like her?

Rihanna has more #1s in the ’00s than any other female?  Wow.  But what’s the eyepatch for?  Temporary, decorative eyepatches are kinda weird.  The special effects for this performance are really big – but the actual music was once again lo-key.

Motley Crue presents with …Tommy Lee in a very, very shiny suit.  But he looked totally sober.

Best Pop/Rock Group: Daughtry.

Kanye performs with a vocoder cuz he can – and he wants to be Elvis.  Heartless.

Wow, Sarah Mclachlan, too?  Haven’t even thought of her in years.  Duet with Pink?  What?  There‘s a twist that turned into quite possibly the best performance of the night. I wonder what all is on her greatest hits album.

Steven Tyler and Joe Perry – the dinosaurs of rock.  I wonder if they’re aware of how the teleprompters work.

Artist of the Year: Chris Brown

Alicia Keys perfoms Superwoman, and I guess that bookends the show, as Christina opened with Supergirl.  Queen La’s still rapping – praise God!  YES.  Sarah McLachlan just lost.  Kathleen Battle?  I’ve got to hand it to Alicia.  She has the best musical performances this year – bar NONE!  Awesome.  Awesome.

Ok, so these were good awards.  Mostly performances, which is always best.  Let’s keep ’em that way folks.

the chewy goodness in Chocolate News

Chocolate News is pretty terrible.  The sketches are often full of sad stereotypes and poor attempts at humor, and generally – there just isn’t much in the way of news.  The show’s only 30 minutes – it only airs once a week – why can’t we get more of David Alan Grier in his element – delivering commentary on the actual news?

Like this:

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more about “Chocolate News “, posted with vodpod

I only watch the first two minutes of the show – cuz that’s where all the chewy goodness is.  David Alan Grier is actually highly talented, and it kinda hurts to see him in some of the sketches [as previewed in commercials].  I hate to use the word, but, buffoonery comes to mind. I hold out hope that the show will progress into what I’d like it to be, but who knows?  I’m one of the few who even watch.

I think there’s potential for the show to fill a real niche – were it to live up to the 2min intro.  Maybe it’s still early days.  Here’s hoping! [seems to be a lot of that going around…:)]

what is up with toni basil???

I get to view my stats and see what posts are being viewed most frequently.  And I get to see some of the searches that people do to end up at my blog.  For some reason, in the last 2 months, one particular post has been blowing up with hits (relatively speaking): hey mickey – can you dance?

It’s kinda weird, just cuz I wrote it back in July – when Toni Basil was on SYTYCD – and got 18 views then.  Last month the post got 126 views.  This month, it’s already up to 100.

Why are there so many searches for toni basil, y’all?  I don’t get it.  Is something going on with her right now, that I don’t know about?

(the number one search that’s getting people here is a google image search for toni basil…weird.)

i’m still watching…for now

hiroI’ve watched Heroes Petrelli & Sons since its inception, and stuck with it through all the craziness* thus far.  Chopping off Usutu’s head before even giving him a name may well be the last straw for me.  I’m unsure as to whether I’ll watch another episode or not.  Things have just gone down the tubes, fast.

A drama between the Petrelli’s and the Bennet’s?  I might hafta pass.

And yet – I watch The Hills.  I love it because it’s so tragically…tragic.  Nothing beat the evil grin on Spencer’s face last week after Heidi showed her behind [totally wasted] at a company function – and ended up getting fired.  Completely transparant to everyone except Heidi, Spencer’s like a puppet master when it comes to her.  Which is actually painful to watch sometimes, but ultimately makes great trash tv.

gossip-girl_lThen there’s GG, which could now be called ‘The Slow Corruption of the Humphreys’.  It’s definitely the prettiest show, though.  Best clothes, by far.  Also my fave of the 3 mentioned here. [Heroes used to have this honor, but keeps killing all the brown people.  GG doesn’t pretend to give brown people weight in the show, and I’m ok with that – be straight with me from the beginning.  I’m not looking for a complete overhaul of American tv in 3 Easy Steps™.]  And lovely of lovelies, we’ve got an arc including the Sicilian from The Princess Bride.  Inconceivable!

I’m not apologizing for my tv habit, though.  That’s my thing.  Everybody’s got their thing – and that’s mine.

*craziness: first and foremost – killing DL. from there? not naming The Haitian, cutting Hiro off from the rest of the heroes, totally forgetting about Micah (and Monica), introducing Maya in the first place, and only keeping Christopher Eccleston for like, 3 shows.


My dad is semi-old.  64 this year.  So he remembers a lot, having grown up in the South.  And he generally tends to gauge the white people he meets by how they respond to him.  He has enough experience to be pretty accurate with how they are – whether they’ve got race issues that are too much to be bothered with, or seem to not have any at all.  But I think sometimes, because he grew up in the times that he did, he’s willing to deal with more people having race issues than I am.  I don’t know if that makes sense or not, but … well, see for yourself…

I’ve already talked about his one friend (Exhibit B) who has issues.  A long time ago, she wanted our church to move to the other side of town because, basically, too many black people had moved into the neighborhood.  That was me reading between the lines, but, I wasn’t the only one who came to that conclusion.  So, you get the point.

Then there’s the lady we’ve had over for Thanksgiving as long as I can remember.  She’s really old (85-ish), and single, so, she comes over to eat with us.  She’s been pretty spry for the most part, though her health seems to be starting to go, now.  Well, maybe two years ago, at the table, we were talking about something and she came out with…the n-word.  Yeah.  I was just sitting there, tilting my head in confusion.  Here, she’s been spending this holiday with us for more than 20 years, and it drips out of her mouth with a piece of the collard greens Daddy made for dinner.  It was in the course of conversation, and she seemed to go back and talk about another friend of hers, who is black, who calls this same other person/family the n-word, as some type of justification.

So, my brain was rattling around in my head, trying to make sense of what she said, and reconcile it with who she is.  Since I was pretty well flabbergasted, I didn’t really say anything, the conversation moved on, and dinner ended.  When she left, I said something to my dad about it, and he said that she was old, and so the word was more a part of her vocabulary.  OK.  I get that.  But hasn’t it been about 30 or 40 years since that word was actually acceptable?  Eh.  It was weird, but otherwise, she’s no different than before – still a family friend.  Still a …nice lady.  I basically forgot about it by the next Thanksgiving, and the word hasn’t come back up.

Now, there’s a really sweet old lady at my church here in Podunk.  She’s full of love and hugs and is generally the nicest person you ever wanna meet.  [Way, way sweeter than our Thanksgiving friend.]  She treats everyone the same – love just pours out of her.  She happens to be 84 and spry, but totally cute and grandmotherly, as opposed to the Thanksgiving friend.  Anyway, a bunch of the church ladies were invited to her house yesterday evening, and I went.  There were two young (30ish) people [me and another black woman], then there were about 8 little old white ladies (60+).  So we’re hanging out…Podunk not being a totally happening town…and I walk into the kitchen to refresh my punch.

There, on the kitchen floor, is a wooden Mammy figure. In the middle of the floor.  Not behind anything.  Staring at me.

Once again, I’m baffled.  Dad talks about this lady like the nicest white lady he’s ever known.  She seems to not be racist at all, he says.  And I would agree – she treats everyone the same as far as I can tell.  Just beautiful to everybody.

So it’s the next day, and I still don’t know what to think.  Is this another one of those things I push to the side because she’s really old?  Cuz I really do like her.

in support of belief

one moment: We have a black president, ya’ll.
That’s some serious stuff.  All by itself.

Moving on, I have to comment on the injustice that has been legistlated this week.  My mind is almost reeling, cuz I was sure that California [of all places] would be able to defeat a proposition recommending to limit the rights of a select group of people – gay people.  Living where I do, you kinda get the picture that Cali is one big gay sex orgy.  No joke.  So it’s crazy to me that they could scrounge up so much support for an article that restricts the civil rights of gay people.

But then there was a measure in Fl, and another in Az, for similar purposes.  Both passed.

Do people understand this is like saying, basically, “we don’t want gay people living in our state”?  That’s crazy.

smoking hot

smoking hot

Here, I’ll pause with a pic of Cap’n Jack Harkness: Torchwood hot boy who plays bi, but is totally gay.  I just love to look at him.  Good actor, too.

Ok, on to my point, the largest single reason that people give for being against civil rights – pretty much any civil rights, for any group – is religious belief.  God ordained these people to be downtrodden, for whatever reason.

And for some reason, this does not sound ludicrous in people’s heads before they say this stuff out loud.

But you know what?  I’m not just mad at folks for misrepresenting God’s character as someone who is a respecter of persons, I’m pissed cuz they seem to have totally forgotten what America stands for.

America: land of the free*, home of the brave.  This is the place settled by people looking to get out from under the thumb of religio-political rule.  The place where in the midst of truly horrible persecution of indigenous peoples [endorsed by the twisting of religious belief] people continued to seek freedom of and from religion.  Do we have a twisted past?  To quote Ms. Palin – You betcha.

But religion has often encouraged us to think bigger, live better, and bear up those who would otherwise be forgotten.  Our beliefs are wide and varied, but normally we al come back to the unifier for all US citizens.  The fact that we are safe from legislation based on religion that restricts the rights of a select group – when said group is not restricting the rights of others.  See, we restrict the rights of murderers because they eliminae the rights of others to live.  That is a clear demonstration of how our laws are supposed to work [according to the constitution].  Restricting the rights of people who live in pink houses, because someone has a religious belief that pink houses are an abomination?  Obviously foolish.

But two gay people getting married to the person they love infringes on my rights as much as people who live in pink houses.  Less so, even.  And yet here we are.

If people don’t have something/someone to believe in, they fall to themselves.  This tends to lead to situations best illustrated by William Golding, in The Lord of the Flies. The complete breakdown of civility towards those with less power is a human tendency.  America has a rich history of demonstrating it, but also a rich history of struggling to overcome it.

Belief is not inherently bad.  Religion is not inherently good.  But each one must reason for themselves.  The character of God can seem mysterious, but the foundations are evident in the best of everything we can see and do and be.  In simplicity, God is love, and we may live richer lives by basing them on this belief ahead of all others.

(*originally land of the free applied only to white men, then it was expanded to white women in some ways and black men in others, it has expanded futher to include pepole of all races, so long as their gender is clearly defined and their sexuality is strictly hetero.  Although, of course, free still doesn’t mean equal.)

it begins

Be ever vigilant.  I’ve already heard enough comments that they are beginning to snowball into something that causes me some apprehension.  Commentators [black and white] are already making statements about how Obama’s election demonstrates the end of racism in America.

Watching Obama’s victory speech is interesting, because his opening phrase further reiterates sentiments about the ‘American Dream’…sentiments that seems sometimes eerily opposed to affirmative action.

Otherwise – this speech is very good.  And how cute, that the girls are getting a puppy. [Is there always a first pet?]

And then there was the ‘Yes, We Can’ reprise.  This is the audacity of hope.  Hope that we will continue fixing things – and not neglect any of our citizenry, mislabeling one outstanding achievement as heralding the end of discrimination.  Hope that this path we’re on leads to the brighter days we’ve all been wishing for as we entered the dark night of the last few months.

I will say, though, I am most proud, that we now have Michelle Obama as our next first lady.  I’m excited to see how things will unfold.

Best image to remember?  Two skinheads hugging and crying at the McCain rally.

Best Obama effect?  Congressional victories for the Dems. (control of everything: house & senate)

Thing I’d like to know about Obama, just cuz?  Can he sing.

Person at the rally whose brain I’d like to peer inside? Rev. Jesse Jackson.  I can’t really read his expressions.

I gotta go to bed.  Enjoy your evening morning.

hope you voted – I did

I was in and out of my polling place in about 7 minutes.  I went with a book, just in case there was a line, but there was no need.  Every other time I’ve been there to vote, I was either the only person there, or one of two.  But today, I figured more people would be out.  There were.  I had three people in front of me in line!

No matter if your town is big or small, I hope you voted today.

I’m actually more interested in how things turn out for the senate/house, and what happens on Proposition 8 in Cali, than the presidential race.  Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but I feel like Obama has things pretty sewn up.  Guess we’ll all see, in a few hours [or at least by tomorrow].

Enjoy your evening, fellow civic-minded friends!
(it’s easy being Green)