Reality TV: all 6th grade, all the time

who ARE these guys? and why Dsquared2? redundant much?

I started watching Launch My Line because of RueLaLa.  They sent an email that I must’ve gotten late because I totally missed Dan Karaty being on the show.  I like him.  And I wonder what his clothes looked like.  I actually think it’s kind of a horrible premise – to just grab a bunch of people who don’t know anything about the nuts and bolts of fashion [i.e. sewing] and pair them with a bunch of people who have the skills and training and are trying to make it in the design world.  THEN, they make the folks who have no clue boss the other ones around.  Oh yes – drama is guaranteed with a formula such as this.  But from the episode I started watching, a particular pairing was incubating a tempest that finally broke on last night’s show.

the CEO

Marilyn Crawford, a lady I’d never heard of until this show [which I’m not totally proud of cuz she seems a little awesome – but just a little], is the CEO of PrimeTime Omnimedia [some kind of marketing company for famous people? I dunno – I didn’t really get it, but the website looks successful.].  She hasn’t gotten where she is by resting on her laurels, and now that she wants to design clothes, she’s definitely going after it.  She is hampered by the fact that she knows absolutely NOTHING about clothing construction.  She’s kinda taking the I Believe I Can Fly Design approach, by deciding that if she can dream it, her seamstress (Coco) can do it.  But it’s also a Nebuchanezzar approach because she has no idea how to really communicate that dream to Coco.  She speaks her mind, but is mostly concerned about the bottom line and getting things done.  She has actually done well in the competition – her clothes generally tend to come out the way she wants them, and as of the beginning of last nights ep, she’s in the top 6 teams.  I believe she is most hampered by her lack of knowledge and lack of time to really soak up the vocabulary and information that would make her more of an asset for her team.

is Kliks her last name? I have no idea.

Coco Kliks is another lady I’d never heard of until this show.  I haven’t seen any of her own work before tonight, but what I see looks cool.  She seems to be a driven artist – so she has become successful in her own right, but her personality is artistic.  Completely NOT CEO-like.  Her fashions convey her personality in girly, trendy, becoming clothes.  Cute is actually the word I’d use for most of what I’ve seen.  From what I’ve seen in Launch My Line, her work is well-done and well-made.  But Coco doesn’t respond well to having a boss who doesn’t know how to communicate what she wants.

Many of the other *actual* designers have problems with their apprentice/boss hybrids, but the dynamic between Coco and Marilyn is particularly special.  On the first ep I watched, Marilyn and Coco got into it because of their communication disconnect, leading Coco to leave the workroom and let Marilyn try to work things out for herself.  Crazily enough, the dynamic duo is still on the show.  Last night’s ep highlights another communication nightmare between the two of them, with Marilyn stating that Coco is uncooperative.  Feelings are hurt, and the ultimate backlash from Coco is “Well, if you wanna go ahead with the project without me – you can.”

Things don’t devolve immediately – but it gets kinda bad.  They resolve the initial issue with very clipped but grown-up tones.  Marilyn doesn’t seem to be able to articulate OR draw what she wants.  Coco can’t sew if she doesn’t have some idea what to make.  Coco makes suggestions that Marilyn’s not happy with – Marilyn makes suggestions that Coco says are “construction nightmares”.  And then:

M – (resigned) Ok.  Why don’t we just do what you suggested.
C – (gesturing to a sketch) This one?
M – (matter-of-fact) Yeah, cuz everything I come up with – you can’t construct it.
C – (sarcastic) Sorry, Marilyn, I so suck, don’t I?
M – (ignoring her) Let’s just do that.
C – (continuing on) Is that the point you wanna make?
M – But it’s no need of me to design if you can’t construct it. (matter of fact, again) It makes no sense.

Oh yeah, btw – Marilyn’s style is business glamour, and Lady Gaga came by to tell everyone to incorporate red vinyl in their outfit.  Whee!  Coco and Marilyn spent an awful amount of time jawing back and forth so they decided to just come back the next day [with 5hrs left to work] and throw something together.  Great idea, right?  Hmmm.  Not quite.  The two of them were eliminated.

I’m not sure if it was the editing or if this is how these ladies really are, but there was a lot of artificial hand-holding and feelings-sharing as they both tried to keep their composure and not call each other names.  It just reminded me of 6th grade.

Guess 6th grade makes good tv.  I’ll miss them.

i need a new phone

junotI’ve been trying to vote for the lovely Ju’not and his smooth rendition of Hey There, Delilah on tonight’s Idol [the final 12].  But because I have the Samsung Glyde, I’m handicapped by having to press what seems to be an excessive amount of buttons to redial his number [05 – hint hint].  Or – I could just not know how to use my phone optimally.  That *could* be it…but I don’t think so.  Anyway, I’m hoping some other folks will vote for this guy cuz I loved what he did with the song, even if his performance did get a little buried amongst so many mediocre others.

I’m also feelin Lil Rounds [is this her real name?] and can’t wait to hear her do something a lil [ugh, puns] different.

I’m somewhat reminded of an article I read earlier today discussing the imbalance between American demographic realities and Hollywood’s scripted tv shows (in regards to featuring POCs).  Reality shows tend to feature POCs [in central/starring roles] with a MUCH higher frequency than scripted sitcoms and dramas.  Although it has often seemed to me, at least on network tv, that the POCs are there to serve some quota purposes.  They are there for the initial shows, as it would be to obvious to eliminate them at the first opportunity, but once everybody has acknowledged that the show fulfilled their EEOC obligations, the POCs are on the chopping block.

Take, for example, this season of Survivor, which I’m loving.  Taj is freakin awesome, and I hope she stays til the end.  But the article referenced at Racialicious states that 3 blacks are in the current cast of Survivor.  Not anymore.  It’s just Taj now.  [granted, the article’s from 2/22]  But to make the picture clearer, take a gander at the Bachelor/Bachelorette series.  These shows never actually fit in the group featuring POCs, but they would usually have one or two tokens in the initial competition – fading away fairly quickly.  [I don’t know if this was true for every single season, as there’ve been a bunch of them, and I can’t stand the show.  But I do remember this being a pattern with several seasons.]

Idol’s been one of the shows that has tended closer to an American representation, with fairly diverse top 12’s in the past.  I’ve been ranting about this season sucking the big one – which I ultimately still believe at this point – but I have to say, tonight’s 12 were much more promising than the previous 24.  Excluding Danny – who has a great voice and a great story for melting all the sentimental hearts.

**one moment.  apparently I’ve fallen for a spoof email and need to close my credit card account**

Ok.  So where was I?  Ah.  Uh.  Kinda hard to keep your train of thought when you’re thinking about people unscrupulously using your credit or showing up at your house to harvest your Wii.

Anyway, tonight was better than the previous two weeks shows, and held the last two POCs that may or may not make it into the top 12.  I’m thinking that Lil has a better chance, because her performance was at the end of the show – helping her stand out.  So I’m voting for Ju’not, and hoping.

But this doggone phone…..

the return of justin-bobby

You know, Kristin (wikipedia says she’s an actress – I wouldn’t go that far) really missed the boat. When the first season of Laguna Beach came on – she was the star. Undeniably.

LC was a hanger-on. She was Kristin’s semi-nemesis with Stephen, but didn’t get a whole lotta airtime. Season 2 pitted the two girls against each other, and gave Lauren greater visibility.

The kids graduated, and Lauren parlayed her new-found reality stardom into even more reality stardom ~ and The Hills.

We are now on the third season of The Hills. And LC has shown herself a savvy business-woman, using the show to get paid. and fame. and a job. and a better job. Stephen’s coming back on the next episode.

Unbelievably, people I know her name, her life, and side with her on crazy drama like this crap with her and Heidi Montag’s bf, Spencer. [Heidi wins the award for very worst music video of the decade (if not all time) with this precious gem, shot by her then-snookums, Spencer.]

And the piece-de-resistance: Audrina, LC’s current roommate, who used to be good friends with Heidi, but isn’t so much now, because of the Spencer/Lauren thing – exacerbated by the fact that Brody (Spencer’s old bff) chose LC’s side in the split – is back to talking to her ex-bf Justin (who for some reason wanted to be called Bobby, and is now called Justin-Bobby by Lo and LC because of the ridiculosity of that whole thing) but they’re not actually together.

If you can follow all of that, you’re an addict [like me] and it’s time for the twelve steps.

#1. Admit you have a problem…