technical difficulties

my laptop has been cutting off in the midst of whatever i’m doing at a high rate, the last few days.  yesterday I backed everything up on my external hard drive.  I don’t know when things are gonna go south, but apparently my wordpress is a lil bit wonky too – not showing my blogroll either.  so..this wknd may be a new pc wknd.  yikes.  everybody’s diggin in my pockets.

we all look alike, you know

they could be twins, right?

they could be twins, right?

A long time ago, when family comedies were more fun and less stupid [i.e. when I was a kid, and a prime consumer of these movies], my family was eating dinner at the Olive Garden in our town.  We only ever went out to eat for birthdays, and Mother’s and Father’s day, so it was some kind of special occasion – but there is only one thing I remember from that particular evening.  A somewhat loud group was seated in the booth directly behind us, and at the age of 1416, I needed no coaxing to eavesdrop.  They began to talk about that movie Sister Act, and how wonderfully funny Oprah was in it.

That’s right.  Oprah.

I overheard this, asked my family if they’d heard it, and immediately shared the story, cuz I found it hilarious.  We all had a good laugh, and sometimes even now, we’ll remember those crazy white people, and how they can’t tell one of us from the other.

You gotta laugh, right?

Tonight, I finally saw Star Trek – with my man Zachary Quinto, lovely young star of Heroes fame.  I really liked it.  I’ve never been into Star Trek, or anything like that, and have never seen any of the movies or watched more than one episode of the shows, so I was a pretty blank slate.  I’d heard the “live long and prosper”, and the “space: the final frontier…” before, but that was it.  The shows always came across as a little bit fake to me.  Maybe it seemed like some of the set was cardboard, or…just not very believable to me.  Plus, the trekkies I knew were very intense.  I couldn’t get into that, so I just left it as one of things I wasn’t going to be into.

Then this movie came out, and I was intrigued.  They’d finally made a Star Trek movie I wanted to see – one that started at the beginning, so I wouldn’t be confused.

The story and effects were excellent, IMO.  Definitely something I can keep coming back to, since the sequels are already a done deal.

Spock is definitely my fave person, I think I relate to him and his personality more.  But I definitely groove more off of John Cho, whom I have loved since Better Luck Tomorrow [along with Parry Shen, who I had a bit of a crush on, as well].  I think John Cho is super hot, so, all his screen time is golden, IMO.   I actually got a little pissed when someone pointed out a mistake that his character made, during the movie.  I love to see Zoe Saldana in movies, but in this one, I felt like there wasn’t much there for her to do.  She and ZQ did seem to vibe by the end of the movie, but at some points, her character seemed almost 2-D.  They’ve got to give her more depth if they want to make it more of an ensemble.  Although, I don’t really know how the Trek movies/shows go, so maybe they’re just sticking with the original ideas for her.  I really don’t like the guy who plays Kirk, [just on GP, I don’t really have anything against him, I just don’t like him], so I prefer all the other times that the movie is propelled forward by alternate cast members.  I love love love Simon Pegg, (tho I couldn’t tell you why, really, I just do) so Scotty’s a real winner for me.  All-in-all, good movie.  Two thumbs up, fine holiday fun.

I can kinda see a resemblance...kinda.

I can kinda see a resemblance..

Now, here are my two favorite audience interaction moments:

  • You hear him before you see him.  And you’re not sure if you can believe your ears.  Then you see him.  Tyler Perry.  And all the black people in the theater laughed.  Just seeing his face.  It was hilarious.
  • Walking out of the movie, I was behind an older white couple [late 50s/early 60s], and the wife says to the husband, “I didn’t know Will Smith’s wife was going to be in that movie…

You gotta laugh, right?

necessarily uncomfortable reading

I highly recommend it

I highly recommend it

My father has always been interested in economics/money/business issues, and being a black man, has of course dealt with those issues as they intersect with race.  So a couple months ago, when I saw that Latoya was reading a book called The Color of Wealth: the story behind the U.S. Racial Wealth Divide, I knew it’d be something he should read.  So I recommended it, and he bought it, read it, and loved it.  I wanted to read it, too, and by the time he was done with it – he definitely wanted me to read it.

So I started the book last month.  It’s only 291 pages, so I could get through that fairly quickly – except for the subject matter.

The book begins with an overview:  an introduction to the premise of the book, why it is important to look at the racial wealth divide in this country with a more critical gaze, and spotlights how ignorant most of us are about the facts behind the current state of US wealth.  I could totally get down with this.  I learned a lot, and got to laugh a little.

I was actually on a plane [with my mom] at the time, and I kept stopping to show her things, because it was so interesting.

Then I began to read chapter 2: Land Rich, Dirt Poor: Challenges to Asset Building in Native America. A few pages later I got to the section on colonization and treaty making, and I got tears in my eyes.  I tried to keep going, but I couldn’t.

I put the book down and didn’t pick it up again for a month.

Dad kept asking me how things were going with the book, I kept telling him that I hadn’t really looked at it in a while.  I told him how upset I was when reading about the atrocities of the US government against Native Americans.  This one chapter was bringing out a lot of uncomfortable feelings for me.

Finally, last week, I picked up the book again.  Made a little headway, and put it back down – still not done with chapter 2.  This morning, I told myself to just read it and get through it…and to write about why it was so hard to do.

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boom boom pow

I still can’t believe they got the bikini girl to come back on the stage.  And then let her murder Vision of Love. And Kara, too.  I almost did some harm to myself during the performance.  Thanfully my DVR is back working, and I could fast forward.  Then, of course, I was visually assaulted with Kara’s dare.  Yikes.  At least it was for a good cause.

bepFor the season finale of a singing show, there sure was a lot of BAD singing tonight.  The top 13 together sounds kinda bad, but not nearly as bad as just the girls together singing Glamorous.   BEP were still great with Boom Boom Boom, effectively rocking the entire audience.  I love that song.  It sounds freakin’ awesome in a Mustang.

Kris and Keith Urban were quite lovely together, tho.  And it just occurred to me that Keith has no need to wear a cowboy hat – as so many of the country dudes do.  Ever seen Tim McGraw [or any of the others] without the hat?  Not so nice.  But Keith is actually attractive.  And Kris did a good job with him.

Then Allison and Cyndi Lauper did Time After Time, which was nice.  Perhaps we’re hitting a streak of the yummy goodness…

And yes, Hello, that’s exactly what it is – yummy goodness, with Danny Gokey.  I’m partial to the song, and then Lionel Richie comes out?  It’s all good.  I’m not really into this new song but, this is right up Danny’s alley.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  My fave song?!  Yes!  Let the music play on!  I used to dance around to this song when I was 5 years old.  Even Ruben is getting down to this.

But next up is Adam…wearing wings?  Huge metal shoulder pads?  Introducing KISS.  This is another one of those good performances that I’m just not that into.  But this is the theatricality that = Adam.

Matt skeeves me out so, I can’t handle Black Magic Woman.  But the dudes on Smooth, weren’t bad.  Kris stole that show, with Jorge coming in second.  Megan and Michael with Steve Martin was weird again – I think Megan’s performances have been especially weak tonight .  The song sounds like it needs to be performed on A Prairie Home Companion – not necessarily a bad thing…

Oh, the show’s taken a nasty turn with the boys and Rod Stewart.  But Tatiana saved the show – Saving All My Love.  She really can sing.  While running.  That’s hard.

really? ok.

The finalists sing QUEEN!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!  And Queen is THERE!!!  WTF?  Did Bernie Madoff take all these old stars’ money?  How many 70s/80s stars have been on this show tonight?  We Are the Champions indeed.

So who is the champion?  Kris Allen.  wow.  color me surprised.  But then I kinda figured that there’d at least be a segment of Americans banding together against a maybe-gay, theatrical rocker like Adam.  I thought he deserved it more, but Kris did do better last night.  Well.  There ya go.

who are YOU voting for?

I don’t care who wins anymore.

Adam did ok with song 1 [Mad something-or-other], pretty great with song 2 [Change Gon’ Come], and abysmal with song 3 [the Kara-cowritten-sucktacular].

Kris did really great with song 2 [Ain’t No Sunshine], pretty good with song 2 [What’s Going On], and better than Adam with song 3 – even though the song is still a huge suckfest.

So – I’m leaving it to the masses – who is your American Idol?

(what’s up with the judges playing down Kris’s besting of Adam on that last song?  Simon’s more fair about this finale competition than any of the other judges.)

Basically I’m just waiting for SYTYCD.  That’s the show I love.

[looking for an interesting way to show your POC-love for scifi? h/t racialicious]

Adam, the intrepid

Tonight’s the 2nd to the last night of Idol, and I’m super-happy.  I don’t really care who wins.  Blah.  And the judges are acting so stupid.  I miss Allison.

also, he's a little bit cute

also, he's a little bit cute

Season finales are all over the place right now, and I loved the one for Dollhouse.  I’m corssing my fingers that it doesn’t get canceled, but I kinda already think that ship has sailed.  The 2 show cameo from Alan Tudyk has been lovely [as I think he’s the bee’s knees (he nearly made me pee my pants in Death at a Funeral], and the twist of making him Alpha was freakin’ genius.  The show just took a couple episodes to warm up…

Oh – Idol coverage – ummmm…

Judge picks:

  • Paula for Danny: blah.  D’arby, but didn’t know the song – not memorable.
  • Randy/Kara for Kris:  Apologize.  coulda been good. Wasn’t.  Complete copycat.  Except it was out of his range.
  • Simon for Adam: One.  Not the best choice, IMO.  Adam took great liberties, and ended well, but started weak, and I still didn’t like it.  I find that he’s highly talented, but still not going in the direction that is best for his voice.

Contestant picks:

  • Danny: Genius. You Are So Beautiful by Joe Cocker.  Excellent arrangement.  Excellent vocals.  Excellent performance.
  • Kris: Scary. Heartless by Kanye West.  Brave choice.  Just gave me a flashback to Dreamgirls, when the white dude steals Jimmy’s “Cadillac” song.  I won’t lie, I’m not into Kris.  And I just looked up The Fray’s version, and contrary to Randy, I like their’s better [though it’s still kinda yucky].
  • Adam:  Almost.  Cryin‘ by Aerosmith.  The timbre of his voice isn’t anywhere near Stephen Tyler’s and Tyler’s voice is perfect for the song.  Adam’s over-the-top ending sucked, but the delivery of the song didn’t suck.

Ummm…no telling who’ll win, but I’m hoping it’s down to Danny and Adam.  IMO, they’re the most deserving.

we lab girls are awesome, by the way

we lab girls are awesome, by the way

And now for the new X-Files Fringe finale.  Astrid’s role is growing, but not fast enough.  Maybe she’ll get promoted next season.  More Astrid, please!

In personal news – the Mustang is mine.  An ’09, V6, in a color called vapor.  Very sweet ride.