vaca wrap-up: HH ’09

Being back home is a wonderful thing, but I had a fabulous time at the beach last week.  I was there with family and of course we all had our moments…days, even…but still – great trip.  I kinda wish I’d taken the Mustang – everybody looks better getting out of a Mustang than a Corolla.  But it’s two doors, and didn’t need the extra mileage anyway, so it’s all good.

The place we stayed this year [a trilevel 2BR/2 bath w/deck and view of trees and a stream] was a bazillion times better than last year [a studio/closet in a hugely built-up area (ie. view of parking lot)].  Privacy and space make getting along with family SO much easier.  Especially if they snore.  Loudly.

My dad was there to relax.  My sister and I were there to shop and hang out at the beach.  We all accomplished our goals.

We shopped, snacked, and watched the Hannah Montana movie.  Which is not that bad.  I mean, if you settle in for the cheese of it, it’s actually really fun.  Because I like to let my inner dork free sometimes, I suggested we learn the dance from the movie – it’s quite involved, but totally fun to try.

We mastered everything up to the first zig zag part, then we decided we’d sweated enough and hit the showers.  But we laughed a lot.  And if you can’t be corny with your sister – well shoot, I feel sorry for ya.

Went to the beach at midday and got burnt up on the sand. [And by the sun, I found out later.]  But had fun actually swimming in the ocean.  There were hardly any waves and the water was shallow for hundreds of feet, so it woulda been cool for kids, but I coulda used a few more waves.  Every day we got a few more waves tan the day before, so that was nice.

So besides shopping and hanging at the beach, I got some reading done:

bitch fall 09wedding girl

super in the city Loved it all!

After passing a hog on the side of the road on the drive down, seeing an alligator in the stream behind our place, and the bunch of pelicans that kept divebombing the waves a hundred yards or so from where we swam, I felt like my nature communion quotient had been satisfied.

Then I had the lovely privilege of getting to play vball on Saturday night -which was just as fab as it sounds [if you love vball like I do].  I jammed a finger, but otherwise enjoyed myself immensely.

And finally I made it home last night – just in time to watch some crazy people on the VMAs.  Another successful vacation over, another day at work looms.

sunny days, sandy moments

I’m enjoying a short few days off, and just wanted to take a moment while I’m waiting for the shower to document my first time really enjoying the beach since the 90s.


the essentials

Here’s hoping I don’t get sunburned!