all about the band

More and more, the AI band is the best part of the show.  Certainly, they’ve shown their talent in weeks [and years] past, but tonight they were killing it.  [So there were a lot more pieces this evening, but you know, still great.]  But here’s my fave Natalie Cole:

[i can understand the feelings, but can’t get down with the somewhat anti-feminist vibe.  but i still love this song like crazy.]

Taylor Hicks back on Idol.  Huh.  I liked him better than that other girl…Kim?  Kerri?  Karen?  But she really would’ve made a better Idol.  He does do good Southern-down-homey music.  But I gotta fast forward.

I love Jamie.  Y’all know this.  Blame it on the…shoot…I don’t drink.  The song is hot, but I kinda hate that there’s so much autotune – he doesn’t need it.  And I guess this isn’t really the right song for the Idol crowd – they’re mostly preteens, and they don’t drink either. [or at least they shouldn’t be]  Maybe this song is going out to Paula.  She’s standing up.   I think I’m gonna have to call him on song choice though.

So it’s down to Matt and Adam – who’s gone?  MATT!  YAY!!!!!!  Matt should’ve gone two weeks ago.  But at least he’s gone now.  Peace.  Oh…and happy 100 days.  woo.

Foxx on Fox

I love Jamie Foxx.  I think he’s probably my favorite celebrity crush.  He’s beautiful, funny, and his voice is like buttah.  I remember watching his comedy special in the early 90s…and that’s when I fell.

Tonight Jamie came back to Fox to mentor the idols.  Kris, Allison, Matt, Danny, and Adam.

Kris was low-key as always and no big deal.  Allison’s Someone to Watch Over Me was predictably lovely, though I would’ve liked her to do a little more with the melody.  I was completely embarrassed for Matt because he came off as a know-it-all in front of Jamie, and he wasn’t that great.  Then he performed and he was his same-ol’ reliable self: a bad performer.

Then, I was completely embarrassed for Danny because he was dressed exactly like Matt had been and looked like a total dork [just like Matt had].  But his rapport with Jamie was real, so I forgave him for his fashion faux pas.  Then he sang the crap out of a song I don’t remember hearing before.  Best performance of the night, IMO.

Adam’s rendition of Feeling Good was totally his own, and I hated it.  For me it almost bordered on disrespectful, even though I know it wasn’t necessarily intentional.  I just hated it very strongly, although I agree that it was performed well.  UGH – I just thought it was awful.

Personally, I’ll stick with Jamie – old and new:

idle/idol observations

I always hate Disco week.

And I still don’t understand why they lip-synch their group performances.  Well, this is more dancing than they’re used to, so I can get it here – but always?  [and did you notice how Anoop kinda looked like Wilmer Valderama with those sunglasses on?  just a random thought]

Anyway, my boss has been way better since I got back from vaca – so I’m happy about that.  Although I don’t really know how things are going to work out with my review.  Life at work is … interesting right now.

These results shows are just not my cuppa anymore.  Disco folks that are unfortunately past their prime, Idol misses who aren’t quite at their prime yet…

our lone awesome lady

our lone awesome lady

And of course I’m pissed that it’s down to Anoop and Allison.  I love Anoop, but Allison had to stay.  Anoop’s performances haven’t been as consistent throughout the competition, and last night’s was pretty weak…

So Lil and Anoop are out.  Kinda sux – since Matt shouldn’t even BE there.  Boo on Matt.

So – top five = Matt [blech], Adam, Danny [I’m so over this guy], Kris [has been a sleeper, and is starting to shine], and Allison [our lone awesome lady].

500 times more interesting

That’s how much better Heroes is when it’s about Sylar instead of the Benetrellis.  But I’ll save the rest of what I have to say for the Roundtable.

My vacation was awesome – relaxing – which I’d never have thought before, being in NYC.  But since I’ve been there so much, it really was just about family.  Oh and food.  Really good food.

Cafe Habana is probably my favorite place, but we had some great falafel, fried green tomatoes [seriously! in the City? for real – Brother Jimmy’s does them well.]  Hit up Negril and had some Cafe Spice leftovers, and it was happy days.

And we saw Guys and Dolls and Perfect Murder (again – and it was better the 2nd time).  I’ve always loved Oliver Platt [ever since he was Porthos in the Three Musketeers], and he’s playing Nathan Detroit.  But the real gem in this show is Nicely Nicely.  Tituss Burgess was a shining star when it came to Sit Down (You’re Rocking the Boat).   Best number of the night.


it’s only logical

I’ve been catching hell at work lately.  The last week and 1/2 have been SO way better.  But there’s no telling how my review is going to go next month.  Let me explain.

No, there is too much – let me sum up.

I’ve been working on a project for over a year.  One specific test [Fe content] will not work.  The method isn’t complicated, it just doesn’t work.  I’ve had other people try it, and they’ve gotten the same results that I got.  I’ve gotten pointers and suggestions – nothing helps.  My boss has been content to let me spin my wheels, until the end of last year.  There wasn’t much in the way of support from her.  She applied more pressure as time went by, coming up to most recently saying that I need to stop “messing around”.  [Like I enjoy working on something and failing every single day.  Oh and getting yelled at every day.  In front of my coworkers.]

I planned to visit NYC to see my sister, and got my vaca approved in Feb.  Later my boss said I wouldn’t be able to go unless the project was completed.  Finally, she took this test away and gave it to someone else – along with way more support than she’d ever given me.

I can go on my trip [I leave tomorrow after work], I’m getting way more done [I have 3 other projects at work, besides this], but because she took the project from me, my review will most likely be really crappy.  My only consolation is that the test isn’t working any better for my coworker than it was for me.

I haven’t needed a vaca this bad since last year when my boss was being awful.  But I am SO glad to be going.

in-the-heights1I’ll be seeing a few shows and eating phenomenal food and having a great time – cuz I need it.

One more day of work – and then I’m R-U-N-N-O-F-T.  For a few days, anyway.

Maybe sometime I’ll delve into the reasons that whenever I mention issues with my boss, people make comments about her being a woman, as though her erratic/mean behavior is connected to her two X chromosomes.  Or they posit that it’s a hormonal issue.  AAAAAAAAAAAACK!  Yes, she’s bizarre and randomly heinous, but I don’t think it’s linked to gender, people.

close-up on the nail-polish

Tonight’s Idol results show started with Simon [hopefully] presciently suggesting that Megan may be packing her bags tonight.  And then we see the top 9 do Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing.  Allison and Kris did well – everyone else…blah.  By the end, I was detecting some more lipping.  I’m kinda confused by this.

I’m kinda sad that there are so few girls this season.

And Ryan’s grouped the 9 in threes – ostensibly, one group is the bottom three.

  • group 1 – Megan, Kris,Matt
  • group 2 – Lil, Allison,Danny
  • group 3 – Scott, Anoop, Adam

But we have to wait through a David Cook song: Come Back to Me, before we find out anything.

Ok – looks like one person from each group is in the bottom: Megan, Allison, and Anoop.  Allison totally shouldn’t be there – her Don’t Speak ast night was pretty good.  Megan was a train wreck on Turn the Lights Down Low (I actually resent this song choice, because I find it presumptuous of her to even believe she can pull it off.  And nearly offensive that she butchered it so badly), and Anoop wasn’t quite stellar with his Usher’s Caught Up.

And now, Lady Gaga begins Poker Face in a way I’m unaccustomed to.  I mostly hate her music, but the beginning was nice.  All her music sounds like 80s throwbacks to me.  BAD 80s throwbacks.  FFWD.

Ha!  Ryan asks Simon how many of the bottom three might be worth saving, and he says, “one.”  Then someone in the crowd shouts out, “Allison!”

bye bye bye [BYE BYE!]

bye bye bye (BYE BYE!)

But Hallelujah, Allison and Anoop are safe and Megan’s going home.  She performs Bob/Lauryn again – doing an even worse job [which I’d hardly thought possible].  The right person went home tonight.

Next week – songs from the year they were born.