new seasons

So.  In the last 6 weeks, my workgroup went from 7 people, to 8 people, to 5 people.  So.  Yeah.

I’ve got a lot more going on now, and in the last 2 days, I’ve completely taken apart the inlet system of our GC trying to figure out why we’ve got a 4 minute later retention time shift on two different columns, using two different methods/samples…  But it’s most likely a pressure controller issue that has actually been causing problems for a while.  It’s just been misdiagnosed.  /techspeak

Actually, one guy who resigned from our group would like to come back.  And I really want him to.  But HR is making things difficult.  And he’s only been gone a week.  Stress is definitely present in my life – even though I don’t feel really stressed, I know that I am.   I’m figure I’ll just get more grey white (my hair doesn’t do grey – it goes straight to white) hair out of this.

But it’s fall here in South Kak, and things are starting to look up in other ways.  A friend of mine just emerged victorious from her doctoral defense, a god-daughter of mine will turn 2 this week, and next week I’ll use up my last 2 vaca days before I get 3wks.  Nice.  [I just hafta keep reminding myself not to think of those folks in our European sister company that start with 6 wks of vaca.]

Of course, fall also means new shows to be watching for.  Several have intrigued me enough to watch, with varying results.
Nikita ~ I watched the Peta Wilson show on USA, so the story has a soft-spot with me.  I like Maggie Q and am overall digging the show – although I’m not sure if it really shoulda been called “Nikita”.
~ Hello, Kodjoe.  And a lady lead with hair like mine?  So far, so good.  Or maybe so far, so super-sweet.  I like this show, but I’d like a little more from it.
No Ordinary Family
~ Live-action Incredibles.  Why didn’t Disney think of this sooner?  Heroes has been crappy for three seasons!  And where is the sequel to the first movie already???
The Event
~ Seriously.  Does everything Blair Underwood is in have to suck SO bad??  Maybe the Losties are filling their void with this, but I have to pass.  I don’t have the patience to wait for it to get good.  This is no MSCL.  Or even Firefly.  Or even Dollhouse.  (I might watch Mike and Molly now that I won’t be wasting my time on this…)
Running Wilde
~ I have waited this long to see Felicity again, and she’s a mom now?  With a daughter named Puddle??  Even though I have to suspend all disbelief to watch this show, I like it.  Or maybe I just liked Felicity.  But I’m still watching. 
Hawaii Five-0
~ I skipped this at first, just cuz I’m tired of sequels.  But when I saw Mick St. John (isn’t that the coolest name?  Moonlight was hotter than anyone gave them credit for – and ahead of its time) I had to go ahead and check it out.  Good action, nice Daniel Dae Kim.  Really bad choice on the Caan boy though, IMO.  He’s ugga-mugga in my book.  Gives me the skeevy heebie-jeebies.  And there’s not enough pidgin for me to wax nostalgic about the island.
~ Now.  I lurve cheer.  I can listen to cheerified words – a la cheer-tocracy, cheer-ific, cheer-tastic, etc.  I have seen (and most likely will see) every Bring It On movie ever made.  Some more than twice.  I even like Sharpay from HSM.  I’m a freaking fan of interracial relationships on TV!  And I can’t watch this show.  Sad.  Really.

You're slippin, NBC. ABC's all over ya.

So my newly acquired shows will join the standbys of Bones, Castle, and the Mentalist.  But mostly Bones.  Because I love the Deschanels.  And Angel.  In the next few weeks we’ll see if I stick with any of the newbies, or kick them all to the curb when i get tired of them.  Right now, I’m just tired.


diggin the new season

I’m not totally into the new fall season of tv – at least the scheduling.  I’m actually *liking* some shows, but must they ALL be on Thursday??  Check out my schedule – and all the conflicts:

tv sched

i make charts

My DVR can only record two things at a time, so I had to rearrange some things.

Some of these shows might piss me off, though, in which case I’ll quit watching and some time spots may open up.

Right now, I like my staple sitcoms and dramas, but I’m auditioning some new ABC shows and a couple CW shows.

I watched Eastwick last night and was pretty disappointed.  I didn’t see the movie all the way through – I saw it in pieces, but *did* see the end.  And I basically hated Jack Nicholson’s character/role.  I was hoping for a show that was going to either follow up on life after the end of the movie, or move in a different direction with the ladies coming into their powers as friends… If the dude stays on the show and the show just ends up remaking the movie – I’m done.



I watched FlashForward tonight, and enjoyed the concept but was still deeply disappointed.  John Cho is love.  So he should totally be THE guy.  Not some random dude with a forgettable face who was in a movie with Gwyneth back in the 90s.  And with him not having a ‘future dream’ – it means he’s probably dead in the future.  What?  Why would he be dead??  Why kill John Cho???

I watched Heroes this week, and was impressed with how loyal the writers were to the STOOPID that runs in the Benetrelli family.  As Wanda Sykes says, “stick wit’ your lie”.  They are sticking.  Glee is really letting me down and I hate that, after the 90s R&B sensation of last week.  I’m glad the Asian girl got to sing, but we still haven’t heard many actual lines from her.  And a pregnant cheerleader?  Shouldn’t we just save that for Secret life of…? Bones is starting slow, but I like that slow burn that Boreanaz and Deschanel have going on.  I could watch the chemistry between them for a long time.  I just hope his awkwardness after the coma eases up.  I don’t want the show to jump the shark just yet.  I’m pretty sure Grey’s has already jumped the shark, with all the I-see-dead-people business last year, but I’ll watch it anyway…later.  Right now – I’ve gotta go to bed.

Here’s hoping I dream of John Cho!