abuse accepted: Grey’s [trigger warning]


turtlenecks hide a lot

I’ve never seen this excuse [on tv] before: dude’s been to war, and sleep-strangles his gf.  Miraculously she gets away.  Hides in the bathroom.  And then busts out, and hugs him – tells him it’s ok.

When this is real life:
Four Army wives

SO…I understand PTSD.  Folks who are affected need help.  And love.  But they don’t need access to their beloved’s necks during freaky flashback episodes.

When a woman lies in bed with a man, and she’s afraid to fall asleep – it’s time to go.

idol breakdown: 2 nights in one

I’m watching the beginning of the Idol results show, and the top ten Motown medley spotlights the fact that there are only 3 girls left.  Oh – and the fact that they’re all lip-synching their performance.  What’s up with that?

my top 3

my top 3 this week

Highlights from last night?  Anoop, Allison, and …Adam?  I think that’s his name.  The one that freaked that Johnny Cash song last week.  Anoop’s Ooh, Baby made me love him even more, Allison’s Papa Was a Rolling Stone was a great performance and I love her, and Adam…is weird.  But his translation of Tracks of My Tears was incredible.  So awesome.

All the rest of the white guys were fair to middling.  Danny Gokey was entertaining, but I can’t even remember what song he sang, so it must not’ve left that big of an impression.

And now, Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson sing You’re the One for Me. It’s a little distrubing to watch.  But the sound doesn’t suck.  Smokey still has an amazing voice.  Amazing.  You know, if he sang everything he said, I’m betting there’s a significant portion of the female population [possibly of the male population, as well], that would do whatever he asked.

Now, I’m thinking the producer gave us hair fanatics a break and shot the back of Joss’s head, so we could see how many braids she has in her hair, and how they’re arranged.  I’m actually really grateful for that.  I love hair.  I probably couldn’t do that with mine cuz my hair’s so curly, but I could try.

Whee!  Anoop is safe!

The bottom 3: Scott, Michael, Matt G.  I mostly want Michael to go.  A lot.  He’s super boring to me.

And here’s Stevie again.  The medley is awesome, and Overjoyed is one of my faves – the producers used this part to highlight the people who knew the songs.  And those who were just snapping along [I’m looking at you Meghan].

And Michael goes.  Because he should have.

but i thought everyone…

i guess they don't

i guess they don't

OK.  This is getting bananas.  I have DVR, so I don’t view as much advertisement as the less-fortunate, but I still get bombarded by fiber/potty commercials.  Everything from toilet tissue sticking to a baby bear’s bum, to 15 different kinds of yogurt that apparently help you poop.

So today I was watching tv live, and endured a commercial for something new: PlumSmart Plum Juice.

The commercial has a lady narrator who asks the question:

When did you get smart about your digestive health?

My favorite response?

When my stomach couldn’t wait 14 days for slow acting yogurt.

Huh?  Is the whole country backed up?

I guess the folks over at SunSweet found that their juice couldn’t just be marketed as tasty and delicious.  Welch’s kinda has that sewn up.  Has the market for foods that help you poop just really opened up recently?  Why does everything from granola bars to yogurt to juice have to be a purgative?

Folks, it’s both fascinating and troubling that pooping is such an issue for us, as a nation.

At least the person waiting for the yogurt to help him out was a dude.  I think we’re all tired of these fiber/yogurt commercials only being aimed at the ladies.

celebrating life


happy bday to me

My birthday week ended wonderfully, this wknd.  In a Mustang.

Folks who know me remember the one that I ordered and had to turn down.  When they first came out, they didn’t stay on the lot long enough for me to even test drive one.  So this wknd was it.  The drive to, from and around Atlanta was awesome, and I didn’t want to get back in my Corolla. [reality bites, sometimes]

Oh, and I had brownies with strawberries and butter pecan ice cream on top.  So.  Lovely!

To celebrate more, I think we should all vote for Anoop tonight.  His Always on My Mind was awesome.  And his cuteness seems to be increasing.  Vote Anoop -09!

question. and idol results

I’m wondering when Torchwood is coming back.  Anybody know?

As for Idol – having DVR is the bomb.  I can skip through all the crap.

What’s a perfect way to demonstrate that singing ability isn’t necessarily the key to stardom?  Have Kanyeezy come on the show and do Heartless.  Why do I like this song so much?  He really can’t sing.

Anyway – Jasmine’s the first one gone.  And I’m sad, cuz I think Anoop might be going.  I LOVE Anoop.

Kelly Clarkson’s My Life Would Suck Without You started slow, but picked up with the first chorus.  I’m not a superfan of her music, but I really like her personality.  She seems like a really cool girl who would probably be one of my sister’s friends.

Anoop is SAFE!!!!!1! Eleventy!!!  But Jorge is going.  A little sad.  The judges have only one save for the whole season.  They won’t be using it this early.  But I’m sad to see Jorge go.  He is a beautiful person.  I wonder if all 13 will go on tour.  Or if it’ll just be the top 10.

But seriously – does anyone know about Torchwood?

keep the faith, y’all: real idol competition begins

Today’s my birthday, and I’m realizing that lately I’ve been blogging Idol more than anything else.  I dunno what’s up, other than work’s been getting me down, lately, and I haven’t really had the energy to get deep.

Tonight’s Michael Jackson night, and the performances aren’t sucking!  I’m surprised.  I had no expectations for this season.  But these folks are ok.

lil-roundsLil The Way you make Me Feel – Lil’s performance was upbeat, and technically correct, but not very inspiring for me.  Randy seemed to think that she made the song new again.  Not so much for me.  It was a good song choice, though.

Scott Keep the Faith – Another good song choice, IMO.  He sounded great, the piano playing kept everything grounded, and the song was so hopeful, it was perfect in continuing to endear him to the audience.

Danny PYT – High energy, great song choice!  Vocals were perfect.  Perfect.  Probably the best performance of the night.

Michael You Are Not Alone – High praise from the judges, I’m not sure why.  The performance wasn’t that good.  He can sing, but his voice isn’t something that I really like listening to.  Just not my style.

Jasmine I’ll Be There – Great voice, strong singing.  I didn’t really get anything special from this performance, though.  I feel like she needs more practice.  I think it’s cuz she’s young.

Paula’s looking really strange this week.  Is it the makeup? or the wig?

Kris Remember the Time – I love this song.  This guy doesn’t really have the voice for it.  Or maybe it’s his style.  I don’t like this.  Why do the judges like this so much?

Allison Give In To Me – I remember this song.  I like it.  But how long has Idol been on?  This girl knew she wanted to be on Idol when she was 9??  Way to make me feel old on my bday.  She’s put her own spin on the song and it was good.  I don’t know how many people knew this song, but I love it.

Anoop Beat It – I’m not surprised that he chose this song.  It’s in the same vein as My Prerogative as far as style goes.  Not really demanding vocally, but big on personality.  And he didn’t make any major mistakes.  It was purely for the fans, as the judge pretty much trashed him.  I love this guy, and I hope he has a better song choice next week – if he’s still on the show.

Jorge Never Can Say Goodbye – I remain amazed at his ability to sing without an accent.  It’s unbelievable to me, because I can’t imagine trying to do it myself.  But he’s pretty much flawless.  I thought the song choice was pretty safe, and a little boring, though.  Gotta agree with Kara – he should have chosen She’s Out of My Life.

Megan Rockin’ Robin – Cute, tinily edgy – because of her voice – and I like it, but I’m not sure why.  She’s a little bit weird.

Adam Black or White – Paula loves him a little too much.  He’s kinda scaring me.  I hate this.  This is awful.  Awful.  It must’ve sounded better in the auditorium.  Woo.  Wow, Paula.  Crying?  I thought that was awful.  From the judges comments, this definitely must’ve sounded different there.

Matt Human Nature – I love this song.  His voice is nice and smooth, so the song works for him.  The piano work is a lil superfluous to me.  And some of his falsetto was off, but it was a good performance overall.  The mention of JT and Robin Thicke is kinda weird, since his face is not nearly as attractive.  [And Robin Thicke isn’t even that cute.  Of course, now that I think about it, JT isn’t looking quite as babe-a-licious as he once was.]

Alexis Dirty Diana – Great performance, although those twitchy moments got repetitive.  I didn’t get the “oversung” vibe, though.

On the review, I still like Danny as best performance.  I’m afraid Anoop might be going home if I don’t vote, so…Vote 08, y’all!  [I think Kris and Jorge should go. Just me.  Maybe Adam will sing something I can get into next week.]

And I’m interested to see what this twist with the judges will be…Idol is nothing if not genius at keeping its viewers.

Now Go Vote!

wildcard night – the final 3

Ok, I know Tatiana has the most annoying personality of any Idol contestant in recent memory, but she can actually sing.  I also didn’t miss Simon’s surreptitious flicking her off.

But Anoop is my boy.  I love this guy!  He’s got great personality.

he's totally cuter on tv

he's totally cuter on tv

And he’s super fun.

So Jasmine’s first through to the top 12.  She sang Reflection, which was o.k.

Megan is next through, after having sung that Black Horse/Cherry Tree song that I can’t stand.

And my DVR cuts off.  Bwah?!  So I go hunting around the internet cuz I was on a serious delay, and finally I find this:

Von is not through. Matt and Anoop come forward, and Simon tells him that Matt is in the Top 12. He then says to Anoop that they just now decided that it’s actually going to be a Top 13.

Super fakeout!

AHHHHH!  Anoop, there it is!  [ok – that was bad.  sorry.]

the last idol 12 – eliminations

I really don’t like Katy Perry.  Her songs just sound stupid to me.  It may just be a matter of taste, but they tend to just irritate me in general.  So the 3rd 12 singing Hot and Cold wasn’t endearing to me.  Arianna has some really weird expressions, tho.

Lil Rounds is first of tonight’s top 3.  Yay!

Scott is through to the top 12!  Idol is truly becoming diverse.  And I love that song.

Down to Ju’not and Jorge – the last 2 chances to a POC dude on the show.  Jorge is hilarious.

And in the top 12, apparently.

Lil, Scott, and Jorge, are the last 3 to make up the first of the top 12.

Three wildcard spots are left to the judges.  Too bad Jamar’s not in the group.  I’m seriously sad about that.  That and the fact that Idol’s gonna be on again tomorrow night.  It’s hogging too much tv time.

Wildcard picks: Von, Jasmine, Ricky [who I don’t even remember], Megan, Tatiana [bwah?!?], Matt, Jessi, Anoop [YAY!!]

So.  I’ll watch tomorrow.  [rooting for Anoop, and anyone else who isn’t Tatiana.  I just can’t stand the laugh.]

i need a new phone

junotI’ve been trying to vote for the lovely Ju’not and his smooth rendition of Hey There, Delilah on tonight’s Idol [the final 12].  But because I have the Samsung Glyde, I’m handicapped by having to press what seems to be an excessive amount of buttons to redial his number [05 – hint hint].  Or – I could just not know how to use my phone optimally.  That *could* be it…but I don’t think so.  Anyway, I’m hoping some other folks will vote for this guy cuz I loved what he did with the song, even if his performance did get a little buried amongst so many mediocre others.

I’m also feelin Lil Rounds [is this her real name?] and can’t wait to hear her do something a lil [ugh, puns] different.

I’m somewhat reminded of an article I read earlier today discussing the imbalance between American demographic realities and Hollywood’s scripted tv shows (in regards to featuring POCs).  Reality shows tend to feature POCs [in central/starring roles] with a MUCH higher frequency than scripted sitcoms and dramas.  Although it has often seemed to me, at least on network tv, that the POCs are there to serve some quota purposes.  They are there for the initial shows, as it would be to obvious to eliminate them at the first opportunity, but once everybody has acknowledged that the show fulfilled their EEOC obligations, the POCs are on the chopping block.

Take, for example, this season of Survivor, which I’m loving.  Taj is freakin awesome, and I hope she stays til the end.  But the article referenced at Racialicious states that 3 blacks are in the current cast of Survivor.  Not anymore.  It’s just Taj now.  [granted, the article’s from 2/22]  But to make the picture clearer, take a gander at the Bachelor/Bachelorette series.  These shows never actually fit in the group featuring POCs, but they would usually have one or two tokens in the initial competition – fading away fairly quickly.  [I don’t know if this was true for every single season, as there’ve been a bunch of them, and I can’t stand the show.  But I do remember this being a pattern with several seasons.]

Idol’s been one of the shows that has tended closer to an American representation, with fairly diverse top 12’s in the past.  I’ve been ranting about this season sucking the big one – which I ultimately still believe at this point – but I have to say, tonight’s 12 were much more promising than the previous 24.  Excluding Danny – who has a great voice and a great story for melting all the sentimental hearts.

**one moment.  apparently I’ve fallen for a spoof email and need to close my credit card account**

Ok.  So where was I?  Ah.  Uh.  Kinda hard to keep your train of thought when you’re thinking about people unscrupulously using your credit or showing up at your house to harvest your Wii.

Anyway, tonight was better than the previous two weeks shows, and held the last two POCs that may or may not make it into the top 12.  I’m thinking that Lil has a better chance, because her performance was at the end of the show – helping her stand out.  So I’m voting for Ju’not, and hoping.

But this doggone phone…..