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somebody is screwing Grey’s

dead guy killing TV

dead guy killing TV

I don’t know if it’s Shonda Rhimes or somebody else, but somebody is screwing Grey’s Anatomy.  Izzy fell in love with this dude – heart patient – and it was really unprofessional.  She stole a heart destined for someone else and nothing worked – he died.  He was totally dead.  Sink her into a funk for at least half a year dead.

So why the ____ is he back?  Izzy even made the comment that though she heard his heartbeat, that was impossible, because they’d removed his heart during the autopsy.

Folks, none of this makes any sense.  We’re watching a doctor show – full of science-y stuff.  Why is there a dude who is dead, NOT dead?


Update: Now I know what’s going on.  I’m not totally pleased, but I do feel better about this asinine storyline.  Wanna find out what’s up?  Here’s the spoiler.

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