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planes & roller coasters

Weirdly, my post about how I was gonna be gone for a minute didn’t seem to register – so it’s out there now…but it wasn’t then [3.3.08 – when I actually wrote it].  (So I postpre-dated it.)  Anyway, I’m back.  Not all the way [I’m not at my house], but I’m back in EST…(just in time to ‘spring forward’).

I flew from Podunk to ATL to NOLA and back this week, and the flights to and from Podunk were crappy and crappier.  Last night was the first time I ever felt like I might throw up on a plane.  I’ve never even felt that way on a roller coaster [and I love roller coasters — as long as they don’t bang my head back and forth like this one ride at 6 Flags (I can’t remember the name of it)].   The turbulence was the worst I’ve ever experienced, though the oxygen masks didn’t fall, so I wasn’t actually worried – just nauseous.

This being my first foray in New Orleans, I was excited to go, and I have to say that I had a good time.  People were friendly, the town has some beautiful areas, and all-in-all I’d like to go back.  I barely had time to really do any site-seeing [should that be sight-seeing?], but what I saw was cool.

I’ve got a lot rolling around in my head, and I’ll be back to posting more regularly after my birthday. [woo. 2 days!]


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