dirty Lo, dirty

For all the speculation about just how real The Hills is, I think they get the editing just about dead on.  It’s amazing to me that these girls have truly become stars [in the new definition of stardom].  Heidi, Audrina, Lauren and Whitney are on the cover of my newly received Rolling Stone.

I think the status of politics right now has a lot of people primed for full-on avoidance of all things ‘serious’.  I know I’m in that boat.  I quit on the whole election business sometime not too long after “super”-Tuesday.  [so super we still don’t know who it’s gonna be]  I’m so tired of all the crap.  I mean, I feel like I don’t really like either one of the candidates anymore, and I was really excited about this election cycle back in January.

So now I’m all up in ‘Speidi’s business.  [Spencer and Heidi, for the uninitiated]  I’m not sure why I hate (you know, the tv-hate.  not like, serious hate.  cuz I don’t actually care that much) Spencer so much – but he’s an excellent villain for the show.  He’s annoying, and embarrassing.  And while LC despises him because of the supposed illicit tape, I despise him because of how he is with Heidi.  Once again, the magic of MTV editing.

Speidi was on Tyra last week, the day after that whole prostitution episode.  I tried to watch, but I think one Tyra show is my limit.  I did see that Spencer is absolutely adamant that the tape exists.  Interesting that supposedly [if it exists] Speidi’s never seen it.

Of course, according to Rolling Stone, Lauren hasn’t seen Heidi’s awful music video.

So the feud is like, so serial.

And really, when Heidi’s not with Spencer, I could be on her side as much as LC’s.  Lauren gets on my nerves sometimes.  it’s something to completely get my mind off all the crap.

And now I’m invested enough to feel bad for Audrina – even if she is back with Justin-Bobby.  Cuz Lo has totally edged her out to be the new roommate/sidekick/friend.  Perhaps this will be some new drama for next season.

Looks like I’ll be watching either way.