i’m still watching…for now

hiroI’ve watched Heroes Petrelli & Sons since its inception, and stuck with it through all the craziness* thus far.  Chopping off Usutu’s head before even giving him a name may well be the last straw for me.  I’m unsure as to whether I’ll watch another episode or not.  Things have just gone down the tubes, fast.

A drama between the Petrelli’s and the Bennet’s?  I might hafta pass.

And yet – I watch The Hills.  I love it because it’s so tragically…tragic.  Nothing beat the evil grin on Spencer’s face last week after Heidi showed her behind [totally wasted] at a company function – and ended up getting fired.  Completely transparant to everyone except Heidi, Spencer’s like a puppet master when it comes to her.  Which is actually painful to watch sometimes, but ultimately makes great trash tv.

gossip-girl_lThen there’s GG, which could now be called ‘The Slow Corruption of the Humphreys’.  It’s definitely the prettiest show, though.  Best clothes, by far.  Also my fave of the 3 mentioned here. [Heroes used to have this honor, but keeps killing all the brown people.  GG doesn’t pretend to give brown people weight in the show, and I’m ok with that – be straight with me from the beginning.  I’m not looking for a complete overhaul of American tv in 3 Easy Steps™.]  And lovely of lovelies, we’ve got an arc including the Sicilian from The Princess Bride.  Inconceivable!

I’m not apologizing for my tv habit, though.  That’s my thing.  Everybody’s got their thing – and that’s mine.

*craziness: first and foremost – killing DL. from there? not naming The Haitian, cutting Hiro off from the rest of the heroes, totally forgetting about Micah (and Monica), introducing Maya in the first place, and only keeping Christopher Eccleston for like, 3 shows.