dancin’ dancin’ dancin’

I am a dancing show addict, and SYTYCD  feeds my soul.

So, I’m loving tonight.

Kherington and Twitch were great in hip-hop.  Although, I barely saw Kherington, since Twitch was on fire (in his element).  Busta Rhymes, Tabitha & Napoleon, and Twitch.  Perfect combo.

Courtney and Gev made the rumba look like hot sex on a platter.  Seriously.  The slide down Gev’s leg started out so lovely – then it got a little awkward.  It was a beautiful piece, though, and frankly amazing that Courtney could dance with only half a dress on (beautiful tho it was).  All in all, I think the choreography allowed them to shine, because the steps didn’t demand too much.

Comfort and Chris and jazz…to ‘Beautiful People’ by Marilyn Manson?  Weird me out.  Weird me out like crazy.  The judges should’ve talked about the disconnect between the choreography and the music, but I think they went easy on Tyce cuz he was there.

Will and Jessica’s disco.  Seemed a bit sloppy actually.  There were long portions of this routine that fell flat, in my opinion.  There were moments that Will stole the shine in a big way, and I just didn’t think Jess could hold a candle to him.  I wonder who would partner him better…I dunno

Kourtni and Matt do their own genre: contemporary.  Sometimes I don’t get contemporary.  I was looking for the ‘freeze frames’ for the comic book story, but I didn’t quite see them.  The synchrony was lovely, and I like these guys, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re in the bottom 3 couples tomorrow night.

Chelsea T. and Thayne meet the quickstep.  Oh scary.  Not too bad, though.  It seemed slow in places, but the footwork was cooler to watch in the 2nd half than the first.  Quickstep is not my cuppa, so eh.  ‘Nother bottom 3 couple.

Chelsea H. and Mark.  (Mark really looks like this guy that I know who’s in the Navy.  Apropos of nothing, but whatev.)  Woo.  Hip-hop.  I like Napoleon and Tabitha’s routines.  Wow.  They really did it.  And the song choice was su-perb.

This is something I think more of the choreographers need to consider – song choice.  Choosing some obscure song no one’s ever heard, or a song that people do not associate with the emotion supposedly coming from the choreography only hurts the performers.  (I’m lookin at YOU Tyce.)

Katee and Josh do the samba.  Very well.  I’m no ballroom judge, but I thought this was awesome!  Katee and Josh’s personalities mesh so well, they just look beautiful on the floor.  These guys are the couple to beat, IMO.  No one delivers like they do.  NO ONE. [PS – Nigel asking if Josh got his butt from his father?  TMI.  And a tad uncomfortable.  For me, anyway.]

I dunno how things are gonna turn out tomorrow night, but I think there should be an elimination of choreographers who choose awful music, along with dancers who don’t make the cut.  We’ll see.


mia michaels is a freakin’ genius

Summertime is dancin’ time!  My favorite reality show is back, with my hunny-bunny, Twitch. [He doesn’t know it, yet.]  So Mia Michaels is my fave choreographer, because she tells the best stories.  But wow, she told a wild & crazy story tonight.

The vision of Tim Burton’s wedding?  Obviously, it would be an oddity among oddities.  [Have you seen Sweeney Todd?]  And the choreography was so perfect.

But not my fave choreography of the night.  Fave work of the night?  Song: No Air, Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown  Dancers: Katee & Joshua.  Choreographers: Napoleon & Tabitha.  Beautiful.  Heartbreaking.  The ONLY hip-hop of the night, actually.

My favorite genres continue to be hip-hop and contemporary.  That’s where the stories are, and the stories are what I love about dance.  Sure, some nice lines in a waltz, a bit of fun and drama in broadway, sex appeal in latin…but it comes down to story for me.  Stories are told in hip-hop and contemporary.  Cohesive, comprehensive, relatable stories.  [Tango might be a story, but I’m just not on that level, I guess.]

So, Wade Robson guests tomorrow night, that’ll be nice to see.  We’re in for a great season.  I don’t have a front-runner picked, but there is a lot of talent.  We’ll see how things go.