SYTYCD: the top ten! (or great lines, and lots of leaping)

top 10

*written last night when I was still sans internet*

Debbie Allen is tonight’s guest judge [my fave guest judge] and I’m hoping for something better amongst this competition.  I really haven’t been thrilled with this season, but great things may still be in store.  All the partners are changing up this week, so we’ll see how that goes.  Additionally, the girls and guys will have more group numbers, so that should be fun – I tend to enjoy the group numbers for this season more than a lot of the partner pieces.

The girls are up first, with a Bollywood number by Nakul Dev Mahajan.  Every time they do Bollywood on the show I get a little apprehensive, but I super loved this choreography.  It was really fun, and crazy high energy.  Poor Janette’s veil kept flipping on her face, but she kept going with incredible panache.  I loved them all, and it was just a great piece.

Kayla and Evan get to be partners this week, and we’ll see how the Viennese Waltz works with their height difference.  But Tony and Melanie chose an excellent song and an excellent choreography for them.  I thought they really worked well together, although I don’t really know anything about the technical bits.

So now we start on the individual solos, with Brandon.  He just looks like a big kid to me.  And his solo wasn’t that compelling for me, either.

Now we’ve got the opposite height pairing, with Janette [shortest girl] and Ade [tallest guy].  Unfortunately, they’ve pulled Nap and Tab.  Blah.  Cross your fingers.  Not bad!  Janette is definitely a bendy girl.  Wow.  And now Nigel and Mary are putting on their own little show.  And Debbie is right, what is up with Ade mesmerizing her with a pick?

Randi’s solo was ok.  But I don’t think anyone’s solos have impressed me in a while.


i love Benji more, but Travis's choreo is hotttt

Travis is doing choreography now?  Cool.  I’m interested to see what he does.  I was never that into him, but he was good.  (Not as good as Benji, but that’s why Benji won, so, it’s all good.)

Kupono’s solo is the first of the night that was really fun for me – but it’s still…ok.

Jason and Jeanine are together as a couple – they both lost partners last week, so they’d’ve had new partners this week anyway…And now – working with Travis – it looks like it’s gonna be cool.  But it wasn’t.  It was freaking smoldering hot.  HOT hot.  The fire is smoking.  Burning like the sun.  What a perfect storm of choreography, concept, music, and dance.  Mary’s crying – calling them stars – but Debbie has the best commentary: calling the show a conversation of dance amongst the worldwide community.  Further – she says the show evangeliz[es] dance, and she is just glad to be a witness.  And yes – it got a lil bit spiritual while still being almost profane.  The new hotness: Travis the choreographer.

Melissa’s solo – continuing to demonstrate how solos aren’t as fun to watch as duos/groups.

Evan’s solo is probably the most fun to watch.  Broadway really lends itself to solo, apparently.

And we’re back to somewhat blah solos with Kayla.  Not that it was bad.  Just…the same as all the other girls leaping, doing splits, and having great lines.

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back in the game – SYTYCD [top ten eve]

After missing last week’s show, I had to watch the clips on youtube. You get the idea that way, but it’s not quite the same as actually watching the show. It’s too bad I missed the contemporary routine by ‘Twitchington’ ~ the clip was beautiful.

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Tonight I’m missing a bit because of bad weather. Always something.

Chelsie and Mark – salsa. Good. But not super impressive.

Comfort and Thayne – hip-hop. Kinda depressing, actually. I’m actually starting to strongly dislike the choreography of Tabitha and Napoleon. It kinda seems to me that they’ve been letting down their dancers with some of the lackluster routines. It’s not that they totally suck, but it seems that their routines have been seriously hit or miss this season. Sometimes they’re totally ON it…sometimes they’re totally OFF.

Jessica and Will – Beautiful choreography. In several places I felt that things should have been much smoother than they were. But it was cool. Well done.

Courtney and Gev – Cha cha. This is one of those times that I can’t really judge. They seemed like they had good chemistry, but I just don’t think the cha cha is one of those dances that grabs me. Courtney definitely was ON her footwork.

As an aside, I believe the judges are going crazy. Nigel and Mary are seriously banoodles. The faces they’re making tonight are bizarre and discouraging to the dancers.

Kherington and Twitch – Krump. For a moment, I thought Kherington might have been accidentally liberated from her top. Both of them did very well, though. It seemed, toward the end that Kherington got tired. But still, she did well. This is probably my favorite piece from Lil C. Closer to krumping I’ve seen in other venues that seemed much more real than what we’d ever get on SYTYCD.

I am still hating Mia as a judge. The adjectives she uses sometimes…I don’t know how to describe it. But sometimes it seems like she’s ‘putting on’. And sometimes I find myself getting offended, and I can’t exactly put my finger on why.

Katee and Joshua – Viennese Waltz. With Iris as the music, they certainly brought back memories from ‘City of Angels’. I’m not a ballroom girl, but I loved it.

C&M ~ Broadway. The routine was hot, but I was wanting a bit more intensity in some places. I dunno. But Cat finally threw in a good line when Nigel mentioned how you wouldn’t necessarily wear a dress like Chelsie’s in the kitchen and she said – ‘Well, not to cook.’ [Really hot dress]

C&T ~ Contemporary. Really great choreography. [unfortunately, everything else – not so much]  BTW – anybody else notice how Mia complimented Thayne on his smile?  So dudes can smile…

J&W ~ Quick-step. Talk about pulling the short straw. Another thing I can’t critique. But I can say that Will’s ending jumping turny thing at the end was outstanding. Oh and it’s amazing that they didn’t kick each other in that one part. Generally, I don’t think the public cares all that much about the quick-step. It kinda looks ok whenever it’s done, but who loves it?

Woo. Mia is straight up cold. Boldly telling Will that he is tired of ‘carrying [his] partner’ (Jessica). I didn’t think it was that bad. And I’d be interested to see another girl who could keep up with him.

C&G ~ Jazz. I’m liking Mandy Moore this season. This routine was really fun to watch and I think they did an awesome job! Really great performance. These guys are sleepers and I think they may be breaking out – which is kinda scary to me cuz I’m seriously feeling some other dancers more than them.

K&T ~ Tango. Kherington is a dork, y’all. And this was ok but overall, there’ve been way better Tangos. {Tangoes? sp?]

K&J ~ Bollywood.?!??. I’m actually kinda impressed and I have to say – this beat C&G’s Jazz routine to be my favorite of the night. Definitely. LOVED it. Of course, not being of the actual culture, I have no idea if they did it correctly at all. But I loved it. I also think that Katee and Joshua are SO lucky that they pulled this genre cuz I knew from jump that the judges were gonna love it [and even if they didn’t they weren’t gonna blister them like they might have with another genre].

It’s official. The judges are not playing anymore. The kid gloves are off and the dancers have got to weather the storm of commentary from Nigel, Mary and whoever the guest judges will be from now on. Hope they can take it.

Looking forward to Alvin Ailey dancers tomorrow night.