the sound of a crescendo

MJ in 1977

1958 - 2009

love you Michael.  always will.

my fave vid

requiescat in pace


what we see

Catching up on news over at the root this morning, I ended up reminiscing on Erin Evans’ pop-cultural survey of black preachers.  And as I watched the very last video, “Stand Up” from Polly (1989), I got tears in my eyes.

Also included in the same video survey is the opening sequence from the show Amen (1986-1991), that starred Sherman Hemsley, Clifton Davis, Anna Maria Horsford and Roz Ryan.  So I was in full “back-in-the-day” mode.

I started thinking about the network shows that we have right now, and wondering how we can call this progress.  Is there anything even close to Amen, or Family Matters, or even Martin or Living Single on network tv anymore?  Shoot, even though I’ve never watched The Game, I just learned that it and Everybody Hates Chris will be dropped from the last network to air black sitcoms CW next year.  (I actually only heard about The Game this spring, with all the talk about trying to keep it from getting canceled.  Sometimes I’m out of the loop.)

So, uh, what happened?  I’ll grant that more people are watching cable now, but there aren’t really more shows with POCs on cable, unless you’re watching children’s programming (a la Cory in the House & True Jackson), or the Tyler Perry fare on TBS.  How did things change so drastically from then [70s/80s/early 90s] to now?

And yet, I know some people will still bring up BET if I were to broach this topic in conversation.  [As in the tired: “well, you have a whole network! what do you think the NAACP would do if there was a WET?”]  Of course, I don’t really watch BET anymore, either.   Hollywood isn’t quite as liberal/all-encompassing as some would have us think it is.

Oh – and is there a petition or something to sign so we can get Polly on DVD?  Cuz I need that.

a fun 90s playlist

cuz I’ve recently acquired a few throwbacks causing me to make a 90s pop music playlist.  I have a ton of 90s R&B but I don’t really consider it 90s music. [I wonder why?  Maybe cuz I still listen to a lot of it?  It’s more music to reminisce on, I guess.  I don’t know.]  Anyway, some of these song have huge memories tied to them, some were just great songs.  Some were just ok songs that worked their way into my consciousness due to the ubiquity of the airtime.  And some songs are missing.

29 songs from the 90s

bands and such that make me reminisce and feel old

bands and such that make me reminisce and feel old

I’ll leave you with a song that’s not on the list, but one of my faves, nonetheless.

some days I sit ‘n’ wish I was a kid again

It’s a lazy Thursday night, I’m feeling oppressed and overwhelmed by the hype over the RNC, and I just needed something to bring me back to cool.  Drifting through the randomousity of my iTunes I ran across Shai‘s album [if i ever fall in love].  And after looking all over the internets – as much as I’m going to, anyway – I couldn’t find a video of them doing the song.

so just listen, and remember the simpler times, when folks still made R&B.