good excuse

I never have a good excuse for not writing. Except today.

my view

Closing thoughts?  Vacations are necessary, healthy, and entirely underutilized.


VMA moments: old-timer’s edition

Dude Gaga

After a lazy/productive day (yeah – it’s an oxymoron, but it fits), I’m watching the VMAs on ffwd.  These are my notes:

  • Lady Gaga opened and was awesome (!) as a dude.
  • Bieber’s wearing Malcolm X glasses. For real.
  • Watch the Throne!! (apparently Mtv still has security issues)
  • SuperBass over All of the Lights? What?! (And is she wearing a junkyard???)
  • Extraterrestrial was actually a good video.
  • NeYo still looks great as long as he keeps the hat on.
  • Katy Perry looks supercute in her presenting-dress.
  • Is Adele seriously that young? She is the business.  But her performance is a little flat.
  • Bieber still had a video eligible for an award?
  • Chris Brown can dance.  But he’s not singing.  And I am not a fan.
  • Lady Gaga tributes Britney. Congrats Brit! No one makes us dance like you!
  • Bey’s dressed like a Temptation.  And this song is apparently the anti-hype.  Oh. So she’s pregnant.  (Yay for them!) She shouldn’t have to wear the sparkly jacket and dress like a dude, though.
  • BNA: Who is Tyler the Creator? I’m just glad Kreayshawn didn’t win.
  • Young the Giant = blah.  I predict they are the Filter of the year.
  • Cloris Leachman should not be with the girls of Jersey Shore. And the girls of the Jersey Shore should not be on tv.
  • Born This Way wins. Lady Gaga is sticking to the character.  Katy Perry has had 3 wardrobe changes.
  • RIP Amy Winehouse.  It’s weird that Russell Brand is saying things that make sense since he was so awful 5 yrs ago.  And Tony Bennett is awesome.  Tony and Amy sound amazing together!
  • The 60s are back.  Bruno Mars’ pompadour, Adele’s style, Beyonce’s moment…There really is nothing new under the sun.  (ex. Footloose remake)
  • VOTY: Firework.  Katy Perry is a literal blockhead. At least that thing is on a headband…
  • I love Drake. I can’t explain it. I love him.  Weezy? Eh. He’s kinda terrible.  Anyone else could’ve done How To Love.  I need to hear it by someone else, non-autotuned. He looks so stupid with his @ss literally hanging out.  And you can’t understand his rap because more words are bleeped out than what you hear.  So.  I’m old.

And that’s what I got from the awards. I’m old.  Now get off my lawn!

officially old: what do I do with G+?

So.  I’m not actually an early adopter.  I like technotoys and all, and even though the longer I think about it, the more I’m convinced that Google = Skynet, I got one of my friends to hook me up with a G+ invite.  I’m not totally behind the curve here, but far enough behind that I don’t have a lot of friends that are on, and I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be doing.

My most favorite thing so far is that folks from BIU and Racialicious are on there, and I can follow them without doing Twitter.  Because yeah.  I also don’t do Twitter.  I do not all the way understand Twitter, either, actually.  I get the following part.  I don’t get the conversation part.  I’m still not sure how that happens.  And I don’t think I have time for it anyway.  Honestly, I don’t understand how all these people can have jobs and have time for all this social media!  Unless.  Well.  There are a lot of unemployed people these days.

See, I must be crazy old, because I freaking LOVE (just delicious now).  I love getting to just outline some relevant text in an  article that someone should totally read, and then addressing it to that person, and sending it off.  I get to keep a copy to know what I’ve sent.  With add-ons on Chrome and Firefox I can just hit a button to tag something.  It’s easy and functional.  And a dinosaur.  (And in the midst of writing this I just delicious’ed [yes, it is now a verb] 2 articles to the R and 2 to my mom.)  But really, who wants to send an email link every time they come across an article that they want someone to read?  And who wants to receive that email?  Nobody.  Not me anyway.  Delicious me, sucker.

In other news, I recently involved myself in a political discussion on FB.  Which I don’t normally do.  The post was just so inflammatory to me though:

oh this is the kind of fight i can get behind. Go Cantor! Go Boehner. DO NOT CAVE. If the president won’t bend (whether on principle or bc he’s trying to keep his left base happy) on spending cuts then FORCE the debt ceiling freeze. Then he will have no choice but to prod his party to cut spending or default. And he’s surely not stupid enough to default.

I was apparently in just the right place to HAVE to respond.  I knew I’d get whacked, but I had to. And I did get whacked, but not by my friend, by her husband.  Which I’m not into simply because he doesn’t know me. At all. Anyway, my point is that this whole debt ceiling mess is grating on my last everloving nerve.  I realize governing isn’t as clear as it seems to us folks in the peanut gallery, BUT!  Can we not get it together?

the stone on 'Secession Hill'

I live in Podunk, SC.  Nestled between the seat of secession and a town that hosts a store actually named The Redneck Shop (Google it if you must).  Nearly every white person I meet around here is a staunch Republican.  And yet many of them see the need for compromise to work things out.  To be clear, the Tea Party has South Carolina by the nipples, but there are still reasonable people (of the Republican persuasion) here.  If we can have them here, how did none of them end up in DC?!?  Why is Boehner so beholder to the TPers that he can’t even lean toward reality?

Eh.  I don’t know.  I wish the President wasn’t so centrist, because then we might actually end up in the middle.   But now, he’s so centrist, and wanting to work with everyone, he’s leaning further and further right.  It’s like he keeps capitulating and the GOP is like – “that’s right, we’re not caving on ANYTHING”.  But they should be held responsible for holding up progress and gumming up the works, and somehow that’s not happening.

SO frustrating.  Especially since I live in Podunk, SC.  We all know the score here in South Carolina.  The Dems here vote party lines whenever we can and it makes no difference.  It’s spitting in the wind.  And I don’t know what it’s like other places, but here?  It’s mostly because there are so many poor and middle class white people here who would rather miss out themselves than see the gov’t do something to help poor/middle class brown people.  You can tell when it comes from that kind of place.  Because the arguments have HUGE holes.  Something like. “Yeah, but you know, State’s Rights!”  Or just a pure bootstraps argument.  I’m tired of it.  I try to stay out of it, but CNN is on blast in our work breakroom 24/7.  It is very uncomfortable to be the only brown person at the table during some of their topics.

Anyway.  I’m still not clear on G+.  Ideas?  =)

media consumption

I’ve been watching a lot of tv in the last year – although I couldn’t actually tell you what, now that I think about it.  (Other than Bones.)  For some reason, thinking more at work makes me want to think less when I get home.  But I think I’m reaching a better equilibrium now that it’s summer and I’m getting more used to my job.

I’ve also been consuming more online media.  I’ve been a fan of This Week In Blackness for about 2 years, now, but just became aware of Blacking It Up this spring.  It is now a part of my life.  Most of the time I am totally cool with Elon and the crew, and it’s definitely a good time, with a bit of cool analysis and some relevant news interspersed with random music.  It’s where I first heard this:

Yeah.  That’s real.

Other than BIU, I’m basically checking the R, rr, shakesville, and Persephone every day.  Often multiple times a day.  Because I still live in Podunk.  And there’s this really annoying guy at work who ends up requiring me to take a break after I interact with him.  I was going to the NYT for my daily news, but when they put up the paywall, that was it.  Now it’s the Atlantic, Salon, CNN, GOOD, NPR, and other random places – still supplemented by the NYT.  Oh how I miss full access.

I’m trying to get back into writing more, so we’ll see how that goes.  In the meantime, check out my fave places on the web.  They’re cool.

a new chapter: the world is upside down

It’s been 8 months since I’ve written here.  Partly because life got more complicated.  Well.  Mostly because life got more complicated.

Back in September I mentioned a bit about the changes at my job.  Even before that, I’d mentioned my boss.  Looking back on it now, it’s very clear that she was abusing me – verbally/emotionally.  Not just me, but me more than other people.  When I first started there, I thought that she was great.  Then I found that she was sometime-y, alternating sweet and mean.  But it seemed to be with everyone.  Time went by, and it seemed like I was getting a lot of hits, but I figured that I just wasn’t seeing other people get the short end of the stick.  It wasn’t until my work-buddy said something to me because he noticed that I was particularly getting picked on that I realized how bad it had gotten.  As I am wont to do, I internalized quite a bit, multiplying my white hair, contemplating quitting and complaining to my family on the worst of days.  When my work-buddy left, greatly influenced by her general suckiness, I became focused on finishing a particular project and getting out of dodge.

A few months later, things started moving quickly, we were interviewing candidates to take over for my work-buddy and settled on one.  The day she started, my boss tendered her resignation.  I was shocked – blindsided, really – and a little sad…weird, I know.  The woman my boss had been grooming had always said that she’d leave if the boss left, but I wasn’t sure if she really would or not.  And in the interim, she took over.  A week after my boss’s last day, the new girl and another coworker quit.  They were gone the following week.  But a week later, the guy wanted to come back.    My company balked at that, and it wasn’t clear if they would let him return.  I took on quite a bit of additional responsibility as the more senior woman and I handled the work previously handled by ourselves + 3 other people.  It was a difficult time, but when things are that dire, you just do what you can do.  No one is really expecting you to be able to do 3-4 people’s jobs.  At least not at my job.  Two weeks later, my last compatriot gave her two weeks notice.  That’s when I thought I would become a babbling idiot.  I took a short vaca to get away from it all (because I actually had to use the time) and came back to a pure unknown. Continue reading

new seasons

So.  In the last 6 weeks, my workgroup went from 7 people, to 8 people, to 5 people.  So.  Yeah.

I’ve got a lot more going on now, and in the last 2 days, I’ve completely taken apart the inlet system of our GC trying to figure out why we’ve got a 4 minute later retention time shift on two different columns, using two different methods/samples…  But it’s most likely a pressure controller issue that has actually been causing problems for a while.  It’s just been misdiagnosed.  /techspeak

Actually, one guy who resigned from our group would like to come back.  And I really want him to.  But HR is making things difficult.  And he’s only been gone a week.  Stress is definitely present in my life – even though I don’t feel really stressed, I know that I am.   I’m figure I’ll just get more grey white (my hair doesn’t do grey – it goes straight to white) hair out of this.

But it’s fall here in South Kak, and things are starting to look up in other ways.  A friend of mine just emerged victorious from her doctoral defense, a god-daughter of mine will turn 2 this week, and next week I’ll use up my last 2 vaca days before I get 3wks.  Nice.  [I just hafta keep reminding myself not to think of those folks in our European sister company that start with 6 wks of vaca.]

Of course, fall also means new shows to be watching for.  Several have intrigued me enough to watch, with varying results.
Nikita ~ I watched the Peta Wilson show on USA, so the story has a soft-spot with me.  I like Maggie Q and am overall digging the show – although I’m not sure if it really shoulda been called “Nikita”.
~ Hello, Kodjoe.  And a lady lead with hair like mine?  So far, so good.  Or maybe so far, so super-sweet.  I like this show, but I’d like a little more from it.
No Ordinary Family
~ Live-action Incredibles.  Why didn’t Disney think of this sooner?  Heroes has been crappy for three seasons!  And where is the sequel to the first movie already???
The Event
~ Seriously.  Does everything Blair Underwood is in have to suck SO bad??  Maybe the Losties are filling their void with this, but I have to pass.  I don’t have the patience to wait for it to get good.  This is no MSCL.  Or even Firefly.  Or even Dollhouse.  (I might watch Mike and Molly now that I won’t be wasting my time on this…)
Running Wilde
~ I have waited this long to see Felicity again, and she’s a mom now?  With a daughter named Puddle??  Even though I have to suspend all disbelief to watch this show, I like it.  Or maybe I just liked Felicity.  But I’m still watching. 
Hawaii Five-0
~ I skipped this at first, just cuz I’m tired of sequels.  But when I saw Mick St. John (isn’t that the coolest name?  Moonlight was hotter than anyone gave them credit for – and ahead of its time) I had to go ahead and check it out.  Good action, nice Daniel Dae Kim.  Really bad choice on the Caan boy though, IMO.  He’s ugga-mugga in my book.  Gives me the skeevy heebie-jeebies.  And there’s not enough pidgin for me to wax nostalgic about the island.
~ Now.  I lurve cheer.  I can listen to cheerified words – a la cheer-tocracy, cheer-ific, cheer-tastic, etc.  I have seen (and most likely will see) every Bring It On movie ever made.  Some more than twice.  I even like Sharpay from HSM.  I’m a freaking fan of interracial relationships on TV!  And I can’t watch this show.  Sad.  Really.

You're slippin, NBC. ABC's all over ya.

So my newly acquired shows will join the standbys of Bones, Castle, and the Mentalist.  But mostly Bones.  Because I love the Deschanels.  And Angel.  In the next few weeks we’ll see if I stick with any of the newbies, or kick them all to the curb when i get tired of them.  Right now, I’m just tired.


So it wasn’t the year of the boy on SYTYCD – Lauren won – yay!

In more-exciting-because-it-affects-my-life news, my crazy boss is leaving.  On Friday.

This may sound like a good thing.  It may even be a good thing.  But it will have to be one of those good things that I look back on and think – “hey! that was a good thing! huh – how about that?”

Since she’s recommended that we not get a new manager (also, maybe a good thing), I and my colleagues have been preparing to divvy up her responsibilities, which are myriad.  She dropped the bombshell a couple weeks ago, and I’ve made it to the point where I can just be totally cool with her, and happy for her, because we can totally be friends, now.  She is an awesome person.  Seriously.  With no irony whatsoever, she’s a really sweet woman.  But as a boss?  Here-we-go-loop-de-loo.  Not 24/7 – just enough to keep you guessing.

I’m not really in shock anymore, and am just trying to deal with what is a seemingly overwhelming amount of data and responsibility, since I will start the week next week as the person-in-charge.  I do not want to be the person-in-charge.  Not yet.