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BET Awards ’11: This Time Mary can Sing!

I am SO happy Mary J took singing lessons, or whatever she did to be able to perform live.  The first time I saw her singing well on stage was about…. 4 yrs ago now?  Y’all remember how she used to be: pure studio artist.  Now she’s singing with Anita Baker – who has always been the real deal.  Her voice is still like butter.  I love Sweet Love. (“With all my heart I love you baby..”)  Anyway, Mary did a lovely opening, and she looks good.  An all-white, skin-tight catsuit with not a hint of anything out of place – 40 is SO the new 30.

Kevin Hart being the host seems apropos of nothing to me, since I’m not a fan and I have no idea if he’s even doing anything right now.  I must say though that his entrance to ‘6 Foot, 7 Foot’ with a group of child steppers is the most impressive things I’ve ever seen him do.  He kept up with those awesome kids.  (He was also about 6inches taller than them…)  He’s right about Ne-Yo though, he needs to leave the hat on.  Hart hit Busta, Jamie, and Puff in all the right places.

Taraji presents Best Male R&B Artist to Chris Brown.  That remake of MJ’s Human Nature straight up sucks.  I like some of his music, but he’s about to go in the R. Kelly stack of musicians that I cannot financially support do to poor life choices.

PS – note to ALL tv shows: I don’t care about what people are live-tweeting.  I don’t Twitter.  I don’t care about what people are saying on FB unless they’re my own friends. (sometimes, not even then)  But if I’m watching your show, I don’t need internet updates.  wtf?

Wait. WHAT?!? “Reed Between the Lines” with Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner looks like it could actually be good.  Like a “Cosby Show” for the 21st c.  I only worry because it’s on BET.  This is the kind of show that should be on network tv.

Rick Ross – keep your shirt on. And closed.  Why do I like Maybach Music and Hustle Hard?  I don’t even know.  Probably cuz the bass lines are tight.  And danceable.  But it’s too cute to see Willow dancing in her seat.  She is so adorable.  And I’m sure completely spoiled.

Tracee Ellis Ross and Malcolm Jamal Warner present best kid award (or whatever) and there’s a freaking tie: Jaden and Willow.  It almost seems like Will and Jada paid for the award.  When has there ever been a tie?  Ever?  And it’s lovely that they have their own sense of personal style, but wow.

LaurieAnn is wearing some ish.  A shirt made of pantyhose? Ew.  I know you’re a dancer, but, come on.  Although I may be watching Born to Dance.  Maybe.

But I would totally watch the Real Husbands of Hollywood.

Keri Hilson and Laz Alonso present Best Female HipHop Artist: Nicki Minaj.  This is not a surprise since she was the only one in the category I’d ever heard of.  I feel bad about that.  And then she accepts and no one believes her when she says she can’t believe she won.  But she’s very gracious.

And Jill is back right.  Her voice is so lovely.  Idris Elba is walking around acting and looking good.  And her musical style is exactly what I like.  Better Recognize.

Ok.  I haven’t read The Help.  I’m still trying to decide.  I haven’t heard any black people say they were into it, until I saw the women from the movie talk about it.  And I get the part about giving maids a voice.  I still don’t know.

But I am all the way down with a 5 Heartbeats throwback.  Hello After 7!  Nights like this I wish that raindrops would fall. =)  20th anniversary already? I can’t possibly be that old.

Robert Townsend and the boys present the Best Group Award to Diddy Dirty Money.  Which I already knew.  That’s why Diddy’s there. It should go to N.E.R.D. (Pharrell looks like he hasn’t aged a day.)  Whatever Dawn.  And whatever Diddy.  All honor to God?  Whatever.

Chris Brown comes out singing “She Ain’t You” Wearing a very strange suit.  The coat has no arms, and the pants bow out at the knees crazily.  Then it’s ripped off to reveal a black jumpsuit so he can do “Look at Me Now” and dance with some fake Jabbawockees.

Best Collabo presented by the cast of The Game.  CBreezy for “Look At Me Now”, when it shoulda been “All of the Lights”.  I need those horns in my life.

Lailah Ali presents Sports Persons of the year to Michael Vick and Serena Williams.  I’m pretty sure they care as much as I do, which is why they’re not there.

OOOOOHHHH, the MLK memorial in DC opens 8/28/11.  I wondered when it’d be done.

Alicia Keys performs a world premiere song.  On the BET Awards?  She looks a little different.  I dunno if it’s her hair or her face, but she looks a little different.  “My Typewriter” is ok.  The intro is awesome.  But the collabo with Bruno is lovely.

Nicki Minaj and Bieber?  Shudder.  Naw.  “Can you handle curves?”  Really?  NO!  Best Male HipHop goes to Kanye!!!  I didn’t think he’d get it since he wasn’t there.  (TW for epileptic viewers) 

Who is Big Sean? Why is CB blonde?  Am I officially old?  I’m ffwding, this is a waste of time.

Random Moments:

  • When did Johnny Gill get a nose ring?
  •  And seriously – I would WATCH the Real Husbands of Hollywood.  Nick Cannon is hilarious.
  • Throwback! – “Saturday Love”

Best New Artist: You know what it is – Black n Yellow, Black n Yellow, Black n Yellow – Wiz Khalifa.

A very pregnant and very beautiful Nia Long (I love her. LOVE.  Young queen of the 90s.) introduces…Trey Songz?  Eh.  “Making Love Faces” and “Unusual” into Kelly Rowland’s “Motivation” – which has totally grown on me.  She ia awesome.  I have always loved her. And she needs more shine. BET’s camera work was a little strange in the middle seeing people up in the nosebleed section.  Why does BET never have their ish together?  It’s always something.

Deborah Lee gives Steve Harvey’s intro for his Humanitarian of the Year Award.  He’s funny and he does good work, so I don’t hate.  But I’m not a fan of his relationship advice to women.  His speech mentions one thing that is really true: God blesses us to BE a blessing.

It must be part of being black to be able to mesh the secular and sacred the way we do.  BET does this all the time.  The Image Awards do this.  Who else does this?  And seeing Nicki Minaj get down to gospel makes me feel weird.  Seeing the Smiths unsure of how to react is interesting.

Alright Braxtons!  Be awesome!  Best Gospel Album goes to Mary Mary. (“I’m Walking”, y’all)  Tina pulled a Patti Labelle and pulled her shoes off. =)

Gladys Knight present Patti with the Lifetime Achievement Award.  No one deserves it more.  Patti is an amazing performer.  Her voice is so pure – so strong – so beautiful.  I’ve been blessed to be able to see her in concert and it’s an experience.  She puts on a show.  And I love her.

CeeLo is. A. Fool.  But he sounds like her a lil bit, singing “Somebody Loves You”.  Marsha Ambrosius sings “If You Only Knew” – one of my faves.  I have tears in my eyes.  And Shirley Ceasar sings “What a Friend We Have in Jesus/You Are My Friend”.  Shirley Ceasar dressed like Glenda the Good.  It’s very strange.  She just doesn’t have a wand.  She should be in a bubble.  She can still sing though.

“…[M]usic is forever indebted to you for following your calling.” – Gladys Knight to Patti Labelle.  Real Talk.

Fifty years of Patti Labelle.  Still not enough.  I love you, Lady Marmalade.  But even though she is wearing some very fierce Louboutins, you can tell her feet hurt.

HUH??? Video of the Year totally flubbed by Nicki Minaj’s biggest fan from Michigan.  She’s supposed to just read the screen of the EVO4G she has, instead, she reads the teleprompter like she has been watching the show for 2hrs already.  So she says Chris Brown “Look at me Now”.  And then she says, “No, Rihanna ‘What’s My Name”, feat. Drake.”  If that’s not crazy, I dunno what is.  And it certainly doesn’t seem like a mistake easily made.  The entire audience doesn’t know what to do.  But RiRi ain’t here, so Drake got it.

Pouring one out for the homies, and Warren G must be like 45 now or something.  He looks it anyway.  And I used to love “Regulators” but I didn’t realize so much of it got bleeped back in the day.  Queen La reminds us that “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.  She looks good.  I don’t know who is memorializing Teena Marie.  And then my DVR cut off.

OK.  Well, I guess I’ll catch up on the ending on Tuesday – the first of the 1000 times BET will replay these suckers before next year. 😉

Anyway – Much love to Patti Labelle and Kelly Rowland (who did the Patti-ish hook for Nelly back in the day) – y’all were my faves of the night!  Black Girls Rock!



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