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So it wasn’t the year of the boy on SYTYCD – Lauren won – yay!

In more-exciting-because-it-affects-my-life news, my crazy boss is leaving.  On Friday.

This may sound like a good thing.  It may even be a good thing.  But it will have to be one of those good things that I look back on and think – “hey! that was a good thing! huh – how about that?”

Since she’s recommended that we not get a new manager (also, maybe a good thing), I and my colleagues have been preparing to divvy up her responsibilities, which are myriad.  She dropped the bombshell a couple weeks ago, and I’ve made it to the point where I can just be totally cool with her, and happy for her, because we can totally be friends, now.  She is an awesome person.  Seriously.  With no irony whatsoever, she’s a really sweet woman.  But as a boss?  Here-we-go-loop-de-loo.  Not 24/7 – just enough to keep you guessing.

I’m not really in shock anymore, and am just trying to deal with what is a seemingly overwhelming amount of data and responsibility, since I will start the week next week as the person-in-charge.  I do not want to be the person-in-charge.  Not yet.


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