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in need of a flux capacitor

Sometimes I wonder if this is what my life is going to be like.  You know – for the foreseeable future?  Lately it’s been like I’m watching everyone move on, and I’m still here.  In the same place.  Doing the same thing.

I wouldn’t say I’m not happy – just that I expected more.  And it’s much more clear to me now that ‘more’ is something I’ll have to go out and get myself.  Being not-so-easily motivated makes that difficult.  But I can see this is the time for change, for better or worse, I suppose.  Even an old friend that I’ve always kinda counted on to be reliably safe&boring, tho still somewhat unpredictable [reconcile that], has decided to exercise his unpredictable side this year.

With my work-buddy gone, and the shutdown of what was once the major part of my department at work, I guess I can see the handwriting on the wall.  Leaving is complicated and tiresome and risky and scary – all things I’d much rather avoid.  Which is what I usually do, to my own detriment.  Here’s hoping that I can grab ahold of my own “change [I] can believe in”.

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