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happy birthday to me!

This year I’m away from family for my birthday, so I received my presents in the mail.  I’ve had boxes from Kate Spade and Vera Bradley since last Thursday – wondering what they could be.  I did have some items from there on my Amazon list, but I didn’t expect them.  I was good, and waited until today to open everything.  I thought I’d wait til I got home from work, since I tend not to leave much time for anything else in the morning – but I couldn’t stop myself.  The only thing I saved for this afternoon was the package from my sis.  And that was the only package that got an audible gasp when I opened it.  She sent me the sequel to a mystery that I read a few months ago, and was totally ready to read the next one.


Now I’ve gotta run to my bday dinner!

edited to add:

the text of the card says:
I hope your day is wonderful.  Do everything you can to enjoy this year.  Go somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit.  Take yourself on a shopping spree [once the car is paid off =)].  Only wear your favorite clothes.  Take what you want.  Tell people no when you don’t want to say yes.  And enjoy your Mustang! You deserve it.  I love you!

Also – after dinner, we went bowling, and I bowled 123 [my highest score of the 2000s].

Today was a good day.


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