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sytycd notes: season 6 gets down to bidness

My work life has been hell lately, and so, I’m thankfully home – instead of at work, like I was last night [until 11:50].  But I am catching up on SYTYCD and ooh, wee!  It’s the good, the bad, and the U-G-L-Y.



the good
With three tappers this season, I’m happy, but apprehensive – I don’t think the show is really equipped to showcase tap.  They haven’t really proved themselves, yet.

I’ve been loving this krumper, Russell since his very first audition.  He somewhat reminds me of Joshua – just in his untrained ability to wow me with his take on every style.  And I want him to win, win, win!

Seeing Dave Scott back on the show is loverly, and I’m hoping for more from him this season.

Mary Murphy is as crazy as ever and, while she’s still weirding me out, all I can say is – Yabba Dabba Doo!  Is she on pills?

Travis Wall’s choreo has me all twitterpated.  I was never a real fan, cuz I got this hint of attitude during his season, and I’ve always been a Benji fan…but my, oh, my. Bianca and Victor really turned it out IMO.  I”m not sure why Bianca didn’t get as much love from the judges but I thought the piece they did was incredible, romantic, and beautiful – and her part was lovely, all the way around.

the bad
Well, Mollee and Nathan’s disco was cute, but not nearly deserving of such rave reviews when the transitions were as herky-jerky as they were.  I really like them as a couple – but let’s be real, please.  Doriana Sanchez’s choreo is always 90mph, but they still looked like they were counting steps!

NappyTab are still on the show.  Period.

Injuries/Illness.  What’s up, y’all?  Everybody’s getting hurt this season.  And apparently, it’s not the kind of thing you can dance through [a la Donyelle and everyone else who soldiered on in past seasons].  Noelle needs an MRI, Billy left due to illness [whenever I hear this, my first thought is always mono] – what is up?!

the U-G-L-Y
The fact that ANYone, ANYwhere thought it might be a good idea to use the Glee version of Push It, for a ChaCha number.  I got the dry heaves.

The fact that Russell was in the bottom 4 dancers.  Um…what?  These judges are crazy.  I still don’t get that, cuz Nigel was right when he said that Fred Astaire would NOT be krumping up there on that stage.

So – I’ll be watching this season.  And I can’t wait to see Paula Abdul choreograph a piece on this show.

And here’s a reminder of what 80s ladies rap was all about:


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