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friday wrap-up: crappy news week

I’ve been battling strep this week, and I’m winning now – so that’s good.  I actually had no idea because the last time I had it [when i was a kid] I was miserable with a fever and all.  This week was just gargling salt water and drinking tea – no fever, etc.  But what a week of disaster and craziness!

Don’t talk about the weather.  It might hear you.  Not to mention the fact that CA and GA are still dealing with fallout from last week’s fires, floods, and mudslides.

We’re all totally over Kanye now – which is good – but it seems Hollywood/the Entertainment industry decided to give Spanky and the gang their own DiscoveryChannel style ‘women-hating’ week. [trigger warning]

There was leftover Mackenzie-furor from last week, as people are still trying to process what she called a “consensual relationship”.  [I don’t get it either. With a clear pattern of abuse/steady supply of drugs, how is there *ever* a “consensual relationship between one who has power and one who does not. ]

Then there was the Roman Polanski mess – which still has me pissed.  More because of all the misplaced support from people I used to have a lot more respect for like Whoopi.  How is drugging and raping a child made better cuz it happened ‘a long time ago’? Especially when the perp has said this?!?!

Then I happened upon this article about Elizabeth Smart’s ordeal, and I was almost in tears at her description of endless rape she endured.

All this awfulness and we can’t even get a public option on the table…bad guys won in the news this week.

Please don’t be depressed though.  The people in Rio de Janeiro are having a party – rejoice with them for the first Olympics in South America.


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