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no more cookies before bed

socksLast night I got home and decided to have a few cookies while I watched ABDC.  Then I went to bed and wrote a card to my sis and fell asleep.

This morning, not too long before I got up, I had the weirdest dream.  I dreamt that I woke up, and was laying in bed when a strange woman came in to use my bathroom.  It was like I wasn’t even there.

And then there were two Japanese guys that came in, and they really had to go.  And there were a couple socks on my bathroom floor so they just decided to pee on my socks!  And I was yelling at them to stop – yelling “why are you doing that?!” and general yelling.

I finally woke up – and there weren’t even any socks on my floor.  It was just strange.  And distressing.

No more cookies before bed.  Even a couple hours.

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