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SYTYCD: Mia Michaels gets a clue

top 14Approximately 1.5 minutes into the show, Cat digs right in to Mia Michaels to find out if her opinions on Brandon have changed.  Whether it’s true or not, Mia cedes the point and admits that she does think better of Brandon now than she did.

And now, Janette and Brandon open the show with a ChaCha.  It was really fast paced, and I couldn’t really keep up to see the cha cha chas.  I thought this was a beautiful dance, but uh, Nigel just called Brandon the Michelangelo of the dancefloor.  Mary gave them 1st class tickets on the ‘hot tamale train’.  Mia gives us a bowl of ish and tells us it’s Captain Crunch, saying that she was hard on Brandon cuz she expects so much.  After all her blah blah not-apology blah, she says they were great, and Miami should be proud.  Most def.  Jean Marc Genereux should be super-proud, with Nigel’s ‘best cha cha on the show ever’ comment.  Janette and Brandon are a good couple, so I’m looking for good things from them every week.

Kupono and Kayla are a pretty cool couple too, so contemporary with Sonia will probably be fun.  For me, the routine was a little slow until about 30-40 seconds in.  Then I started to actually get it, and enjoyed the rest – especially Kayla’s lines and the parts that were in sync.  But I’m efinitely getting the impression that Nigel’s is gushing a bit more than usual.  I think he and Mary are really trying to reinforce the idea that this season has like – the best talent they’ve ever had – and I don’t agree.  I do agree that Kupono and Kayla’s couplehood works.  Better than they did with their previous partners.  But I don’t think this was Sonia’s best piece [on the show].  I think she had something cooler last season.  But now – comparing Kupono and Marc, cuz they’re Hawaiian, and they do similar styles…I dunno.

I’m definitely getting the feeling that the judges are forcing the idea.

Joey Dowling does a Broadway routine for Evan and Randi.  And I really love them!  They’re so fun, and they’re so cute!  And then this routine to a piece from Sweet Charity – I thought this was superfun.  SUPER!  FUN!  I think they get hated on by the judges (contrary to Cat’s opinion) but I do get the thing about the wrists.  I just think there’s no way I would’ve spotted that after one look at the routine.

Caitlin and Jason are doing some weird jazz with Brian Friedman.  Caitlin is supposed to be an alien coming to procreate (and impregnate) the last man on earth: Jason.  I really loved this choreography.  L O V E D it!  Wow.  Nigel’s starting to let some stuff loose the way Mary does sometimes.  Nigel liked it, Mary didn’t, Mia starts to try to get into Brian’s mind and it gets a little condescending.  I enjoyed a lot of this routine, so good job guys.  I’m thinking they may be in the bottom 3 tomorrow, though.

Jeanine and Phillip do some faux hip-hop with Tabitha and Napoleon.  As a metaphor for the SYTYCD experience, they’re chained together.  I hope they can make it work, cuz Love Lockdown could be a good song for the concept.  There were moments that I enjoyed, but I felt oddly disconnected to a lot of this routine.  I thought some of the popping wasn’t as sharp as it should’ve been, and now Mia sings “Nap and Tab’s” praises, but pinpoint part of the problem: chainography.   That stupid chain led to pure sloppiness in some places – sloppiness due to the lovely brainchild of “Nap & Tab”.

But here’s my fave couple: Ade and Melissa.  To me, they are the best talent, and they’re dancing a classical pas de deux by Thordal Christenson.  “Romeo and Juliet”.  I think they can do this.  I’m ready.  And so are they.  It was beautiful.  Magical.  Mary’s right about the chemistry – and the dream-like state, this was quite the introduction to classical dance.  Mia loves that it was a “black and white Romeo and Juliet”.  It was beautiful, but I always wonder where the comment is coming from, when that comment comes…

Dizzy Feet Foundation: funding underprivileged young people with dance scholarships, and apparently, a lot more.  And this is the first time I’ve seen Katie Holmes talk about something other than her family.  And on the 100th episode (7/23/09), Katie Holmes is going to dance a tribute to Judy Garland [choreographed by Tyce D].  Somehow it got passed me that Katie is a dancer…anyway…we’ll see how it goes.

So, Vitolio and Karla are together for the first week.  I feel for Karla.  And now they’ve got the quickstep.  Ooh boy.   I’m scared.  But I don’t think I needed to be – that was lovely.  Fun and cool footwork – better than many.  Overall, not a bad partnership.  Genereux did it again – nice choreo.

My faves of the night would have to be the pas de deux and the cha cha.  And I really want Karla to stay.  Alrighty, goodnight!


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