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BET Awards ’09: we love you, Michael!

The show starts off with tape of Michael draping a sequined cape on James Brown at his performance at the ’03 BET Awards.  He did a few fancy foot moves a la JB, and bowed to the Godfather of Soul.  Then we hear the beginning of ABC and see 5 or 6 people [it’s hard to tell] silhouetted in front of a band and a screen showing the Jackson 5.  I can’t tell who iss singing lead on this, but he kinda reminds me of Ralph Tresvant and he’s having trouble reaching the high notes [being a grown man, I can see why].  The background vocals are ok, but we’re just left with a kinda weird feeling best summed up by the face on Weezy, mid-performance.  I can’t find a pic, but watch that stuff if you haven’t seen that.

Oh, snap! It really is New Edition.  With Bobby Brown.  And it’s a little bit scary.  They could’ve at least tried to pitch it a little lower.

So.  Um.  MC Lyte is just the official announcer for the BET Awards?  Like, that’s what she’s doing now?

jamie beat it bet 09Anyways, Jamie Foxx is doing really great doing the dance from Beat It, when you consider he had like, no time to practice this wknd.  He’s in the This is a celebration of MJ.  And for real, I’ve never seen grown white people faint for any other artist.  All over the freakin’ world.

I’m happy to see Jeremy Piven – just because I have a huge thing for Jeremy Piven.  Haven’t seen him in a while, since I don’t have HBO.

Tyra (wearing a really cute top) presents top athlete to LeBron.  And Best male Hip-Hop artist: Lil Wayne.  With an entourage.

Ginuwine remembers the Motown 25 performance as his pivotal MJ moment.

BET is seriously having some technical difficulties, cuz Jamie doesn’t know when he’s back on and he’s giving the censors a rough time with his intermittent cuss words…

But Keri Hilson’s performance was pretty good.  Ending on MJ woulda been good…but then she went too far and decided to get her version of the Holy Ghost.  Wasn’t good.

Neyo’s Lady in My Life is simple, and lovely.  And I’m getting tears.  I still can’t believe he’s gone.

Alright Keke Palmer can sing.  But now the spotlight’s on Jamie.  Blame It, y’all.  Tyra knows these words.  What’s up with Snoop on the stage?  He’s just dancing around?  And T-Pain brought his drink onstage?  Wearing a Big @ss Chain?  Ok…now it’s a lil bit weird with Travis Barker on drums and Jamie playing electric guitar.  But that was a great catch by the stage hand.  Jamie just threw that guitar at that guy.

BET needs to come a lil bit more correct to honor MJ.  Things are still running behind.

I’m just not into Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, but apparently even Taraji knows the words to Turn My Swag On.  Jamie’s for real, though – he isn’t writing any songs.  He’s just talking about his day.  Blah.

Best Collabo: Jamie Foxx and T-Pain.  Cuz, really, Blame It is crazy hot.  Like…8 months later?  Still hot.  I don’t think I’ve seen T-Pain’s face before.  He looks a lot better without the glasses.

Best Male R&B: Ne-Yo.  Cuz who else is there right now, anyway?  He said he wasn’t expecting this, but – I dunno who else was nominated, so…

Dr.’s Davis, Hunt, and Jenkins made a pact to stay in school and become doctors.  That’s cool.  Don’t hear much about that kind of thing.  And they don’t look bad either.

So, I have I am…Sasha Fierce and I’ve listened to Ave Maria, and it just comes across strange to me.  The robe thing that Beyonce had on for the beginning of the performance was weird..but then the change to a bride(?) outfit was a little weird.  And then, instead of Halo, which is what I thought we were going to hear, Bey sings Angel by Sarah McLachlan.  And then she goes into the actual Latin Ave Maria. With a very strong accent.    That skirt was just bizarre, though.  I was just…confused…by the whole experience.  I thought Halo would’ve been more fitting than either/any of that other stuff.

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SheNehNeh and Wanda?  That was hilarious.

Mary Mary are turning it out for Jesus, y’all.  I heard God In Me banging in a car on the road one day and I had no idea it was Mary Mary.  And Queen La is on it, too.  Why don’t I have this album, yet?

WTF?  Zoe Saldana just tells us all that Nichelle Nichols – the woman who “paved the way for…an entire generation” – is not on stage cuz she in the Ladies’ Room?!?!  That’s just a bit crazy.

Best Female Actress: Taraji P. Henson.  [Hot dress, T!]

Best New Artist: Keri Hilson.  ATL, y’all.  [not into the dress though.]

And now, Jamie and Ne-Yo – Miss Independent Remix.  I like this song, but the dancer is a little bit weird.  Fabolous comes out for the rap and I wonder…haven’t heard anything from him in a while…What’s up with Jamie calling out the recession?  Once was funny.  Twice was kinda..weird.

Ooooh wee.  Keith Sweat is just as ugly as he ever was.  Oooh, wee!  But don’t you know I Want Her was the jam back then?  Um…but then of course Guy actually had the Jam [Teddy’s Jam].  I can’t believe it’s Guy.  Too bad last year BET had their ish more together and the sound was way better.   And BBD?  What?!  Poison!  Yes!  And they can still dance around the stage like they used to.bbd bet 09

It’s driving me out of my mind
That’s why it’s hard for me to find
Can’t get it out of my head
Miss her, kiss her, love her (wrong move, you’re dead)
That girl is poison…

Those were the days.  I would’ve liked to see Babyface up there, too, tho.  He definitely helped pave the way for Ne-Yo.

Is Ciara singing Heal The World?  In a captain’s jacket?  She’s doing ok, but I might’ve like Keyshia Cole better.  She kinda sounds like she might cry.

Monica, Keyshia, and Keyshia’s mama.  Keyshia’s a down girl.  I mean…that’s what she said.  And Monica is all the way back.  I’m glad, cuz I’ve missed her.  She’s got a great voice.  And that was a nice performace.

So Jeremy Piven presents with Marlon Wayans for Best Female R&B.  Beyonce wins in a weird-looking dress.  But Marlon spoke truth when he said – without the Jacksons, there’d be no Wayans.

jay-z bet 09But here comes Jay-Z – Death of Autotune.  I wouldn’t mind.  T-Pain can learn something else.  Nananana hey hey hey – goodbye. And he’s still calling out Wayne and Drake?  It’s all good.

Day 26 won best R&B group?  I guess there aren’t many others right now…

Don Cornelius presents the Lifetime Acheivement Award to the O’JAYS.  And Tevin (?!) sings Forever Mine in tribute.  Where has he been hiding?  And here come Johnny Gill, Tyrese, and Trey Songz.  Backstabbers. I LOVE this song.  They should’ve had Johnny do the lead instead of Ralph at the top of the program.  Cuz Ralph is done.  Maybe it was just too high for all of them, tho.  I dunno.  OOOOOOOOOooooooooooohhhh…here we go, climbin’ the stairway to heaven… They finally got some good folks to do a good tribute.  Step by step.   I know the song was before my time, but back when I was a preteen, and just started getting into the ‘slow jamz’ that came on the radio after 10pm, they used to play that song all the time.  That and Always and Forever.

Don C took a long time to present, and told a little story that I think he might’ve thought was funny…but he’s 72, so he gets a pass.  And Eddie tells a story about seeing MJ at the Black or White video.  And lets a word slip by the censors…that was hilarious.  And Eddie can still sing like the first day.  They sing For the Love of Money and they can still move, too.  I’m thinking, if they still tour – these are guys to see.  For real.  That mean, mean, mean green. This song is timeless.  Al Shaprton is doing well staying composed – I’m about to fall over trying to type and dance at the same time.  How do you not stand up for this song?  Almighty dollar!

Shoop shoop shoo doo..

The O’JAYS are awesome, y’all.  Just dance.  Is that Arsenio?  And Ray-J dances like … the father from House of Payne.  Really?

I didn’t know MJ was in the Guinness Book for most humanitarian musical artist of all time.  That’s cool.  And now Wyclef and Alicia Keys are getting Humanitarian Awards.

Alicia’s cool.  Wyclef comes with that ‘no excuse’ stuff that I don’t completely get down with.

baby boy bet 09Taraji and Tyrese reminisce on Baby Boy and present Viewer’s Choice award to TI and RiRi for Living My Life.  Tiny and Grand Hustle accept for TI.   And here comes Ving Rhames.  Because it wasn’t complete.  And then Ving Rhames really gets into character and sends the censors into overdrive.

Bey wins Video of the Year for Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It). As it should be.

And I believe Maxwell closes the show with his performance, but I’m not sure, because -even though I set my DVR to tape an extra 10 minutes- my dvr cut off right before his performance.  I’ll have to hunt for it.

Edited to add: Maxwell’s piece was cool, but not familiar enough to really get anyone going.  But then I saw the last few minutes, with Janet’s thanks for support from the community and Jami and Ne-Yo’s I’ll Be There. I don’t know how anyone could make it through that without some tears.  I couldn’t.  RIP Michael.

Thanks, BET, for the only reason to watch.  I know y’all only had a couple days to revamp the show, but last year is gonna hafta trump this year overall.  Better luck next year!

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