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SYTYCD: the fun chronicles

top 18Shake Your Tailfeather [by Ray Charles]  opens the jive number by Evan and Randi.  Cute, and …fun.  But not great.  Jive isn’t the easiest, and Louis van Amstel’s choreowas def challenging.  I expected more, too.

Sonya takes Ade and Melissa on a jazz odyssey, and we’re back to the weird stuff that she does…I think they really danced it well, though.  Their synchronization was ON it.  It was cool.  Lil’ C got a lil wordy with that review, but spoke the truth: Ade is awesome.

What’s that?  Two Shane Sparks routines???  How much do I love this show!

Caitlin and Jason get to work with Shane and dance to Missing You by Trey Songz.  Caitlin’s popping leaves a LOT to be desired.  Jason was grinning too much for me, and Caitlin had this solo  that just blew chunks.  Ohh, I hated that.  Shane’s choreo was great, but they were sad.  The moment where she did an incredible back bend was something – something…but not hip hop.

Disco!  Doriana Sanchez knows her disco.  I don’t like disco.  But that was a very entertaining routine.  And fast.  That was hugely high energy.  Almost made me tired to watch.  Brandon was weak in some places, for me, but overall, I thought he did very well.  I can definitely see why he doesn’t need to lift weights, tho.  Mary’s right – they embodied everything that disco ever was.  With her standing O, she definitely makes no secret about her love for Brandon.  Janette?  She was awesome, even with her one flub, and her uncertainties.  Great job!

Oh boy.  Asuka and Vitolio.  Asuka blows spit bubbles and she’s not attracted to Vitolio?  I can see that, since I’m no longer into him either, but then – I don’t blow spit bubbles.  On National TV.  Nasty @ss.  And now, a waltz.  I had to watch it twice to really get the feeling from it.  But I got it.  It was fleeting, though.  When they’re outside of the dance, I’m not into them at all.  Amazingly, the judges are basically saying that Vitolio screwed up the steps, but they loved it anyway.  They definitely got something more relatable tonight than that weird piece from last week.

Max and Kayla work with Brian Friedman, who we haven’t seen for a while.  This will definitely be a jazz that’s different from Sonya’s.  Wow, that Kayla is bendy.  Man, I’m tired of Lil’ C’s talking.  He goes so long.  And he only sometimes says anything.  Kayla tore through this routine, Max struggled a bit, but he pretty much kept up.

Karla’s from the Boogie Bots?  Wow.  There is too much crossover between these shows.  But I still love them.  Stacey Tookey takes them through some contemporary.  This just made me smile.  It just crept up on my face and I didn’t even realize it at first.  The choreography just worked.  And it was beautiful.  Definitely my fave of the night, so far.  Yay Jonathan and Karla!  With one more Shane Sparks routine, it may or may not be the best of the night.

Philip and Jeanine work with Tony meridith for the tango, and I think we’re all nervous.  The footwork seemed awkward, and the dance just seemed long.  Like it would never end.  And I know they wanted it to end.  That was painful to watch.  The judging is painful too.  Ugh, Lil C should stick to the choreo.  But the dance was yucky from beginning to end.  Not, as Nigel said, great entertainment.  That stunk up the place.  But I’d rather see someone else go.  There aren’t any other hip-hop dancers…except the newly outed Karla, who I love.

Kupono and Ashley are dancer and shadow and I really liked Shane’s idea.  I thought it was cute.  But it was a lil off [Ashley was actually ahead of Kupono sometimes].  I don’t think it’s fair that the hip hop idiots [Tabitha and Napoleon] got to choreograph the only people who actually DO hip hop, and now the genius [in the person of Shane] gets stuck with a wooden girl [Caitlin] and uh…these guys.  Although, the sync was better than the first hip hop piece.

So who do I want to go?  Asuka and Vitolio.  Who do I think will go?  Evan and Randi.  By the end of the show, I forgot they were even on.

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