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a word about Reco

is it still cocky if you can back it up?

is it still cocky if you can back it up?

I watch The Fashion Show.  And I miss Tim Gunn SO much.  Isaac is real, and Kelly is a little weird in this role, but I love her, but – they are NO Tim Gunn.  So it comes down to the contestants, that really bring me back to the show every week.  Well…the contestant: Reco.

He’s gotten on everyone’s nerves because he’s very vocal about what he thinks of everyone’s designs.  He talks about how great he is, and comments about some of the disasters that other contestants have sent down the runway.  So I get it – he can be annoying.

But this fellow?  He’s got his ish to-geth-er.  His designs are always well-made – every time.  No matter how much time he’s given in a challenge, he finishes it – well.  He works quickly, he has great vision for whatever task that he’s given – he is good at what he does.   Even when his vision doesn’t coincide with that of the judges [or perhaps, my own], his work is apparently flawless.

Reco just doesn’t get along with everybody.  One girl in particular: Daniella.  Daniella is the one to beat, as far as Reco is concerned.  She’s really his only competition.  She’s also a pill, IMO.  Catty and passive-aggressive, her most recent foray into pissing me off was her comment to Reco

why are you so angry?

Certainly, the editing makes some things clearer to the viewers than it may be in any one situation on the show, but her comment and demeanor demonstrated exactly what she was going for with that comment.  As watchers, we all know that on last week’s ep, Johnny made a thoroughly tragic outfit that was hideous to 90% of the Fashion Show attendees.  Johnny was on the chopping block, and he made the comment that he didn’t really care if he was cut or not, because he already had investors waiting for him at home.  This got Reco steamed because he believed that people who want to be on the show should be there, instead of people who don’t.  Johnny made a comment after Reco stormed out to stir up the pot between Reco and Haven [who is immaterial, really].  Haven attacked Reco when he returned, and he had no idea why.  Then Daniella jumped on the boat because she will happily make digs at anyone she can  – in her own passive-agressive, talk-under-your-breath kind of way.

No sooner had the words come out of her mouth than I felt that familiar feeling.  The check [yeah – like hockey, but with words].  You know the feeling you get when you’re the only Black person in a group, and everything’s going ok, but then something happens and people starting looking out for themselves and then they verbally (or sometimes just with their eyes) check you.  It’s the reminder that you are Black, and they’re ______ means more than yours.  Usually the check is enacted to try to reduce you to a stereotype or a caricature.  Once you’ve been boxed in to someone else’s ideas of who you really are, reality doesn’t matter so much.

So here came this young thing with no horse in that race, but she had to get her dig in: spotlight on the “angry black man”.

Tomorrow night, Reco and Daniella will be paired together, and it will be sad.  And drama.  And though I may not be feeling everything that comes from Reco, Daniella just ticks me off.  And I’m not buying it.

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