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SYTYCD: the top 20

top 20So now the real show begins.  I”m excited to see if this season lives up to the excellence that has been perpetuated in at least the last three seasons.  Already, Adam Shenkman is telling us about Step Up: 3D (which I can’t tell if it’s going to be overkill on the franchise or just getting to the good part) with parts for Joshua, Katee, and Twitch(!).  I don’t care how stupid the movie is, I’ll be seeing it. [Possibly not in the theater, but I *will* see it.

I don’t really know much about these dancers, cuz it seems that the ones that they chose to follow on the road to the top 20, ended up not making it.  [I miss you, Alex!]  But I’m noticing that this season seems really light on the hip-hop dancers.  Phillip and maybe one other guy.

So Mad, with Phillip and Jeanine [Tabitha and Napoleon – blah]: I’ll say it was fair.  Obviously hip-hop lite for Jeanine’s benefit.  The part that endeared me to Phillip, and the piece, was the very end.  That popped hug was just adorable.

Asuka and Vitolio (who I think is kinda hot) do Broadway with Tyce and it comes across a little forced to me.  There didn’t seem to be any chemistry, though all the moves seemed to be done correctly.  Oh, and the Charlie Chaplin moustache on V was a bit unfortunate.  Nigel was right – they needed to bring some more personality to that performance.

Cha Cha (Tony Meredith) to Poker Face.  This piece is fun, but it didn’t seem like Karla and Jonathan were together a lot, except for the tricks.  And now, I think Mary’s getting a lil inappropriate with the Lady Gaga comments [“If it’s not rough, it’s not fun”?].

Randi and Evan do some Jazz with Tyce.  And even though Randi’s married, the chemistry is oozing across the floor.  Now I get why Evan apologized.  That was all the way hot.  All the way.  I definitely agree with Adam, this is one of the best pieces of work I’ve seen from Tyce.  And Nigel is right – they’ll be a recognizable couple.  This was great!

So, Paris and Tony, the only other hip-hopper, work with Tabitha and Napoleon again.  I sure do miss Shane Sparks.  A lot.  The choreography was severely lacking for me.  There were only a few moments that seemed like there was a hot move in there.  Mary expected them to be harder into it – but there wasn’t much to draw from in the choreo.  Not only that, but, they weren’t even in sync for a while.  Eww.

Oooh, Bollywood with Caitlyn and Jason!  Bollywood is hard.  Jai ho, y’all!  Huh.  Well…I don’t know that they were supposed to actually kiss.  But they did.  I thought they did well for the task that they were given.  But I think they were a little off in the sync, as well.  Wow, the judges love Jason.  But I remember Joshua and Katee’s routine, and it was a much better piece IMO, than tonight’s.

Foxtrot gets a lot of people in trouble.  So I’m hoping Janette and Brandon kill it.  I think it’s hard for people to connect as well with the ballroom numbers, sometimes…this one started off slow, for me, but it ended well.  Mary must’ve been tipping into the wine tonight, cuz she is on fire.  Her wit is crazy – claiming she can’t lift an eyebrow because of the botox.  Anyway, this was nice.  Not the disaster that foxtrot often is.

Wade Robson is back on the show, doing a jazz piece.  Ashley and Kupono are so lucky to get Wade the very first week.  Jazz ‘blades’ instead of jazz hands.  It really was beautiful, in that weird Wade way.  I think this fit Ashley more than Kupono, but they both did well. Kat’s right, tho, Kupono does kinda give that C3PO feel in that makeup and all.

Melissa and Ade are doing Contemporary with Mandy Moore.  I like Mandy, she’s usually very soft with her choreo, but nicely evocative.  And yay for the back-in-the-day treat of Right Here Waiting by Richard Marx.  From the first lift to the ending hand hold…loved it.  Of course, I’m usually a sucker for the flowy dresses and the wind machines, but the ballerina and the contemporary dancer took the cake.

Samba!  It can be great or scary – we’ll see what Kayla and Max can do.  Max and Kayla were caliente! The swish-swish of her dress accentuated all the movement and made the dance a really fun number.

I hate to say it, but the weakest performers tonight [for me] come down to Asuka and Vitolio, and Paris and Tony.  Well…I guess I don’t hate to say it.  I’m not terribly invested in either one of those couples.

Tomorrow night we can see who gets shaken out first.


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