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SYTYCD: the Brandon Chronicles

Brandon is – thankfully – part of the top 20.  I love him.  My personal favorite is actually Alex Wong, because his dancing makes me melt inside, but I really like Brandon.  And my old friend Mia Michaels has seriously gotten on my nerves with her smacktalk about [and to] Brandon.  The cursing and attitude from her was completely uncalled for – at least from everything that we’ve seen on the show.  Her personality is really coming across as pure nasty.

Lil’ C’s comments are more understandable to me.  Brandon was seriously hyped, and I can see he might not live up to all of that right now.  As much love as he got from Mary and Nigel, you’d have to expect a lot.  But I’m more feeling Debbie Allen.  She understands Brandon’s dancing.  And appreciates it.

I’m crying right now, because Alex is under contract at the Miami Ballet Company.   I’m not a crier.  But I have so much love for this guy.  He was the best dancer I’ve seen this season.  I’m so upset.   It hurts my heart.

so the top 20 is:

Ade                                          Evan                                           Karla                                      Paris
Ashley                                    Janette                                      Kayla                                     Phillip
Asuka                                      Jason                                         Kupono                                 Randi
Brandon                                 Jeanine                                     Max                                         Tony
Caitlin                                     Jonathan                                  Melissa                                  Vitolio

One thought on “SYTYCD: the Brandon Chronicles

  1. i’ve lost all respect for mia michaels after that nasty, pointless, cuss out she gave Brandon. her genre is so over done at this point, it’s always the same moves over and over. as for L’il C, i’ve always had a hard time thinking well of him, he’s like the Yogi Berra of dance, using all the wrong words (like my eastern european mother in law, who just uses the english words that sound like what she means without knowing their actual definitions) when critiquing, and being generally incoherent.

    also, i too was crushed that Alex couldn’t get out of his contract, he was technically brilliant & very moving.

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