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boom boom pow

I still can’t believe they got the bikini girl to come back on the stage.  And then let her murder Vision of Love. And Kara, too.  I almost did some harm to myself during the performance.  Thanfully my DVR is back working, and I could fast forward.  Then, of course, I was visually assaulted with Kara’s dare.  Yikes.  At least it was for a good cause.

bepFor the season finale of a singing show, there sure was a lot of BAD singing tonight.  The top 13 together sounds kinda bad, but not nearly as bad as just the girls together singing Glamorous.   BEP were still great with Boom Boom Boom, effectively rocking the entire audience.  I love that song.  It sounds freakin’ awesome in a Mustang.

Kris and Keith Urban were quite lovely together, tho.  And it just occurred to me that Keith has no need to wear a cowboy hat – as so many of the country dudes do.  Ever seen Tim McGraw [or any of the others] without the hat?  Not so nice.  But Keith is actually attractive.  And Kris did a good job with him.

Then Allison and Cyndi Lauper did Time After Time, which was nice.  Perhaps we’re hitting a streak of the yummy goodness…

And yes, Hello, that’s exactly what it is – yummy goodness, with Danny Gokey.  I’m partial to the song, and then Lionel Richie comes out?  It’s all good.  I’m not really into this new song but, this is right up Danny’s alley.  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  My fave song?!  Yes!  Let the music play on!  I used to dance around to this song when I was 5 years old.  Even Ruben is getting down to this.

But next up is Adam…wearing wings?  Huge metal shoulder pads?  Introducing KISS.  This is another one of those good performances that I’m just not that into.  But this is the theatricality that = Adam.

Matt skeeves me out so, I can’t handle Black Magic Woman.  But the dudes on Smooth, weren’t bad.  Kris stole that show, with Jorge coming in second.  Megan and Michael with Steve Martin was weird again – I think Megan’s performances have been especially weak tonight .  The song sounds like it needs to be performed on A Prairie Home Companion – not necessarily a bad thing…

Oh, the show’s taken a nasty turn with the boys and Rod Stewart.  But Tatiana saved the show – Saving All My Love.  She really can sing.  While running.  That’s hard.

really? ok.

The finalists sing QUEEN!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!  And Queen is THERE!!!  WTF?  Did Bernie Madoff take all these old stars’ money?  How many 70s/80s stars have been on this show tonight?  We Are the Champions indeed.

So who is the champion?  Kris Allen.  wow.  color me surprised.  But then I kinda figured that there’d at least be a segment of Americans banding together against a maybe-gay, theatrical rocker like Adam.  I thought he deserved it more, but Kris did do better last night.  Well.  There ya go.

One thought on “boom boom pow

  1. America banded against Adam not because he might be gay, but because he’s a vampire. He’s one of the obnoxious twilight vampire goth wanna be annoying privileged with nothing better to do bozos.. He deserves to lose based on the preposterous winged black leather craptastic outfit he was wearing. As soon as I saw it I thought who does this guy think he is. He’s nobody and he needs to realize it.

    Kris deserves it. Did you see Jamie Foxx on Ellen when he reiterated that out of everyone, Kris was the one he collaborate with. He said that all the women he was with went gaga after Kris sang during practice.

    Kris = HOTT!

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