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who are YOU voting for?

I don’t care who wins anymore.

Adam did ok with song 1 [Mad something-or-other], pretty great with song 2 [Change Gon’ Come], and abysmal with song 3 [the Kara-cowritten-sucktacular].

Kris did really great with song 2 [Ain’t No Sunshine], pretty good with song 2 [What’s Going On], and better than Adam with song 3 – even though the song is still a huge suckfest.

So – I’m leaving it to the masses – who is your American Idol?

(what’s up with the judges playing down Kris’s besting of Adam on that last song?  Simon’s more fair about this finale competition than any of the other judges.)

Basically I’m just waiting for SYTYCD.  That’s the show I love.

[looking for an interesting way to show your POC-love for scifi? h/t racialicious]


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